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    - Speed TV’s Wendy Venturini ( 11:02am)
    - NASCAR WMT Driver Eddie Flemke Jr. ( 11:22am) winner of the Ice Breaker 150 at Thompson
    - Preview of the NASCAR Nationwide Race in Mexico City (and we’ll tell you who will win)
    - Matt Joins a Racing League at Grand-Prix New York (; hear all about it.
    - FREE tickets to the Tech-Net Spring Sizzler at Stafford Springs on April 27th Listen to win!
    - The boys “Feud’ with Hartford Courant Columnist Shawn Courchesne Continues (follow along below)

    According to Hartford Courant Columnist Shawn Courchesne we are “feuding” with him.

    This is the link for our discussion about HIM this past Sunday on the Carey and Coffey Show.
    Shawn Courchesne Discussion (At the top, click on the title)

    (Below is an excerpt from Shawn’s column)

    "--- So can anyone help me figure out these dudes from the Carey and Coffey Show?
    I swear I had never even heard of these guys until about a week before the recent Icebreaker at Thompson International Speedway.
    Now, I guess, I'm in a little feud with the boys from Western Connecticut."

    If you need a good laugh or just want to hear my name butchered endlessly, check out the Carey and Coffey website and look for the audio clip in the bottom right hand corner of their home page labeled: "Does Hartford Courant Columnist Shawn Courchesne like or hate Carey and Coffey?"

    Sounds like the boys have some Sally Field type issues going on over there. And me, snarky? Come on now. I prefer disrespectfully snide or maybe annoyingly irritable.

    For the record, I'm officially reserving judgment at this point in time.

    By GMDuclos on April 16, 2008 9:10 AM

    Just listened to the C & C show, pretty funny stuff.
    Yes snarky is a good term for you, and how DO you pronouce your name.

    From Shawn:
    Ok, here's the lesson folks, it's not “Core-Chezz-Nee” like the radio boys slashed it into. It's easy. Two syllables, “Core-Shane.” See how easy that is. Like an apple “core” and the name “shane” put together. “Core-Shane.” Ok, that’s my lesson for today. Hey, Carey and Coffey, WTIC-1080 always seems to get it right.

    Tune in......


Source:  Matt Carey / Carey and Coffey Show PR
Posted:  April 17, 2008

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