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   This Sunday afternoon August 24th the Race of Champions Dart Asphalt Modified Tour will try and get in the 100 lap 50th Anniversary show for the Modifieds at the Dunn Tire Raceway Park.
   The original date of June 28th was rained out while all qualifying events for the Modifieds were completed back on August 9th. All 28 cars that were in attendance on August 9th are in the starting field for this Sunday afternoon.
   Contrary to published reports the RoC field is set as it was on August 9th and no new cars / drivers will be added. Also contrary to published reports there will be no Modified Last Chance Race. There has to be some loyalty shown by RoC to the teams who traveled to Dunn Tire on August 9th stated RoC Administrative Director Andrew Harpell.
   The 100 lap feature which pays $3,500 to win sees the lineup being Buck Catalano and Erick Rudolph on the front row. Todd Smith and Sege Fidanza are in row number two with Pete Brittain and Chuck Hossfeld in row three. Row four is made up of TJ Potrzebowski and John Markovic while Billy Putney and Tom McGrath make up row five. Matt Hirschman and Brett Scherer are in row six with Terry Cheetham and Daren Scherer in row seven. Rick Kluth and Karl Hehr are in row eight with Jimmy Zacharias and Doug Reaume in row nine. Jan Leaty and Mark Tychoniewicz are in row ten with TJ Zacharias and Mike Leaty in row eleven. Chris Risdale and Matt Clemens make up row twelve with Tom Weist and Kevin Lewis in row thirteen. Jim Storace and Dave Wollaber who both had problems on August 9th will make up the fourteenth and final row.
   Pre feature awards saw Mark Tychoniewicz win the $1,200 set of Dart Heads while Dave Wollaber won the $500 Gater Racing News Driver Bonus Draw.
   The Race of Champions Dart Asphalt Modified Tour is sponsored by; Dart Machinery, Gater Racing Photo News, Hoosier Racing Tire, Sunoco Race Fuels, PBM Performance Products, Total Seal Piston Rings, Dura Bond, Competition Engineering by Moroso, Dynatech, Xceldyne, Afco, CV Products, and LA Sleeve.


Source: JR's Motorsports Media / RoC Dart Asphalt Modified Series
Posted:  August 18, 2008

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