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2nd Annual Wings & Wheels
by Hazel Meredith

    Tonight’s program consists of the most exciting divisions in local and regional auto racing - the NEMA Midgets, the ISMA Super Modifieds, the True Value Modified Tour and Waterford Speedbowl’s own SK Modified Division. Mother Nature assisted the event with a beautiful summer evening with no rain in sight. The crowd is just as big as it was for last year’s inaugural W&W event.

True Value Modified Tour Heat Races

   This Tour uses the popular heat race format to qualify. Tonight’s qualifying has three heats, with the top six from each heat moving to the feature. There will be a “consi” race of non-qualifiers and the top four from that race also move to the feature. In addition, there are two provisional spots and two spots guaranteed for Waterford regulars.
   In the first heat Rowan Pennink in the #25 took the win, followed by #12 Todd Annarummo; #18 Eddy Spiers; #28 Dwight Jarvis; #15 Chris Pasteryak; and # 70 Andy Seuss. Waterford driver Jeff Pearl in the #71 finished seventh – he will start in a guaranteed spot, but can also run in the consi.
   Second heat was won by Ed Dachenhausen in the #10, followed by #0 Mike Holdridge; #13 Steve Masse; #66 Mike Stefanik; #06 Les Hinckley; and #51 Rob Janovic, another Waterford regular. The #97 of Ken Vogel Jr. spun during the heat in turn three forcing the rest of the field to take evasive action to avoid the car in the middle of the track.
   The third heat ran clean with #3 Jeff Malave leading start to finish. He was followed across the stripe by #17 Jack Bateman; #73 Jon McKennedy; #69 Jim Dolan; #01 Ken Horton and #23 Mike Douglas Jr.
   The powerful ISMA Super Modifieds took to the track for their heats next. Pole sitter, #38 Ed Witkum Jr. of Westford, MA, jumped to the lead and opened it up quickly. The #24 of Dave Sanborn and the #28 of Eric Lewis would battle for the second spot.
   On the fourth circuit, the #84 Mike Lichty spun in turn two bringing out the caution. On the restart Witkum would again get the jump, but just a couple of laps later, the #78 of Mark Sammut, who won at Lee last night, blew up heading into turn four. He would spray oil all along the front stretch, ending up in the fence in turn one. The red flag would be thrown for the second lengthy clean up of the night.
   Twenty minutes into the red flag, we got word that they were changing the engine in the #78 and they planned to return to the track.
   The #38 Ed Witkum Jr. would take his first ever ISMA checkered flag. He would be followed by #28 Eric Lewis; #27 Jamie Timmons; #35 Jeff Holbrook; #61 Dave Shullick Jr.; and #56 Jerry Dinnen.
   The second heat was lead off the line by #55 Mike Keeler. By the second lap, the #98 of Justin Belfiore would take over the point. He was timed on the next lap at a blazing 12.8 seconds.
   On lap five, the #5 of Vern Romanoski would signal the field that he had a problem and stopped at the entrance of pit road. He machine was smoking, and he quickly climbed out of the car.
   The #94 of Dave McKnight would try the outside line trying to get by Belfiore, but to no avail. Belfiore would hang on for the win – being timed at an even faster 12.5 seconds, easily breaking the 100 mph barrier.
   Finishing order following Belfiore is #94 McKnight; #9 Danny Lane; #11 Chris Perley; #88 Ben Seitz; #29 Russ Wood; #37 Jeff Locke and #55 Mike Keeler.
   The third heat would be lead from start to finish by the #41 of Mike Ordway Jr. followed by #10 “Liquid” Lou Cicconi; #97 Rob Summers; #61 Dave Shullick Jr.
   Next is the True Value Modified Consi Race. Waterford regular #71 Jeff Pearl is on the pole, followed by #1 Dennis Charette, #14 Robert Drown and #55 Joe Doucette.
   Jeff would jump to the lead and lead the entire race, giving him a spot in the main event. Also qualifying through the consi are #1 Charette; #55 Doucette and #76 Shelly Perry.


   Rob Summers withdrew from the feature due to mechanical issues with the #11. The #94 of Justin Gaydosh led the field to the green for their 35-lap feature.
   The #1 of Charette gets loose going into turn 1 on the 3rd circuit causing multiple spin outs. Everyone manages to get going again and we head to a re-start. On lap 5 Tyler Chadwick spins in turn one bring the yellow back out.
   After two re-starts were called back, we finally get going green. Corey Hutchings in the #90 is side-by-side with Gaydosh challenging for the lead. The field finally gets strung out when the #29 of Don Fowler spins on the backstretch grass to bring out yellow number three on lap 8.
   After just one lap of green the #4 of Ron Yuhas gets loose – he is able to gather it back up, but several other cars spin through the dirt on the front stretch.
   It doesn’t take long for caution #5 in the first ten laps! The leaders made contact and Corey Hutchings brushed the front stretch wall and collected several other cars. The #94 of Gaydosh would get sent to the rear for his involvement. The restart will have #3 Dennis Gada leading #4 Ron Yuhas Jr., #71 Jeff Pearl and #91 Jeffrey Paul.
   Gada edges ahead on the lead but Yuhas starts to move up on the outside heading into turn three. Suddenly Gada’s car snaps around and into the wall as his tire flies off and rolls down the front stretch. We haven’t completed a lap yet, and caution #6 is out.
   Yuhas jumps to the point on the restart followed by Pearl, Paul and Chadwick. Chadwick quickly works his way to second with Paul third and Pearl fourth. With 20 laps to go, Chadwick is on the bumper of Yuhas.
   Point leader, Keith Rocco, gets back to fifth, while Chadwick continues to try to find a way around Yuhas.
   With ten laps to go Chadwick finally gets past Yuhas for the lead. With seven laps to go, Joe Gada spins coming off turn four. Luckily, he did not hit anything and the field was able to get by him as well.
   Chadwith leads the field to the green and quickly pulls ahead of Yuhas in second. Jeff Paul is third with a battle between “Kid Roc” Rocco and Pearl for fourth and fifth.
   Rocco clears for fourth and is setting his sights on Paul for third. At the white flag Chadwick has opened up a big lead over Ron Yuhas, who will finish second with Paul holding off Rocco for the third spot. It took 40 minutes to run 35 laps.

NEMA Midgets

   This is the 80th appearance of the NEMA Midgets at the Waterford Speedbowl. Seventeen cars will take the green, led by the #2 of Lee Bundy. Heading into turn three on the first lap, the fireworks started early as three cars tangle in turn three and two more hit the wall in turn four. Victims include the #22 of Chris Leonard, the #7 of Adam Cantor, #29 of Jeff Abold, who won last week’s event, the #99 of Chris DeRitis and the #26 of Greg Stoehr.
   After a red flag for the clean-up, we get through the first lap of green led by the #45 of Russ Stoehr. The top three quickly pull away from the field – Stoehr, #47 Randy Cabral and #4 Nokie Fornoro (they practically re-built his car after his wreck in the heat race). The next yellow comes out after 9 laps for the disabled car of Mark Irving.
   The #9 of John Zych Jr. spins on the back stretch to bring out the next caution as Erica Santos brings her #44 to the infield with problems. Eleven cars will take the green on the restart. As they cross the starting line the #99 of Chris DeRitis gets loose, hitting the #2 of Lee Bundy sending him into the grass. Both continue and we try the re-start again.
   Stoehr is unstoppable as he flies to the lead again. However, Cabral continues to tail him and tries the pass, but can’t complete. Stoehr takes the win followed by Cabral, Fornoro and William Wall.

True Value Modified Series

   At 9:55 p.m. the field finally takes the green led by the #25 of Rowan Pennink. He’s followed by #10 Ed Dachenhausen, #12 Todd Annarummo and #0 Mike Holdridge.
   The #55 of Joe Doucette spins in turn 3 and gets tagged by the #13 of Steve Masse. Also involved were the #05 of Jacob Dore and #69 Jim Dolan. Doucette heads to the pits for tires and returns, as does Dore.
   Pennink and Dachenhausen lead the field back to the green. Pennink gets the jump but Dachenhausen gets past him on the next lap coming off turn three. The second caution comes out on lap six as #23 Mike Douglas Jr. spins to the infield. #76 Shelly Perry tries to head to the pits as the car is smoking.
   Dachenhausen takes the point on the restart with Pennink trailing. The #0 of Holdridge is third followed by Annarummo and #06 Les Hinckley. Mike Douglas Jr. in the #23 spins again to bring out another yellow just 14 laps into the race.
   The #41 of Karl Fredrickson as well as Douglas head to the pits. Dauchenhausen leads the start again with Pennink, Holdridge and Hinckley trailing. The #66 of Mike Stefanik is on the move and he takes fourth from Hinckley on the next lap.
   Lap 29 Hinckley moves to second and Stefanik is third. Pennink has dropped to fourth. Lap 42, the 13th place car of Jon McKennedy finally gets past Hinckley to take the position. Stefanik has moved to second and is tracking the leader.
   As the field takes the flags for the half-way mark, Andy Seuss and Jeff Pearl get together heading into turn one. Everyone is able to continue, and it will be an interesting restart.
McKennedy is up to eighth. Stefanik is running a car that has never been raced.
   Dachenhausen and Stefanik stay side-by-side battling for the lead for 3 laps until Stefanik clears him to take the point. Dachenhausen is second followed by Pennink and Hinckley.
   Stefanik continues to open up his lead, running away from the field. After Dachenhausen and Pennink, there is a big gap back to the rest of the field as well.
   The #12 of Todd Annarummo slows on lap 63 and heads to the infield. Lap 72 the #10 of Ed Dachenhausen slowed as he headed into turn one. It seems something broke on the car. That gives second to Pennink, followed by Holdridge and Horton.
   Heading into turn three of the re-start lap, Jarvis spun and hit the outside wall, while Jack Bateman spun to the infield. Therefore, the lap does not count. Stefanik leads them back to the green.
   Mike Douglas spins once again in turn three, bringing out another caution on lap 73. The #06 of Hinckley is sent to the rear for contact with Douglas.
   Stefanik gets the jump to the front but the starter calls it back. He again gets by on the start and clears Pennink for the lead. But it doesn’t last as another spin out brings the yellow back out on the next lap.
   Great re-start with Stefanik getting back to the front. Holdridge gets into the side of McKennedy who did a great job not to wreck coming down the front stretch.
   Holdridge in the #0 cuts a tire on lap 77, hitting the wall in turn one. He collects the cars of Hinckley and Masse as well as Seuss. The red flag is shown as this will be another lengthy clean up. This is the ninth caution of the night.
   Here we go green again – it’s 11:07 p.m. Stefanik leads Pennink, Horton and Pasteryak. It will be a single file restart. Pasteryak almost loses it going into one, but hangs on to run side-by-side with Horton. Stefanik stays in front. Pasteryak clears for third with 17 laps to go and there’s lots of action back in the pack.
   The #70 of Andy Seuss spins in turn three on lap 88, but is able to keep going. Ten to go, Stefanik is seven car lengths ahead of Pennink.
   A lapped car slows Stefanik and Pennink gets by on lap 94. Stefanik is slowing and heads to the infield on lap 97. It turns out his engine did blow up.
   Pennink gets the win, followed by Pasteryak, Horton and Goodenough. Pennink is the 8th different winner at Waterford. This is Pennink’s first victory on the TVMS.
   They are trying to hurry victory lane along to get the Super Modifieds out before the midnight curfew for their 50-lap event.
   Pennink said, “My car was tight all night, but as the right rear started to wear, it came in better.” When asked if he thought he had enough car to beat Stefanik, he stated, “I thought we were gaining on him and would have a shot at him, but he started smoking and puffing smoke, so I laid back so in case he blew up, I wouldn’t run into the back of him.”
   He continued, “The cautions were frustrating. I wanted to get some green flag laps going. We also waited in the cars for a while waiting for the last race to finish.”

ISMA Super Modifieds

   The big question is how much of the race will we be able to run? There is a midnight curfew at the track, however, if the race is green before midnight, it can run till a cautio or green flag comes out. It’s a 50-lap feature and we’re going green at 11:35 p.m.
   The #38 of Ed Witkum Jr. will lead the field to the green. These guys are loud, powerful, and FAST! In a heat race, Dave Shulick was clocked at 12.2 seconds for 110.5 mph!!
   The #41 of Mike Ordway takes the point after two laps, followed by Lou Cicconi, Witkum and Jamie Timmons.
   The first yellow comes on lap 6 as the #24 hits the wall in turn three. The leaders are Ordway, Cicconi, Witkum and Timmons.
   We go back to green at 11:43 – single file restart, but there is plenty of side-by-side racing as they cross the stripe.
   Ordway continues to pace the field with Cicconi just behind. They have opened up a big lead on the rest of the field by lap 19.
   It the half, it’s still Ordway, Cicconi and Witkum. #9 Danny Lane has moved up to fourth. Lap 27, two cars gets sideways off turn three and skate through the grass – both are able to continue, but the caution does fly.
   Ordway leads the pack to green, but quickly the yellow is out as Witkum gets together with the #05 of Jeff Abold and loses a wheel as he hits the turn three wall. Abold end up in the grass. That’s the second wheel we’ve seen flying during “Wings & Wheels” night – will we see a “wing” flying before the end of the night?
   As the pack takes the green the #02 of Brandon Bellinger spins between laps one and two, bringing the yellow back out. No laps were completed. The two leaders pull away again, and Dave McKnight in the #94 moves to fourth.
   Lap 32 the #71 slows and brings out the yellow for a very quick caution. They managed to restart at 11:59. Ordway and Cicconi pull away again, with Lane and McKnight 3rd and 4th. The #44 of Bobby Haynes Jr. is fifth.
   Ten laps to go Cicconi is trying every trick in his bag to get by Ordway. He gets alongside Ordway and with six to go they catch a lapped car forcing Ordway to back off or wreck. A car spins in turn two bringing out the yellow and forcing the checkers to be shown as well with three laps to go. “Liquid” Lou Cicconi takes the win followed by Mike Ordway Jr., Danny Lane, and Dave McKnight, who if vying for Rookie of the Year.
   This is Cicconi’s third win at Waterford. He also won this even last year. He said he likes the tight tracks – “it’s like a chess match. Sometimes I was so close to the wall I don’t know how I didn’t hit it.”

SourceHazel Meredith
Posted: August 16, 2009


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