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   Mike Leaty took over the lead in the Race of Champions 75-lap qualifier on lap 57 and cruised home with the Tour Type Modified victory.
   In NASCAR Weekly Modified racing an accident at the start forced officials to postpone the race until next week due to the lateness of the hour. As the cars exited the second turn, pole sitter, Andy Lewis, looped in front of the entire field. His brother Daryl Jr. hopped a wheel and was sent flying trough the air coming to rest backwards in the outside lane on the backstretch. Also collected in the accident was Kevin Timmerman. The 35-lapper will be the first race on this coming Friday’s calendar.
   The Street Stocks, Auto Value 4-Cylinders and Super Sixes raced features-only on the night due to the packed schedule of events. Ed die Hawkins picked up his fourth Auto Value Four-cylinder Scorpion win. Jim Steffenhagen Jr. remains unbeaten, winning his fifth straight Street Stock feature of the year. In Super Six action it was Skip Powers taking his first win of the year.
   The Lakeside Racing News NORA Supermodifieds were also on hand with. Fulton ’s Doug Gravel taking the 25-lap victory
   Thirty-five RoC Modifieds were on hand for their first appearance of the year. Twenty-six cars took the green for the 75-lap main event. Jim Storace took the early lead. On lap 25 he was passed on the outside by Rusty Smith. Smith passed up the opportunity to pit, with most of the rest of the field on lap35. Smith lost the lead to Mike Leaty on lap 57 and fell back through the field. Leaty would go on to win at his home track picking up Spencer win number 13, tying him with NASCAR great Jerry Cook at 13 Spencer victories each.
   More on the RoC Race can be found in J.R. Kennerup’s write up. The RoC Modifieds return to Spencer Speedway on August 14 to run a 100-lapper. Many of these cars and stars will also be competing in the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour race at Spencer on Saturday, July 11.
   The 20-lap Street Stock feature saw Jim Steffenhagen Jr. charge into the lead as the field exited the fourth turn on the first lap. Steffenhagen never looked back. Phil Alhart Jr. broke free from a battle for second on lap two and started the process of running down Steffenhagen. However the laps ran out and Steffenhagen Jr. won his fifth feature of the year. The 20-lap race went green-to-checkered.
   “We were really hooked up tonight,” stated Steffenhagen Jr. Not only had the track been treated earlier to make it tackier, but the rubber laid down by the RoC Modifieds helped also.
   The Super Six feature would also go green-to-checkers. Outside pole sitter Peter Cowell led the first two laps before losing out to Joe Bailey. Bailey moved low exiting the fourth turn and passed Cowell for the lead. Patti Davenport followed suit setting up a three wide battle for the lead on lap six involving Davenport , Bailey and Skip Powers. Bailey had the advantage of the low line and remained in first. It only took Powers one more lap before he passed Bailey and shoot out to a five car advantage.
   On lap 11 Davenport slid off the backstretch and through the wet infield grass coming to rest near the entrance to the third turn. She returned to the race one lap down to the leaders and exited into the pits a lap later.
   Powers would stretch his lead to nearly a full straight away taking the checkers. Keith Butler Jr., Craig Butler, Bailey and Ryan Hillegeer rounded out the top five finishers.
   “I was lucky tonight”, stated Powers. “We got into the lead early and built up a cushion. I knew Keith (Butler Jr.) was coming but he had a long way to catch me.”
   The Four Cylinder Scorpion feature was the feature event on the track. Ed die Hawkins started last, but it only took him three laps before he grabbed the lead from Chris Priest, who drifted high in the fourth turn, thus allowing the pass.
   Last week’s winner Bill Verwys broke free and started to chase down Hawkins but only closed the gap slightly on Hawkin’s five car advantage. At the wire it was Hawkins followed by Verwys, Bro Bradshaw, Otis Bradshaw and Alison Knoepfler.
   “The rubber put down by all of those modifieds here tonight made my car really stick tonight,” commented Hawkins.
   The Lakeside Racing News NORA Supermodifieds were on hand with fifteen cars. Tim Barbeau took the early lead followed by Dave Gruel and Rob Pullen. Barbeau started to pull out a slight lead, but drifted high in the fourth turn on lap seven. Gruel used that error to dip low and run side-by-side with Barbeau. Gruel was able to inch his way into the lead.
   The running order would remain much the same for the next ten circuits of the 25-lap feature run. On lap 18, the yellow flew when Dave Danzer and Jay Andrews flew off the third turn. Both were able to continue at the back of the field.
   The restart saw Dave Cliff pass Barbeau for second. Rob Pullen followed Cliff through the hole, pushing Barbeau back to fourth. The yellow flew for a second time on lap 21 when Chris Lupa looped his number 46 around exiting the second turn.
   The final four circuits saw Gruel stretch out his lead over Cliff to take the victory. Cliff came home second followed by Pullen, Jason Simmons and Barry Kingsley.
   The Lakeside Racing News NORTA cars return to Spencer on July 17.
   This coming Friday will be King’s Auto Service & Sales Night featuring the Kids’ Bicycle races, starting at 7 p.m. Kids must have a helmet to compete. They will be broken down into age groups before the races. Registration for the Bike races takes place at 6:45 p.m.
   On the track will be the NASCAR Weekly Modified make-up 35-lap feature to start the action. It will be followed by a complete program of NASCAR Weekly Modifieds, Street Stocks, Auto Value Scorpions and Super Sixes. The Street Stocks will be running for double points. Added to the event are the MidState Vintage Cars. Race time starts at 7:30 p.m. sharp.
   Spencer Speedway is located just fifteen minutes east of Rochester , NY , along Route 104 in the Town of Williamson . Spencer Speedway is the local “ NASCAR Place to Race” for upstate New York . Points earned each week at Spencer are counted into the national NASCAR Whelen All-American Series championship.


FEATURE (15-laps):
EDDIE HAWKINS, Bill Verwys, Bro Bradshaw, Otis Bradshaw, Alison Knoepfler, Mike Bradshaw, Russell Peets, Kevin Bertolone, Ryan Brown, Chris Priest, Beth Dennie, Bill Mullin, Dale Lazzaro.

FEATURE (20-laps):
SKIP POWERS, Keith Butler Jr., Craig Butler, Joe Bailey, Ryan Hillegeer, Peter Cowell, Keith Butler Sr., Van Grant, Phil Conklin, Patti Davenport, Denny Coyle, Rick Wilson.

FEATURE (20-laps):
JIM STEFFENHAGEN JR., Phil Alhart Jr., Mitchell Wright, Kris Hillegeer, Brian Hermanski

J. Simmons, D.Gruel, T. Barbeau, D. Danzer, B. Kingsley
HEAT 2: D. Cliff, R. Pullen, J. Andrews, J. Patrick, D. Rupert.
FEATURE (25-laps): DAVE GRUEL, Dave Cliff, Rob Pullen, Jason Simmons, Barry Kingsley, Tim Barbeau, Mike Bond, Dave Danzer, Jack Patrick, Jay Andrews, Dennis Richmond, Mark Castiglia, Chris Lupa, Dennis Rupert, Steve Abt.

HEAT 1: R. Beeman, A. Jankowiak, B. Catalano, C. Finocchario, M. Lees.
HEAT 2: D. Lewis Jr., A. Catalano, A. Lewis, K. Timmerman, Fred Taylor.
HEAT 3: T. Hanbury, R. Kluth, W. Hebing, E. Stritzel, M. Cline.
FEATURE – CURFEW DELAYED TO 6/26 The Original lineup was : Andy Lewis, Eric h Stritzel, Daryl Lewis Jr., Ricky Kluth, Chris Finocchario, Kevin Timmerman, Ryan Beeman, Tony Hanbury, Andy Jankowiak, Amy Catalano, Bill Hebing, Buck Catalano, Matt Lees, Fred Taylor, Mark Cline, Krieg Heroth, Toad Bradshaw, Paul Jeffers, Dan Scott.

HEAT 1: Pete Brittian
HEAT 2: Mike Leaty
HEAT 3: Daren Scherer
HEAT 4: Bill Putney
CONSI: Chris Whitenight
FEATURE (75-laps): MIKE LEATY, Chuck Hossfeld, Eric k Rudolph, Matt Hirschman, Jim Storace, Billy Putney, Jan Leaty, Eric Beers, Earl Paules, Rusty Smith, Jimmy Zacharias, Pete Brittian, Doug Reaume, Daren Scherer, Tim McMullen, Brian DeFebo, Danny Knoll Jr., T.J. Potrzebowski, Rick Kluth, George Kent, Mark Tychoniewicz, John Markovic, Kyle Ebersole, Wilbur Hebing, Chris Whitenight, Dave Silvernail.

SourceGary Spaid / Spencer Speedway
Posted: June 20, 2009


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