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    To Whom It May Concern,

    It is with an extremely heavy heart that I must, at this time, formally announce the closing of our beloved Wall Township Speedway, formally known to the vast majority of us as Wall Stadium.
    Like most of us, my first experience at the Speedway was as an 8 year old child attending with my father some forty-five years ago. Some of my fondest childhood memories were forged at the Speedway we so loved.
    I recall the miniature, plastic models of the then Modified/Sportsman cars that I would meticulously paint and letter to represent top shoes such as Tommie Elliot in the purple #4 and Parker Bohn in the 659, as well as many other drivers.
    As we all did, I established some great lasting friendships at the track, not the least of which was my former Head Mechanic at United Crane, Al Mauser, better known in the racing circles as Bill. Then there were my dear friends the late Tommy Comerford, Don Ling, Bill Johnson and the Blewett family, just to name a few. I could go on and on.
    Without getting into all the whys and wherefores, please know that we, as a partnership group holding four equal twenty-five percent shares, did everything in our power these past six years since 2002, to provide top quality short-track racing and keep the doors to the Speedway open. We have made numerous attempts to create a scenario which would enable us to continue with the Speedway operation, all to no avail.
    Please know, when we purchased the track from the Nicol Family on February 26, 2002, we, as an ownership group, were wholly committed to its continuance as the top quality racing facility it had always been known as in the fifty-one years prior.
    Please also know this decision to close was made on this 14th day of March, 2008, as we were still exploring certain options available to us in an attempt to remain open for the 2008 season: again to no avail.
    I, as do my partners, truly believe in our hearts, that we did everything in our power, for all of the right reasons, to continue the unprecedented heritage which was always associated with Wall Township Speedway/Wall Stadium.
    With that said, it is with deep regrets that my partners and I are left with no alternative then to close Wall Township Speedway/Wall Stadium after 57 years of continuous racing.
    We cannot thank you, the competitors, crews, the many race fans across the country and anyone ever associated with the Speedway for your undying loyalties and support throughout these past 57 years since 1950.
    I believe I can speak for the Nicol Family as well. I, for one know just how much the Speedway meant to Tucker, his mom, Tom and the entire Nicol Family throughout the years.
    Unfortunately, we find ourselves joining the long, ever-growing list of short-tracks across the country which have been forced to close.
    In reflecting on the rich history of the track, let our thoughts go to the good times which are etched in all our memories and may we all be thankful for 57 years of great racing in the Township of Wall, New Jersey.

    Timothy H. Shinn
    Managing Member For The Partners


Source:  Timothy Shinn / Wall Township Speedway
Posted:  March 14, 2008

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