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   The True Value Modified Series came for their second of three appearances this past weekend at Monadnock Speedway. Kirk Alexander would take down the win in the event. Point Leader David Pinkham out of Buxton, ME would not make the race due to some engine problems in his qualifying heat. Earlier in the qualifying heats Alexander and Ted Christopher would battle side by side as the fans were on their feet during the heat race. In the end Alexander would beat TC by 0.001. That happened to Christopher the week before up at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Alexander would start third in the event and it did not take long for the # 43 to move up front. Alexander would usually start last because of the rule with the True Value Modified Racing Series. It was lap 22 that Alexander would pass Peter Jarvis. Alexander’s win would not come easy as Dwight Jarvis tried to make plenty of challenges but Alexander would hang on to get win # 30 on the series and his fourth win of 2008. The long green flag runs helped Kirk Alexander as the race only had four cautions. “We kind of broke out and rode behind the 9 (Peter Jarvis) for a while and he messed up and went under him”, Alexander said.
   Jarvis would try to get to Alexander but Alexander would set the pace. “I was going kind of a little faster then I wanted to do. He (Dwight Jarvis) had a good car tonight. If he had passed me I don’t know if I could got by him.”
   A week before the Monadnock race. The True Value Mods made their first appearance at the Wiscasset Raceway up in Wiscasset, Maine. Showers would call off the event and reschedule it to August 9th. Before the rain came the drivers had the chance to practice their cars. “It’s a good place. They treated us very well. They gave us tow money . We had a good fast car up there. Were looking forward to going back”, said Alexander.
   The True Value Modifieds will go to Lee, Seekonk, and Oxford in their next three events. Alexander has won at those places. Alexander will drive the Marco Turcotte Machine at Lee and Oxford. Alexander will drive his own car at Seekonk. The modified madness event at Seekonk is $10,000 to win. Alexander is a past winner of the event. “I can’t wait to go.”
   Dwight Jarvis out of Ascutney, VT came home with a second place run. Jarvis is a defending winner of a modified race at Monadnock. Jarvis did not make the trip to Wiscasset the week before as he was fixing the car from the Waterford. “We had a good car tonight. I put my cards on the table too early. I should have held off to the end. At the end of the race I used my right tire up”, Jarvis said.
   Jack Bateman came home with a third place finish. Bateman felt it was a great race as everyone gave each other room. During the race, it was caution free for the first 33 laps. Bateman felt it helped his car on that long run. Bateman made the trip to Wiscasset the week before. He felt it was a neat little place to run at. “ The race track is really good. It’s a little bit of bumps coming out of four but other then that the track is real racing. I think when we go up there and have our race for real. I think we will have a great show”, said Bateman. In the past the True Value Modified Series has added one new venue to the schedule each other. This year with the schedule adding Thunder Road, Wiscasset, and Twin State. The True Value Modified Racing Series could go to a new venue in 2009. “That’s entirely possible. I am not exactly sure what it would be or where it would be. We have to talked to a bunch of race tracks. We have to wait and see.”
   Bateman will work on the 2009 schedule beginning in September. Bateman felt that his car was a whisker tight. He felt that he didn’t have anything for Alexander and Dwight Jarvis but the car drove nice and easy.
   Jonathan McKennedy came home with a 4th place finish. This season McKennedy has splitting time with the True Value Modified Series and the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour. McKennedy had a tight race car. "It’s a little frustrating. We started right up front. We fell back. Overall it was alright. The car wouldn’t turn but we will take it”, McKennedy said.
   A veteran driver made a return to the high banks. Kenny Bouchard out of Fitchburg, MA drove for Marco Turcotte on Saturday night in the # 40. Bouchard would come home with a 20th place finish but Ken was happy to make the return to Monadnock Speedway. “It was a pretty good race. We had the car a little to loose in the heat.” Bouchard felt the car was better in the feature. He was involved in a tangle on lap 58. The tangle also involved Mike Holdridge and Bryan Shumway. Bouchard would not mind running another True Value race. Bouchard said, “We got tangled up. A couple guys got tangled up together. I was trying to slow up and try to miss them. Somebody got in the back of us and bumped the left front on the guys nerf bar and when it did that it broke the rack.” The last time Bouchard ran in the modifieds at Monadnock was back in the 1980’s. Since Bouchard came back, he felt that the track had worn out a little bit and a bit bumpy. He felt it wasn’t bad.
   Dale Evonsion out of East Hartland, CT came home with an eighth place finish. Evonsion has been doing a race by race basis. If the car runs good the team will go onto to the next race. After circumstances the car came home with a top ten. “Trying to get back to things after Waterford. We had a lot of work to get here in the first place”, Evonsion said.
   Evonsion’s crew was doing some work on the car after practice. Evonsion went out for his heat race and then they found something wrong with the car. “We were a bit off on the setup. We survived the night and came home in eighth.”
    Shelly Perry out of Ashaway, RI came home with her best finish on the series. A 13th place finish put a smile on the driver. Perry felt that it was tough to pass. Perry felt the car was hooked up. “It’s a tough little track. I was happy we kept the car in one piece. We came out of it with an ok finish”, said Perry.
   Kenny White, JR came home with a 21st place finish. White is the leader in the rookie standings on the series. For this appearance for White, he brought a whole new shock package with him. He felt that it took a little time to get dialed in. The car ran good in practice and in the heat. When the first caution came out on lap 33, White noticed that the temperature went up with the car. At time he was running in the top 15. The week before White put a new radiator in the car. White used to race in full fender cars but believes that going from full fender to open wheel has been an adjustment. He loves racing on the modified series.
   Other News and notes:
   * Jim Boniface made his first appearance of the year in the # 08. Boniface would come home with an 11th place finish
   * In the Monadnock 25 Laps Mini Stock Race 15 year old Eddie Brehio, III out of Baldwinville, MA won his first ever Mini Stock race. A ton of people were their to gather around with him in victory lane. Eddie’s father used to run late models at Monadnock
   The next event for the True Value Mods will be on July 11th at the Lee USA Speedway in Lee, NH.


Source: Matt Wiernasz / The Chrome Horn
Posted:  July 9, 2008

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