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    The Bud Light 12 Pack Car Racing Series at Mototown, USA in Windsor, CT recorded another event Sunday afternoon and with only five races remaining on the winter schedule, what drivers come out on top is still anyone’s guess.
    Ted Christopher of Plainville, CT led the 600’s to the green flag but there was no stopping Matt Pupello of East Greenbush, NY who dove deep into turn one on the opening circuit coming out of two with the lead and never looked back. Pupello scored his first Mototown trip to victory lane. While the 600 field was slowed for one yellow that involved Christopher and Randy Cabral of Plymouth, MA ending both of their days, the restart was a chance for Anthony Nocella of Woburn, MA to challenge for the win but this day, it was all Pupello. A left rear tire down kept Timex Morgan of Rochester, NY from being a threat for the win but not enough from finishing as he brought his sprint across the line for third collecting valuable points.
    Sunday was only Christopher’s third time racing dirt, his first in a 600. “I came here, went to the Rolex in Daytona, came back here, went to Florida (New Symrna) and now back here,” said Christopher as he sited his already diverse 2008 season. “It’s fun,” Christopher continued. “It’s not far to go, it’s only 25 minutes from my house. I’m trying to acclimate myself to be a dirt racer on the weekends, in the winter.” The challenge for Christopher is the dirt surface itself. “It changes so much every week. From like they said last week to being soaking wet to this week so dry. It’s not like racing asphalt like you pretty much know what you have. But, I’m learning myself.”
    Christopher would fair better in the 750 sprint finishing second to the seemingly unstoppable Marc Guerard of Hartford, CT who claimed his 5th win of the season. While Christopher returns to the 36 when the NASCAR Whelen Modified season gets under way, for now he will be back at Mototown, USA for the next event on Friday March 7th .
    On paper, it looks easy when you see that Matt Norrie of West Suffield, CT started on the pole, lead every lap and won the 1200 sprint feature. Don’t believe everything on paper. Norrie had to survive over half a dozen restarts while in hot pursuit by the likes of Richard Wood, Jimmy ‘Bubba’ Broderick and Marc Guerard. For Norrie however, this was indeed his day as he went on to capture the win, his third trip to victory lane in the 1200’s.
    “It was a little bit slick, I couldn’t come off the corners as well as I did last week,” said Jimmy ‘Bubba’ Broderick who was in a different 1200 this week. “Nothing you can do about it. I tightened up the car a little bit, but I’ve never been in this car before. I’ve think we have a good set up now.” The winter series here at Mototown, USA is somewhat of a warm up for Broderick who looks to run for Rookie of the Year in the American Sprint Car Series. The last time I really spoke to Broderick, I was definitely the taller one and judging by the way he has to look down on me now- that was quite a while ago. But it really wasn’t all that long ago was it that Bubba’s dad Jimmy was the one stealing the headlines winning modified titles?
    “The track is good and I think they’re going to make it better,” said Bubba’s dad Jimmy who notes the changes they see from week to week. “It’s a beautiful facility. I tried it a couple of weeks ago. It was fun, but I’ve had my time. I just enjoy watching my son out there on the track. He adapts so quickly. He’s ten times the driver I was at that age. The biggest thing, he does everything – works on the car, cleans it up. How are you going to learn? You need to know your car.”
    Indeed he made it out of retirement. Ted Chalmers, the former Riverside Park stand out including the Teddy Bear Pool Truck Champion at the Park, may have just found a new way to spend his Sunday afternoons. “I’m having fun,” said Chalmers who in 2000, exited his late model at Claremont Speedway in victory lane and announced his retirement.
    Hard to believe that was eight years ago, but one of Chalmers claim to fame is he had won features, at least once every decade for the last five. There was no win today for Chalmers who was in the hunt for a podium finish before exiting the feature a bit early in the 8 cylinder division with an overheating motor. “I never raced dirt,” said Chalmers smiling. “I’m going to have to get used to this.” Rod Sellers may have had something to do with Chalmers dusting off his helmet. But returning for the next event, it’s all Chalmers doing. “I’m coming back and run a few more. I have to keep at it until I get it right. Then maybe I’ll retire again.” He came in under the radar to help out his friend and fellow NEMA competitor Randy Cabral, but Bobby Santos left Mototown, USA with the possibility of taking a run himself in a 600. We’ll follow up on that one.
    The whole day was great, but watching Howie Hodge in a ride along, that was the best. Timex Morgan brought out a side by side 600, the one used as a pace car for the New York Modified Midget Series. With Morgan behind the wheel and Howie tucked in close by, it was the best intermission I’ve watched in a long while. Morgan didn’t hold back lap after lap; honestly, it just looked plain fast and well, fun. “He definitely had a lot of right side weight,” confessed Howie laughing afterwards. “Too bad you couldn’t see my grin from ear to ear. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. It was a blast!”  
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    Mototown takes a week off before returning for double weekend event, the first show on Friday March 7th then all over again on Sunday March 9th. A full list of results as well as the schedule can be found on

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Posted:  February 24, 2008

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