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by Walt Stubbs

    Itís hard to believe that this weekend Turkey Derby XXXV will be taking place at Wall Township Speedway. A couple of months ago the speedway grounds were dormant, with the only noise on the grounds being crickets not race engines. Well, lo and behold, the track announced there would be racing again at the track with the running of the traditional race that started back in 1974, thanks to original owner Jennie Nicolís suggestion to husband Tom that they try running a race in New Jersey in November. While many are hoping this Derby can lead to more racing at Wall in 2009, I say lets just take it one race at a time and lets enjoy the Derby. And one thing that can be saidon Bouchard across the stripe in winning his second three Derbyís. The one thing I always looked forward to at the Derby was seeing the name invaders come to Wall and run against the locals. It was really the only chance to see Richie Evans, Geoff Bodine, Bouchard, George Kent, and a host of others run at Wall. That was mainly due to Wall not having the NASCAR sanction, leading most of the invaders to run at other tracks during the course of the spring, summeWith the announcement that the track will continue the tradition with its only race at the track this season being the Derby, Iím sure the discussion at the dinner table will be a lot more interesting. Sure enough, on the Friday after Thanksgiving, I will be making the trip south on the Parkway, looking forward to seeing a track that I thought I would never see again.
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Posted:  December 1, 2008

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