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    This time of year in New England, it’s all about writing about the upcoming season, whose doing what and where they will be doing it. That is until now. There is live dirt track racing for us tundra bound people that we can check out minus the plane ticket and the price gouged Speedweeks hotel bill.
    Friday night, Mototown USA in Windsor, CT provided several divisions of competition at their indoor quarter mile dirt oval including a few of my all time favorites the 600, 750 and 1200 mini sprints.
    The atmosphere at this enormous indoor facility has a laid back, comfortable feel. But don’t let that fool you, once the helmets go on so does the game. Friday’s event in the Bud Light 12 Pack Racing Series was the 5th of a 12-race schedule that started January 6th with the finale set for April 27th.
    The driver roster read like a whose who of the local dirt scene with some “out of towners” making their mark tonight.
    After watching practice, it was no secret that the 600 piloted by ‘Liquid’ Lou Cicconi of Aston, PA was going to be a factor in the finish. “I haven’t raced on dirt in like 12 years,” said Lou. “I like the track, it’s a lot of fun. Most people think of my wins on asphalt, but dirt is where I got most of them.” Starting from the back of the pack, in short order, Cicconi was indeed in the hunt for win. But as the 600’s continued green to checkers, caution free, Cicconi had to settle for second when he could not quite catch the leader who also happened to be his car owner, Timex Morgan of Rochester, NY. “This is the first one I’ve won here,” said Morgan who doesn’t even blink when he mentions the 5 hour and 20 min drive from home to Mototown USA. “I’ve been up front, but not won.” Morgan runs the New York Modified Midget Series and is owner several 600’s. “We came up on Wednesday, tested and tuned the car, that made a big difference,” said Morgan. I had to ask, why make the long trip, not to mention twice this week? “This” was all Timex said smiling as he shook not the left hand that held the payout envelope, but his right hand that held the trophy, “This is why.”
    Marc Guerard from Hartford, CT the 1200 Champion at Whip City last year is excited about not having a “down season”. “I love it,” said Marc who does double duty running both the 750 and 1200 division at Mototown USA. “I love working on the cars, tinkering on them, trying to get them better. This track is really nice. The indoor facility is great and the competition is really good too. I think this is really going to take off. I notice every week more and more cars are showing up. I know it’s the dead of winter but guys that are racers there are two things- weather is not a factor and money is usually not a factor. If they want to race they race. This is going to be a premier facility.”
    The 750 main was off to a bumpy start when three cars tangled in turn 4 right after the green. Guerard caught part of the incident, but with everyone pulling away a full double file restart was in order. Lined up fourth, Guerard picked his way forward, taking command of the lead on the fifth circuit after a low dive in turn four under Peter Dance of Warren, CT. Three more quick cautions closed up the field, but Guerard was not to be denied as Starter Andy Shlatz waved the checkers for the Ciammella Construction sponsored sprint. It is Guerard’s fourth victory in the young series.
    Race Director Dave Haskell kept the night moving quickly and with virtually no track maintenance required between features, the 1200’s took to the oval with Jimmy “Bubba” Broderick of Brookfield, CT leading the dozen sprints to the green. A few cautions may have slowed the first half, but once the field settled in, Broderick pulled away building as much as a half a stretch lead over Paul Corazzo, Sr. However, only a few circuits from the checkers, a single car spun in turn four just as Broderick was hammer down coming into turn three. Evasive action saved Broderick who cranked his sprint low barely missing the stalled Matt Gallo. Ending with a green, white, checkered finish, Broderick claimed his first 1200 win at Mototown USA over Corazzo, Sr. with Richard Wood third. “It was definitely easier from the pole, but getting the clean track, that’s what it’s all about here plus we have a great handling car,” said Broderick. “I have to thank my sponsor Arbitell, my father and my whole crew.” Broderick continued, “It’s great Mototown USA has this going on and they’re really promoting it. It’s fun.” Broderick will be a regular on the ASCS, the American Sprint Car Series this year.
    ABC/ESPN’s Jack Arute is a regular in the 750 division at Mototown USA but the unanswered question is the trophy in the main lobby at Mototown USA that reads- 2009 Jack Arute’s Chowder Bowl. What is that all about? And rumor has it Ted Chalmers is coming out of retirement? Will Joey Payne be in one of Timex Morgan’s 600? We’ll know for sure when the Bud Light 12 Pack Racing Series resumes next week with their regular scheduled Sunday afternoon program. Information about next Sunday as well as all the events at Mototown USA can be found on their website

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Posted:  February 17, 2008

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