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    Tradition is a word that runs parallel with family. Something that is done, with those we love, year after year. The Merriam Webster Dictionary has tradition being defined as the handing down of information, beliefs and customs by word of mouth or by example from one generation to another. The Holiday Season is a perfect example of tradition amongst families. Turkey Derby is the example of tradition amongst racing families. Turkey Derby XXXIV will host the end of a tradition: The running of the Blewett Motorsports family owned #76 Red, White & Blue Modified.
    Wall Township Speedway is proud to announce that Jimmy Blewett will be running the family owned car at Turkey Derby XXXIV. John "Grandpa" Blewett, Sr. has said that this will be the last time that this vehicle will be run. This will be the public's last chance to see this amazing tradition hit the banks of any speedway. After Turkey Derby XXXIV, the Grand Champion #76 Modified will be placed in the Blewett Automotive Museum and Wall Township Speedway will retire the number. An honor so duly earned, not just for JBIII, but for the entire Blewett Family. Grandpa wants to see this car run one last time.
    Traditions do not have to end. At a time when change is something that happens daily, at every level, traditions may change as well. Traditions and family: two things that are ever changing, ever growing and remarkable memory makers at the dawn of every day and turning of every season.


Source   Susan Simpson/ Wall Township Speedway PR
Posted:  November 13, 2007

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