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Only Thunder Was On The Track With The Modifieds At Seekonk Speedway
by Denise DuPont

   It is another month and another win at Seekonk Speedway for Chris Pasteryak, this time driving the Pasteryak family’s #15 modified. It has only been a little over a month since the young driver won the fifth annual Seekonk Open Wheel Wednesday Modified Madness event which netted the Darling #52 race team a $10,000 purse. This TVMRS win will move Pasteryak, the 2008 series champion, up into the top five in series points.
   “Seekonk is fun,” said Chris Pasteryak after Victory Lane ceremonies. “I love this place. It is nice to be back racing at a track on Saturday night and just having fun racing. We finally had another good run with my car.” The #15 car has been plagued with issues and an inconsistent car all year long. “I think that we finally got it sorted out. We will see how it is a Thompson, but I think that we are on to something with it though. It was a good night. It was nice.”
   On lap 45, Pasteryak inherited the lead after his uncle, Carl Pasteryak, spun while leading the front of the pack into turn one. Once he had the lead, Pasteryak had to hold off several hard charging moves from veteran driver Les Hinckley. Hinckley tried the outside groove while Pasteryak protected the bottom of the track but he just could not make the move stick long enough for a pass. “Les was much better than I was on the long runs. I guarantee that if that last caution had not happen than he probably would have got me with ten to go. I was better that he was on the re-starts so it was about fifty-fifty. The race played into my hands with the short runs and sometimes you have got to be lucky too.”
   Les Hinckley who has had his unfair share of bad luck this year came to Seekonk to try to repeat what he did in 2007 and win the summer time TVMRS race. But in the end he came up one spot short of a win. “It was good racing. It was fun racing with the leaders again. It has been over due. We have been struggling to run up front again.”
   Hinckley took the pristinely prepared #06 car to the front fast as he charged forward for the win. For several laps he tried the outside of the track to get around Pasteryak but he always seemed one lap short. On the last lap he gave it his all and doing it almost lost control of the car on the last lap. “I hung the car out there wide getting in and trying to cross over Chris and Rowan saw and opening there and he (Rowan Pennink) stuck it in there.”
   When Pennink brought his car down to make the move for the second spot at the end of the race, Hinckley got squirrelly and almost spun the car around. “I do not know how far up he was but I did not think he was very far up. He says he was a little further up then I think that he was. I will have to see the tape.”
   As far as the potential race end incident itself, Hinckley was not overly upset. “I do not know exactly what to say about that, but it was hard racing and it is what it is. Rowan is a decent kid and is good racer. I am not happy about potentially having been wrecked going for the white lap again but I know that his intentions were not bad. It is just racing. It is what it is.” Hinckley held on to his car in the end and made it across the finish line a little sideways but second was his.
   Rowan Pennink started the race from the back of the race qualifiers after chalking up his first ever TVMRS win at Waterford Speedbowl last week. “We had an awesome car to come up through the field like that after starting at the back of the pack.”
   At the end of the Seekonk event, he made a charge when he saw an opening. “Down there (fourth turn) Hinckley was trying to pass Pasteryak and he was not going to get him on the last lap there. I drove all the way underneath him and got along side of him and I do not know if he just decided to come down or if his spotter did not tell him but he came down on me and got all sideways. He almost wrecked.”
   But in the end he backed the car off as he maneuvered to prevent an accident to the front runners. “I had to back out of it so he would not spin out. If he had spun out they would have put me to the back no matter if it was my fault or not. It was just racing hard I was just trying for second there on the last lap I do not know maybe he just wanted to come down on me there.” It was not a win but a solid podium finish for the #25 race team. “I have to thank Gary Casella and the #25 crew and Brian for an awesome job spotting.”
   Mike Holdridge and the #0 team had a great run at Seekonk. The team started the race in sixth and made a charge to the front settling in for a run in third. He maintained the third spot for most of the night until Rowan Pennink passed him to take his podium finish away from him in the last ten laps. Holdridge’s efforts were rewarded with a fourth place finish.
   Young Steve Masse came from the back of the pack and passed veteran Dwight Javis to claim fifth spot at the end of the race. The car did not qualify well but sure did dial in as Masse was able to move through the field towards the front as the race progressed. “First of all I have to thank my crew,” said Masse after the race.
   The #13 car of Masse was severely damaged last week at Waterford and the crew had to work hard to prepare it for this week’s race. “We did not get the car back until Thursday afternoon and we worked non-stop on it without them there was no possible way we were making it here. We had a bare frame on Thursday and we put every hour that we had into the car. We got our own wheels and we did the setup this morning. It paid off. We had a great run.”
   The TVMRS will head to the 5/8ths mile, high-banks of Thompson Speedway for the “Town Fair Tire 75” event, Thursday, August 27th. Racing action is planned to start at 6:00 PM

Race Notes From Seekonk Speedway

Chris Pasteryak
   How did it feel to be back on a flat track after racing the high banks of Bristol?
   “It felt really, really flat this time”.

   Next race for the #15 Pasteryak race team:
   “We will be taking this car to Thompson on Thursday night and it is in one piece which is even better”.

Les Hinckley
   Was Les Hinckley frustrated with his second place finish?
   “Chris used up a lot of the race track and as the leader that is what he should have done. He did a good job doing exactly what he did. Exactly what he did is exactly what I would have done. He made it difficult for the second place guy to get to where I needed to be. He did that so everybody wanted to know if he ran me around or did something wrong. As the leader at that point of the race he did what he needed to do. I have done it and it is not dirty pool it is good hard clean racing. I know if I had got a full wheel up on him he would have given me that lane, I am confident on that. But with the lane that he was running it made it very difficult for me to do that. That is what is racing for the lead with ten or fifteen to go. You have to expect that”

   Les Hinckley did a good job of saving the car on last lap.
   “I hung the car out there wide getting in and trying to cross over Chris and Rowan saw and opening there and he (Pennink) stuck it in there”

Rowan Pennink
   Do you feel you have made your stride in this series? Pennink has been moving up event week and is finally making it to the front of the pack every week.
   “We definite have put some good runs in a row together. We should have had more at the beginning of the year. We had some bad luck and we did not end up with the finishes that we wanted to at the beginning of the year and they are now finally starting to come.”

Steve Masse
   The Masse team has been struggling since their win at ThunderRoad?
   “It has been a grind and you just have to keep that feeling inside when you get a win. And you need to know how that feeling is. It is one of the greatest feelings to get a win. You just have to keep chugging along just to get that feeling back. And you can get it and I know I can get it.”

   Where will the Masse Team head for racing next?
   “The car has been going good. We do not really change too much from track to track. I like Thompson. We will see what Thompson can do for me.”

Jon McKennedy
   Point leader, Jon McKennedy started the Seekonk race on the pole but soon had time handling the car and running with the leaders.
   “We just over adjusted for the race. All day today we were good and for the race I made my usual adjustments and the car just never came to me. It was way too tight. I turned the wheel left and the car just wanted to keep going straight. At the end there we decided to come into the pit and make some adjustment. Because we were falling pretty fast, we were way back in tenth. We should have stayed out. We ended up coming in and the car was a lot better but we got caught up in a wreck and we ended up twelfth and we got a wrecked car. So we should have stayed out. There is nothing you can do.”

   Last week TVMRS Tech Officials pulled the MSD box of the #73 team? Did that effect the car if any?
   “It did not affect the car at all. There were a lot of complaints from drivers in this division. They basically thought that we had traction control so before the heat race they said that they wanted my MSD box. And they were going to give me an MSD box off the parts truck. I said fine. They said they were going to send it out and get it tested. I hope that they do. When that box comes back fine, I said that they better make sure that they announce that at the driver’s meeting. There is certainly nothing with that box. It is just a big waste of time, but the tech guys have to do their job. They had to do it because everyone was complaining and I cannot wait until it comes back. They are all going to be shocked. It is the same part as you buy off the truck.”

Mike Douglas, Jr.
   It was a tough night for young Mike Douglas, Jr. Every time he had a good run going he spun and had to go to the rear of the pack. Did he have assistance?
   “The first time Jack put me up in the fence as plain as day. I do not know how far up you have to be on him before he can see you.”
   “The second time Dave Berghman and I talked. It was just a racing deal.”
   “There is a lot of wide area here at Seekonk . Sometimes you can think when someone is up so high that you have more room than what you do. It was just a racing deal and the same thing with the #76 car. We were just both going for the same piece of real estate. There is just not enough here. “

Source: Denise DuPont / The Chrome Horn
Posted: August 23, 2009


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