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   With the sluggish economy a concern to all in the sports industry the Second Annual Promoter’s Summit, set for the Atlantic City Convention Center on January 16-17, will center on what event promoters and organization officials can be doing to prosper in 2009.
   “There will be a great deal of knowledge being shared with Summit attendees,” Summit organizer Ernie Saxton. “The subjects being discussed will include sponsorship, working with the media, promotional ideas and more. We had a great first Summit and we have taken steps to make this one even better. We can have a great 2009 if we all pay attention to business and take advantage of the many opportunities that are out there.”
   Jim Hunter, Vice President of Corporate Communications for NASCAR, will open the Summit and share his thoughts about short track racing and he knows the subject well.
Timothy Frost, a well known financial advisor to the motorsports industry who has worked with many short tracks, will speak on the “economic impact of race tracks” and “how big the motorsports industry really is.”
   One of the key events during the two day Summit will be the open roundtable discussion that will feature all attendees as they exchange information, talk about problems facing the industry and learn from each other.
   The latest legal issues will be discussed and attendees can save some legal fees by asking questions.
   Media relations (daily and weekly newspapers, trades, radio, TV and the internet) will be discussed. And there will be discussions about still and video photography.
Sponsorship tips will be offered.
   Ideas on increasing revenue with sportswear and track publications will be discussed.
Ad specialties will be part of the program.
   Group rates, corporate nights and other promotional ideas will be offered during the two days.
Other subjects are being considered and a full schedule for the Promoter’s Summit will be released early in January, 2009.
   The Summit will run from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on January 16th and from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on January 17th.
   For additional information telephone Ernie Saxton at 215.752.7797.
   The Promoter’s Summit is part of a great weekend of motorsports activities in Atlantic City presented by Len Sammons Productions which includes the Motorsports 2009 Race Car & Trade Show taking place at the A.C. Convention Center along with the Gambler’s Classic Indoor Races at the Boardwalk Hall on the same dates.
   Check for special room rates at and that site also has complete information on the show and the indoor racing events.


SourceErnie Saxton Communications / Promoter's Summit 2009
Posted: December 10, 2008

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