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The Chrome Horn Welcomes Howie and Mary Hodge:
RacerHub Adds New Photo Database For It's Membership

    The Chrome Horn is proud to welcome to it's website, Howie and Mary Hodge. Howie and Mary are well known and respected photographers of auto racing related venues and most especially known for their NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour photo coverage. We welcome them whole heartedly to our new home. Howie and Mary's direct link to their photo gallery is located below the Precision Automotive ad, who will also be sponsoring the Hodge's Photo Gallery. The Hodge's Photo Gallery will grow as time goes on. Howie has been working diligently on getting the photos up and much more will come soon, as it is very time consuming uploading into the gallery the amount of pictures Howie and Mary have. Those who know and have seen Howie and Mary's photos know the amount they have and for those who are not familiar with the Hodge's work will be amazed. So please be understanding as Howie slowly brings their gallery up to date. Again, a big to welcome Howie and Mary.
    Members of our forums will also have a chance to have their own gallery of pictures. We have installed a database where members of the forum may upload their racing related pictures for anyone to view. Anyone can view these pictures but to upload pictures you must be a registered member. Registration can be found on the Gallery pages and on the Forum pages. There is no need to register both as they are tied in together, so either spot will work. we hope this will bring a wider spectrum of photos for members and visitors to see. Also very soon the Galleries will be linked into the forum area for easy accessibility.
    RacerHub has a few guidelines for it's members to follow for the new photo database:
1. The database is set to 640 pixel maximum. If a picture is larger than 640 pixel, height or width, then the software will resize it to our maximum size, BUT,
2. Members will have a set maximum space allowed. If the pictures are at 640 pixels, we have figured that to be anywhere from 30 - 50 pictures. Now if you upload larger than 640 pixel photos, and the
software resizes them, it will take up more of your space.
3. Please keep to clear shots. Remember, all will be able to see your pictures, so try to pick only your best pictures.
4. All photos will have a ratings option below the picture. Any member can rate a photo and we are working on something for the end of the year for members with highest rated shots, among other things.
    We hope all enjoy the new Photo Galleries, and in time, as the season approaches, we hope many unique photos are added for all to view. Any comments can be made in the forum area and let the racing begin!!!!


Source: Richie Grodski/ PR
Posted:  January 13, 2007

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