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   This Saturday night's WaterSnoGo Modified Showdown at the All-Star Speedway has just gotten even bigger. Three sponsors have added their names, and several hundred dollars to the purse for this special July 26 Tour-Type Modified Event.
   In addition to the $5,000 in first prize money as teams race for the $20,000 WaterSnoGo Point Fund dollars, Koszela Speed has agreed to add their name to the race as a "Halfway Bonus" Sponsor. The Modified driver leading the race at lap 50 will pocket an extra $200 courtesy of Koszela Speed.
Located in Coventry, Rhode Island, Koszela Speed is a longtime supplier of auto racing equipment and building materials.
   Laticrete International of Bethany, Connecticut has also added bonus money of $200, for the driver gaining the most positions during the 125-lap event. This "Hard Charger Award" presented by the sponsor of race number one of the WaterSnoGo four race series is always popular with race fans.
Laticrete is a worldwide manufacturer of cement-based products for the tile and stone industries.
   Just added today is bonus money for the winner of each heat race, courtesy of longtime Avid Modified Supporter Jim Schaefer, better known as, "LongIslandModManiac" on the website: "ModSeriesScene". He has asked to pay the winning driver of each heat race a sum of $100. With the likelihood of having three heat races, his contribution is expected to total $300. This will only add to the excitement of the heat races, which award points towards the WaterSnoGo Championship.
   These generous supporters of Modified racing have made this Saturday night, July 26 event even bigger that expected. With the fourth and final event on October 24 and 25 paying a minimum of $50 per lap, this promises to be an exciting prelude to the finale. Racing starts at 6:00 Pm at the Epping, N.H. oval. Log on to: for more information.


Source:  All-Star Speedway PR
Posted:  July 24, 2008

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