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    Sometimes in life we are ridiculed or rumors are told about us by people who donít know the truth or even care about the truth. Paul Harvey has made a living by telling ďthe rest of the story.Ē That gets to us and eats us up. It can cripple us. Are people jumping to conclusions all around us without regard for the truth? Who knows and who doesnít know. Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
    In racing we put up with rumors all the time. The truth sometimes is ignored, rarely is the truth proclaimed or believed. I think as Christians it is important to know that we are people who seek the truth, accept the truth and honor the truth. When we are faced with things that are not the truth, things that seek to tear people down, not build up, innuendo or rumor, we stand up. We should not participate in or promote the rumor mill.
    Many of us have been the victim of rumors, had things told about us that were not true. The people who have respect for us take the time to find the truth. We have all received those phone calls; I heard this, whatís going on?Ē We have had to defend ourselves against someoneís words that were full of false accusations, things we didnít even know were going on.
    Recently the ministry has had that happen to us, someone has been going around telling people things that are not true, things that are not consistent with what we have done. We have had to deal with that. We know that you also have had to deal with that in your lives.
    We also deal with it racing, this team is doing that, that team is bending the rules, their cheating. You ever notice rumors are not about doing good things. Anytime there is a question in a race about it you wonder, what really is the truth.
    We need to find the truth and use that to squash all the rumors, remove all the misinformation out there. I encourage you that when you are confronted with this that you take the time to learn the truth, embrace the truth and build your life on that foundation.

    John 14:6, Jesus told him, ďI am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.

    That means that if you want to build your life on the truth, on the foundation that doesnít move, then Jesus is that truth. Jesus is where you have to come to rest. You can search the world over, everywhere, trying to find that foundation, that truth, but you wonít find it in anyone else but Jesus.
    In a speech given by Frank Peretti he talks about the society in which we live. A society where the truth has no foundation, it has wheels. The truth is different depending on each situation. Peretti says that is false. There is absolute truth, there has to be. I know in racing we want to put wheels on everything, but the truth should not have wheels. There has to be an absolute, this is always right and this is always wrong. The truth is always the truth or society has nothing to build on. If the truth is a moving target, where do we stand? If the truth has wheels we will not have a stable foundation to build our lives on.
    What if we ran a race and then changed the rules after it was finished. I know some of you out there thinks that happens quite a bit. Some of the skeptics think different teams have different rules. What if at the end of the race they decided to change the number of laps? Letís say we ran 150 but the winner is the team that was leading at lap 125. The rules changed because we wanted things to turn out a certain way. This is just an illustration of how the truth can have wheels. If we donít know what the truth is it is hard to depend on anything. We race based on the rules. When we donít win based on the rules we have to deal with it, we donít change them to suit our needs.
    In a recent blog Peretti writes, ďThe truth still stands: honor God, and you will truly and assuredly see positive results in your life. Maybe you wonít get all the instant, heart-tuggy turnarounds our hero does, but your life, your relationships, your innermost being, will most certainly benefit, and who knows? God just might decide to give you a few blessings along the way. In addition, what families are not going to benefit from a good dose of faith and hope that are more than just nebulous words but founded in a living, personal Source?
    The truth is the right foundation in life, things are always right and always wrong. If we pretend that they are not so that we can do what we want then we are fooling ourselves. Then our life is built on something other that truth, it is built on a lie.

    God said this is life, I created it and this is the way to lead the best life. The only foundation that is stable, the only foundation that will withstand the challenges and trials we face, the only truth, is Jesus Christ. Think about that this week. God Bless, Rev. Don


    BITTERSWEET WOULD BE THE WORD - With the accent on the bitter. A decision handed down by NASCAR following the Greenville-Pickens Camping World East Race was a bitter pill to swallow for Andy Santerre Motorsports and Peyton Sellers. One of the shocks on the racecar was not correct and didnít meet the rules. One shock out of the four on Peytonís car and the four on Austin Dillonís car, declared the winner and an ASM car.
    NASCAR decided they would forfeit the win and said the team could not appeal the decision.
    I talked with the parties involved this week and listened to their explanation of how things transpired and believe me when I say this was not intentional. Donít get me wrong, the shock was not legal, no one is disputing that. I guess the bitter part comes when you look at the track record of the parties involved and see that this is an isolated incident. The punishment does not fit the crime.
    With that said, we will move forward and see how the season plays out. Congratulations to Austin Dillon for his victory, one of a few who have won in their very first Camping World Series race. I know Austin wants to win differently next time and based on what I saw he will soon have the chance to celebrate in victory lane.
    ITS OFFICIAL, JERRY MARQUIS IS RETIRED - I spoke with Jerry at Stafford and the rumors are true, over the winter he decided to call it a career. His only lament was the week he decided he received two offers to drive. He declined. He is in the process of cleaning out some of the stuff he has accumulated over the years. Let me give you some advice, if you have something stored in one of Jerryís barns get it quick because he selling it all, whether or not itís his. He does have some race item for sale, give him a call and check out the Jerry Marquis going out of racing sale.
    THE GREATEST RACE IN THE HISTORY OF SPRING - TC just shy of his 50th birthday still has it. I think he enjoyed the milk most of all. TC and Eris Beers put on a heck of a show. Several late race cautions made for some exciting side-by-side racing action. Chuck Hossfeld got caught up in some early trouble and had to work his way back through the field. After some give and take he brought it home in third. Mike Stefanik and James Civali rounded out the top five.
    Young Ryan Preece proved he had what it takes to move Ole Blue around the track taking home his first pole on Saturday. He was beaming with the smile that indicated he was on top of world. After getting his first win in Florida over the winter and now a pole, this could be a breakout year for Ryan.
    The Rookie of the race performance was a testament to being patient. Glen Reen got to race on Sunday because Mark Arute decided to add the two non-qualifiers to the field. Glenn didnít let his chance go to waste. He finished thirteenth on the lead lap. Glen made the jump from the SKlite division at Stafford and in only his second tour race he is showing the patience needed to finish the race.
    We have some time off and I have some yard work to catch up on. Iíll be around the local scene as the Whelen All-American Series gets under way. With travel expenses climbing take the opportunity to check out your local track. See you at the track.

    Be a witness for our Lord with the ministry decals and apparel. See them at the Online Apparel Store at Call us with your prayer and counseling needs and list all your prayer needs, no matter what part of our racing family you are in, with the Racing Family Prayer Request Page also send your prayer request by mail. Until next time, remember that God loves you, we love you and

    Jesus is Lord over Auto Racing. GOD BLESS.

    Mail reaches us at Racing with Jesus Ministries, PO Box 586, Tolland, CT 06084. Check our weekly printed pages in "Area Auto Racing News", the East Coastís largest weekly racing paper" See our on-line Apparel Store for subscription information. Check our home page for past articles. We invite you to input your thoughts as you sign our Guest Book. Please remember, we can only do what we do because of your prayerful financial support.

    Numbers 6:24-26 "The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace."

    May God always Bless you, everyday in everyway. Rev. Don



May 1
- The couple who haul and display the Featherlite Show Trailer have their 32nd.
- AARN and Maine based "Racin' Paper" columnists from Westport, MA have their 31st anniversary.

May 3
- This former NASCAR Modified team owner and wife from Waterbury, CT share their 36th anniversary.

May 4
- This Baltic, CT Hooters Cup/Mod/LM driver and wife have shared 17 years together.
GARY & TINA DANKO - This Connecticut tracks announcer, radio show host and wife share their 7th.


April 30
- NAPA's NSC driver/team owner for Toyota's entry into cup racing.
- Indianapolis, IN NNS/ARCA/Sprint driver.
- Plainville, CT former NASCAR CWES driver.
- Clarksville, IN ARCA Series driver.
- Red Bank, NJ Modified owner/driver.
- Son of Lebanon Valley Speedway photographer John.
- Wife of Lawrenceville, NJ Modified driver Wade.
- The grandson of Rusty Farrar, who is also the mother of Kathy Van Norde, wife of Wall Truck Division driver Bruce, has favorite drivers we must mention including the Hoffman brothers, Jimmy Blewett and Darren McCaughey and a writer for

May 1
- NASCAR Sprint Cup/ NNS driver.

May 2
- Denver, CO IRL driver.
- Auburn, NY Steve Paine and Mark Martin fan.

May 3
- Northampton, PA Whelen Modified Tour five time champion.
WALTER CHARETTE - Linwood, MA Mike Stefanik/Dale Jarrett fan.
DAVE DORNBLASER - 270cc Micro-Sprint driver at Borger's Speedway and Kutztown Fairgrounds.
CAROL EVONSION - Wife of former Riverside Park Mod driver S.J.Evonsion.

May 4
- Yorba Linda, CA NHRA Funny Car driver.
BILL PARK - Riverhead Raceway NASCAR Modified driver.
TONY URBINA - Riverhead LM driver.
FRANK MANCINI - Father of Janice Brice, wife of Bill III.
WHITNEY BENDER - Daughter of Colden, NY NASCAR CWES driver Tim and wife Kathy is 17.
TROY OADE ESTELLE - The son of Eddie and Lori Estell. Eddie is a crewman on the #119 Street Stock driven by Rob Ormsbee at East Windsor, NJ Speedway. Eddie is also a HUGE Bill Elliott fan and a faithful Wall Township Speedway fan. Troy turned lap 7.

May 5
- No. Haverhill, MA retired NASCAR CWES/LM driver.
JEFF YANNETTA - Bridgewater, NJ Flemington Go-Kart driver.
SARA ELIZABETH SANTERRE - The daughter of BES championship driver/Car Owner Andy and Sue Santerre is 5.

May 6
- NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour driver.
MIKE COPE - Pinellas Park, FL Slim Jim NNS driver.
TAMMY JO KIRK - Dalton, GA NASCAR All-Pro Series/ CTS driver.
MIKE CLAYTON - Crewman with Dave Michel No. 60 Wall township team and proprietor of McGraphics Graphics.
RENE DUGAS - Taftville, CT photographer.
STACEY KOHLER - Wife of Fleetwood, PA Micro Sprint driver Jason.

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- Mom of Jamie Tomaino spotter Gino will undergo cancer surgery. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

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