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by Rev. Don Rivers

   Going places is a way of life especially for those who race. Where have you gone recently? What trips have you made? Did you go because you wanted to or because you needed to? Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

   Travel is a part of the world we live in. We travel from here to there at a moments notice. We think nothing of getting up and driving someplace. Isnít it great to have that freedom?

   This past weekend the snow prevented my Brother-in-lawís family from flying to Miami to catch a cruise. No problem, they rented a car and drove. It was that or lose the cost of the cruise. I can tell you he was motivated to get there.

   That brings up an interesting scenario, what motivates us to go places? Generally it is a race, right? We are in Florida for a race, actually several. There are many options here for racers and race fans, so we travel to Daytona in February. What would happen if we let our travel plans be directed by God? Where would we go then?

   We have been studying passages that talk about meeting Jesus face to face. We have been talking about the changes that are possible, and probable, in your life when you come face to face with the living God. Those that know Jesus are the face of Jesus to the world. That means we are the ones people need to come face to face with. We then must go to the places Jesus would.

   When we start to look at things through those eyes we start to realize our motive. We should go to places with the desire to meet people face to face and show them that Jesus cares for them. We stop being motivated to please ourselves and start letting Christ guide our lives. Jesus did the same and taught the disciples those lessons.

   One of the most revealing face to face encounters that Jesus had was with the woman at the well. We will spend a few weeks exploring that passage. This week we will look at one small verse that sets the tone for where we go.

John 4:4, Now he had to go through Samaria.

   Jesus found it necessary; he had to go through Samaria. Samaria was like a bad neighborhood, Jewish people didnít go there because they didnít like the people there. Jews believed that the people that lived there had corrupted their faith by intermarrying. They avoided the area by crossing the Jordan, traveling up the other side and then crossing back over when they reached their destination. Crossing the river was not without risk, but they would rather take the risk then go through Samaria.

   Jesus set a different tone; He had to go through Samaria. What does that mean for us? Do we go where we are comfortable and safe? Do we avoid those places where people are different than us? Do we reach out to those who need to know Christ or do we only reach out to those we are comfortable with?

   We have to go through Samaria. We have to follow Godís lead and go to the places that maybe we wouldnít think to go, where people need to know Jesus and the love and care Jesus has for them. I challenge you to pray this week and ask God where your Samaria is. Ask God to direct your travel. Ask God to give you the faith, strength and courage to go through Samaria.


   FLORIDA GREETS US WITH A COLD BITE - Fun in the sun is great except when the heat doesnít come along with it. Everyone I talked with shared how uncommon the cold weather has been lately. So cold in fact that it snowed in Florida. I wonder if they are going to let me come back? I think we will make the trip back and hope for warmer weather.

   NEW SMYRNA HAS DIFFICULT WEATHER WEEK - With rain and cold playing havoc with the schedule the folks at NSS did their best to keep things moving. I rolled in on Wednesday for the John Blewett Memorial and closed the week out with the Richie Evans Memorial on Saturday night. Saturdayís race reminded me of why I like Modified racing, flat out flying. It was great to meet up with some old friends and make some new ones.

   Jason Rosarius is a young driver who is looking ahead for big things. Jason is also a Christian and has made the choice to include Jesus as part of his racing. He carries the Racing with Jesus Ministries logo and will help spread the word in the Florida area. We are trying to put a race night together for later in the season to support the work we do. Pray that things would work out and we would be able to put things together.

   Ran into Madhouse TV star Chris Fleming and had a good discussion about the show and his roll. He was thankful for the show as it extended his racing career however long it runs. He shared how he canít wait for his sonís racing career to take off and if the show ends then he will step aside and concentrate on his sonís career.

   Also got to be a fly on the wall as Jack Bateman and Bear discussed some of the creative engine building techniques that were being tested during the week. Some of those engines building techniques will get you in hot water. Not a bad place to be in the cold, but it did lead to someone being DQís. It will be interesting to see what becomes of them.

   We do need to continue to lift up Charlie Pasteryak. He was doing his best not to focus on his upcoming treatment and surgery. He shared that driving was taking his mind off it. I am sure the ride home will give too much time to think, pray that God would give him the peace, strength and courage he needs to get through this.

   DAYTONA - As I mentioned before this was my first visit to the World Center for Speedway Racing and it didnít disappoint. First we drove around the facility to get a feel of the shear size. Then I entered through the turn four tunnel and as I emerged I was awe struck. Here I was in the middle of a track I had been watching racing on television for years. It took a while for it to set in. I took in the twin 125ís and Sundayís 500.

   I thought it was ironic that pot hole repair would interrupt a race in Florida. I was quite sure they didnít have those problems down south, but with the weather we have been having lately anything is possible.

   It was an awesome feeling standing a few short yards away from the cars as they came by glued to the banking. Larger than life! I will always remember my first visit fondly.

   We will head home on Monday morning and get back into some sort of schedule. It will be nice when the racing season begins, I may get more time at home.

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Jesus is Lord over Auto Racing. GOD BLESS.

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Numbers 6:24-26 "The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace."

   May God always Bless you, everyday in everyway. Rev. Don



February 18
NED & MARTHA JARRETT - The former NNC champion and wife; proud parents of TV's Glen and WNNC Dale, share their 53rd anniversary.

February 20
MARK & DALE THOMAS - The Publisher of Maine based "The Racin' Paper" and wife share their 10th anniversary.
JOE & ARLEEN SUKUP - This Schodack Landing, NY retired Midget owner and wife make it 43 years.

February 21
RYAN & LORA MARKHAM - This Wayne County Speedway based, Ashalnd, Ohio Late Model driver and wife celebrate their 11th anniversary.


February 17
TRACY MARCIEL MANION - Wife of crew chief and 7NY modified Kevin "Bono" Manion now living in NC.
DEVIN PEREZ - The grandson of LongislandMotorsports.com Publisher/ Editor and Raceway Media magazine columnist, Mike and wife Lori is 7.
SHELLEY GAHAN - Daughter of NH LM/NASCAR KNPSE driver Bobby and wife Carol.
JUDY KRAMER - Riverhead, NY Rusty Wallace fan.

February 18
JIMMY KITE - Effingham, IL born, now Stockbridge, GA IRL driver.
PHILLIP DOWNS - Retired Riverhead Modified team owner.

February 19
- Clarksville, TN NNS/ARCA driver.
JOHN PAUL, JR. - Muncie, IN born, now West Palm Beach, CA IRL driver.
JOAN MICHEL - Mom of Wall Township Speedway top Modified driver Dave and wife of former Wall Mod champion Tom.

February 20
- St. Augustine, FL NASCAR Truck Series driver.
MIKE MATTHEWS - NJ asphalt Mod driver.
ARLEEN MILLER - Camp Hill, PA Susky fan; Ron's wife.

February 21
- Las Vegas, NV NASCAR West driver.
RICHARD JORDAN - Of long-time Kelly Moore NASCAR KNPSE sponsor, Jordan Lumber.
REBECCA RESNER - Daughter of Long Island LM team owner, Richie and wife Melissa.

February 22
- Oregon semi-retired NNS/NASCAR Truck driver.
PHIL COOK - Hickory,NC Speedway driver.
PEGGY KARBONIC - Wife of Newington, CT Modified driver Bob, forever young.
JONATHAN JORDAN - Of Kelly Moore NASCAR CWES sponsor Jordan Lumber.
FRANK CANNEY - Meriden, CT photographer.
AJ PAPALE - Son of CT based Mod/ProStock driver/crew cheif Tony and wife Jodi is 14.

February 23
- Greensville, SC NNS driver.
STEVE SEABURG - New Britain, CT retired Mod driver.
JIMMY STRUPP - Former Long Islander, now based in Charlotte, NC.
TRACY YOUNG - Canterbury, CT wife of former LM driver Ronnie.
TIMOTHY ZYLA - Son of Shamokin, PA Editor Greg is 20


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Posted: February 19, 2010

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