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    It was the first time in a while that an RoC event coming to Mahoning Valley speedway did not get rescheduled due to weather. The mercury was showing temperatures in the 90's, but that did not keep the anyone away. The stands, parking lot, and pits were filled.
   Time trials, heats, and consi's were completed to determine the field. The top 12 automatically advanced to the main event based upon their time, but would redraw to determine starting position. While Eric Beers showed to be the man to beat, he was going to have to prove this by starting from
the 8th spot.
   The 26 car field was set. Paul Skodacek on the pole, with Rick Kirkendall on the outside. The green flew, Skodacek jumped out into the front leading the first two laps. It was then when the caution flag flew for a spinning Bup Dreher in turn 4. The field regrouped and back to green. Kirkendall got the jump on Skodacek taking over the lead. Setting sail, Kirkendall expanded his lead but once again, action was halted for a spinning Lou Strohl between turns one and two. Fourteen laps were complete as the yellow number 4 remained out front. When the green came out, Kirkendall had his hands full, as he had a hard charging Eric Beers coming. As lap19 was completed Beers pulled up next to Kirkendall and made the pass smoothing to take the lead. Beers started to stretch the lead, however on lap 22, Jan Leaty spun on the front stretch bring out the caution.
   Racing resumed and Beers proceeded to lead, Kirkendall tucked in behind beers
while Rick Kluth, Donny Wagner, and Bobby Jones battled behind the
As lap 33 was completed by Beers who had a commanding lead, Jim Storace
spun on the backstretch. The green returned to the track while Beers
remained out front. Kirkendall remained in second while Bobby Jones
into third bringing Donny Wagner with him as Rick Kluth moved back to
fifth. Beers had a commanding lead, showing all signs he was the one to
beat. Jan Leaty and Jared Nace were about to go a lap down on lap 46
they got together in turn 1, collecting the leader, Eric Beers.
took the green as the leader, but a fast moving Bobby Jones passed him
proceeded into the lead. Kirkendall still very strong battled back and
regained the lead on lap 63. After losing the lead Jones started to
back into the field while Brian Defebo who started in the back of the
was moving to the front. Dick Brown, the headflag man showed 5 to go
Defebo moved into second with Wagner and Kluth right behind him.
Kirkendall was able to hold of th challenge of Defebo to take the
checkers. Defebo would settle for second, Kluth third, Wagner fourth,
pole sitter Skodack fifth.


Source: Amanda Suhoski / The Chrome Horn
Posted:  June 7, 2008

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