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   There are some moments at Bowman Gray Stadium that Brian Loftin of Lexington never wants to forget, such as taking his first Modified victory at the Stadium on June 26 of 1999. That was Loftin’s only win at the legendary quarter-mile – until he notched another victory on Saturday night in the Advance Auto Parts 199 for the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour.
   Loftin was eager to turn around his luck from last year’s Advance Auto Parts 199: one of those moments at Bowman Gray Stadium that Loftin does want to forget. Loftin was battling with Frank Fleming for the lead during the final laps, and the struggle wrecked them both.
   “Things happen pretty quickly over here, and you’ve never got anything in the bag. It’s going to change at any time,” said Loftin during this season’s pre-race ceremonies as he recalled last year’s race.
   After qualifying 7th, Loftin plucked the pole as his starting spot after the fastest 8 qualifiers drew for starting position. He had some tough competition around him: Starting on the outside pole beside Loftin would be Brian King of Gibsonville, and right behind Loftin was points leader for the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour, L.W. Miller of Morrisville.
   But Loftin had one thing that King and L.W. Miller didn’t – experience at Bowman Gray Stadium. The flat, quarter-mile track has a well-deserved reputation for being a very intense and difficult track to drive. Veteran competitors who have raced at dozens of tracks and in several different series and events will tell you that Bowman Gray Stadium is by far the toughest. Put simply, there’s no place like the Stadium.
   As the green flag fell, Brian King and L.W. Miller collided as they fought for second place. Inexperience at the Stadium combined with aggressive clamoring for position led to Miller’s #36 car with its rear wheels on top of King’s car.
   The good news for Loftin: he was able to avoid any collision and claim the lead. The bad news: three-time Stadium Champion Burt Myers of Walnut Cove would now be right on his bumper in second, and six-time Stadium Champion Tim Brown moved up to third.
   As the laps ticked by, it seemed like Myers may have been conserving his tires instead of pushing the issue and nudging the bumper of Loftin. The waving of the checkered flag drew nearer and nearer, and Loftin had to be thinking about the final laps of last year’s 199-lapper.
   Myers began applying the pressure heavily around lap 175, giving a few strong taps to the bumper of Loftin. When a caution restart occurred on lap 194, Myers again gave Loftin a good bump.
   But Loftin’s car was too strong for Myers. Loftin ended up holding on to the lead and taking the checkered. “We knew we had a good race car, but man – after about 3 or 4 laps, nobody could touch us. This thing was just on a rail,” said Loftin.
   Burt Myers finished in second, Tim Brown took third and Bobby Hutchens of Lexington claimed fourth.
   In the 40-lap race for the Webb Heating & A/C Co. Sportsman Series, Mitch Gales of Lexington claimed the victory on Saturday. Gales took the lead from Keith McMichael of Belews Creek on lap 15 and then defended his lead against Kenny Bost of Kernersville. As Bost tried to make one final attempt at passing Gales, Bost’s car got a little loose. Gary Ledbetter of Lexington took advantage of the situation to take second. Bost finished in third.
   Joseph “Bobo” Brown took the checkered in the 20-lap race for the 104.1 WTQR Street Stock Series. Brown had some serious challenges from Doug Wall of Pfafftown. Wall hammered the bumper of Brown several times – but Brown held on to win and Doug Wall himself actually spun. Wall flew into the infield and crossed the finish line while sliding across the grass. Donnie Martin of Wallburg finished second, Ryan Nelson of Winston-Salem took third, and Doug Wall finished fourth.
   In the Time Warner Cable Stadium Stock Series, Dale Barneycastle of Mocksvilled claimed the win in the 15-lapper on Saturday. Matt Hill of Yadkinville finished second, with Wayne Hill of Kernersville finishing in third.
   Due to a city-imposed 11:30 PM curfew, the second 15-lapper for the Time Warner Cable Stadium Stock Series was postponed until next week. Next week’s race will award double the points and double the purse to compensate for the postponement.

   Advance Auto Parts 199 for the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour: 202
(race extended due to caution)
1 23 Brian Loftin Lexington, NC
2 1 Burt Myers Walnut Cove, NC
3 83 Tim Brown Cana, VA
4 14 Bobby Hutchens Lexington, NC
5 47 Andy Seuss Hampstead, NH
6 18 Zach Brewer Winston-Salem, NC
7 25 John Smith Mount Airy, NC
8 36 L.W. Miller Morrisville, NC
9 44 Brandon Hire Winston-Salem, NC
10 72 Brent Elliott Denton, NC
11 02 Buddy Emory Petersburg, VA
12 7 Thomas Stinson Richmond, VA
13 70 Alfred Hill Jonesville, NC
14 07 Frank Fleming Mount Airy, NC
15 69 Junior Miller Danbury, NC
16 17 Brian King Gibsonville, NC
17 98 Rich Kuiken, Jr Staffordville, NJ
18 4 Jason Myers Walnut Cove, NC
19 8 Jay Mize Clemmons, NC
20 53 Jonathan Brown Kernersville, NC
21 49 Scott Rigney Mount Airy, NC
22 31 Gene Pack Myrtle Beach, SC
23 5 Randy Butner Pfafftown, NC
24 71 Dean Ward Winston-Salem, NC
25 28 George Brunnhoelzl Mooresville, NC
26 99 Kevin Powell Winston-Salem, NC

Webb Heating & A/C Sportsman Series: 40 laps
1 38 Mitch Gales Lexington, NC
2 70 Gary Ledbetter Lexington, NC
3 18 Kenny Bost Kernersville, NC
4 86 Taylor Branch Lewisville, NC
5 66 Ronnie Clifton Walkertown, NC
6 02 Derek Stoltz Walkertown, NC
7 9 David Adams Yadkinville, NC
8 26 Jim Shoaf Lexington, NC
9 79 Steven Berrier Germanton, NC
10 30 Mike Evans King, NC
11 55 David Sell Winston-Salem, NC
12 71 Bryant Robertson Lexington, NC
13 68 Robbie Brewer Winston-Salem, NC
14 05 Kyle Edwards King, NC
15 51 Josh Hyatt Winston-Salem, NC
16 21 Tommy Neal Walkertown, NC
17 77 Keith McMichael Belews Creek, NC
18 44 Daniel Beeson Kernersville, NC
19 50 Barry Edwards Pinnacle, NC
20 23 Scott Hall Walkertown, NC
21 1 Gene Pack Walkertown, NC
22 19 Michael Adams Yadkinville, NC
23 10 Tate Henley Winston-Salem, NC
24 7 Ronnie Barron Lexington, NC

104.1 WTQR Street Stock Series: 20 laps
1 69 Joseph Brown Winston-Salem, NC
2 00 Donnie Martin Wallburg, NC
3 31 Ryan Nelson Winston-Salem, NC
4 12 Doug Wall Pfafftown, NC
5 04 Reggie Doub Germanton, NC
6 8 K.J. Stimpson Lewisville, NC
7 18 Tim Vaden Kernersville, NC
8 11 Richard Reeves Cooleemee, NC
9 74 Leon Hutchens Winston-Salem, NC
10 27 Matt Cotner Rural Hall, NC
11 25 Johnny Arnder Mount Airy, NC
12 44 Daniel Fishel Greensboro, NC
13 81 Brian Wall Winston-Salem, NC
14 2 Willie Wall Lexington, NC
15 33 Matt Fletcher Walkertown, NC
16 3 Michael Nichols Trinity, NC
17 14 Randy Larimore Walkertown, NC
18 1 David Sumner Trinity, NC
19 98 David Conner Sandy Ridge, NC
20 99 John McNeal Winston-Salem, NC

Time Warner Cable Stadium Stock Series – Race One: 9 laps of 15 schedule
laps completed
(race ended early due to curfew)
1 22 Dale Barneycastle Mocksville, NC
2 98 Matt Hill Yadkinville, NC
3 11 Wayne Hill Kernersville, NC
4 23 Kenny Dixon Pfafftown, NC
5 64 Steven Truell Midway, NC
6 72 Gerald Robertson Germanton, NC
7 16 Scott Gordon Clemmons, NC
8 21 Kevin L. Neal Walkertown, NC
9 24 A.J. Sanders Mocksville, NC
10 00 Adam Baker Winston-Salem, NC
11 81 Chuck Wall Clemmons, NC
12 99 Shaun Cockerham East Bend, NC
13 95 Billy Cameron Jr Salisbury, NC
14 8 V.L. Richardson Pilot Mountain, NC
15 4 Andrew Sanders Mocksville, NC
16 56 Johnny Burke Midway, NC
17 68 Glenn Hamilton Winston-Salem, NC
18 44 Charlie Curry Winston-Salem, NC
19 67 Jason Asbury King, NC
20 70 D.J. Moore Germanton, NC
21 01 Jason Keaton Mocksville, NC
22 27 Darren Cotner King, NC
23 33 Gary Brewer Germanton, NC
24 83 A.J. Quakenbush Winston-Salem, NC


Source:  Jason Mitchell / NASCAR PR
Posted:  August 2, 2008

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