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   Vinnie Annarummo, the 37 year racing veteran from Swansea, MA., let it be known last week that Seekonk Speedway is “my house” and he made that clear Saturday night, June 14, winning a hard fought battle with Chris Pasteryak, Lisbon, CT., to capture the 100 lap True Value Modified Racing Series event at the famed Bay State oval. The win was Annarummo’s first this season. He was a three-time winner in 2007.
   Pasteryak jumped into the early lead from his pole starting position and led the first seven circuits until yielding the top spot to Annarummo. It set the stage for a torrid battle between the former five-time Seekonk pro-stock champion and the second generation Connecticut hot shoe that would last until the finish.
   Pasteryak took back the lead on lap 10 with Annarummo keeping pace. On lap 15 Annarummo powered by and would hold the point until lap 28 when Pasteryak went to the front again. On a lap 29 restart, Annarummo took the top position with great side by side racing going on throughout the 26 car starting field.
   Eddie Dachenhausen, Les Hinckley, and 2006 champion, Dwight Jarvis, were battling for position and dealing with traffic drawing the attention of the large crowd on hand. All three were hunting down the leaders. Hinckley motored by Dachenhausen as D. Jarvis followed. Jarvis would eventually move to third and battle Pasteryak for the runner-up position.
   The 100 lap grind would feature caution free racing from lap 30 to lap 70. The top seven cars often raced in heavy traffic bringing those sitting to their feet. The leaders diced and darted through slower cars on occasion creating three wide situations
   The race was slowed on lap 70 when Jarvis spun in traffic and Chris Wenzel struck the first turn wall. Jarvis returned to the field while Wenzel retired to the pit area.
   Annarummo held on to win by a 0.104 margin over Pasteryak with Jon McKennedy, who overcame a lap 3 incident, finishing in a close third by a 0.178 margin behind the leader. Hinckley finished fourth for his best run of the year, and point leader David Pinkham rounded the top five. Kirk Alexander, a former Seekonk winner, Dale Evonsion, Dachenhausen, Peter Jarvis, and Jimmy Kuhn finished sixth through tenth.
   Heat races were won by Pasteryak, Tommy Cravenho, and Annarummo, with Jimmy Dolan capturing the 15 lap consolation race.

   The TVMRS next races at Waterford Speedbowl, Waterford , CT., Saturday, June 21.

Race Summary: Seekonk, MA Speedway

Race Distance: 100 laps
Caution Periods: Laps 6, 13, 28, 29, 70, 71, 95.
30 cars entered the race.
26 cars started the event with 15 of the 26 starters finishing on the lead lap
Race Time - - 1:00:15:766.

Next Event: Waterford Speedbowl Waterford, CT June 21, 2008

Order of Finish: Seekonk 100

  1. 12 Vinnie Annarummo Jr.
  2. 15 Chris Pasteryak
  3. 73 Jon McKennedy
  4. 06 Les Hinckley
  5. 22 David Pinkham
  6. 43 Kirk Alexander
  7. 35 Dale Evonsion
  8. 10 Eddie Dachenhausen
  9. 9NH Peter Jarvis
10. 72 Jimmy Kuhn
11. 25 Tommy Cravenho
12. 28 Dwight Jarvis
13.   0 Mike Holdridge
14. 55 Joe Doucette
15. 69 Jim Dolan
16. 13 Stephen Masse
17. 77 Kenny White Jr.
18. 17 Jack Bateman
19.   1 Sean Bodreau
20. 83 Chris Wenzel
21. 46 Dick Houlihan
22. 36 Robert Drown
23.   6 Rob Goodenough
24.   4 Tony Ricci
25. 82 David Berghman
26. 23 Mike Douglas Jr.
27. 76 Shelly Perry


Source: John H. Spence Sr./True Value Modified Racing Series
Posted:  June 15, 2008

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