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by Rev. Don Rivers

   Have you ever wanted to have the final word? Have you ever wanted to be the one who makes the decision after hearing all that others have to say? I am sure at times it would be a welcome task and at other times it would be a difficult task. Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

   Who has the final word when you are trying to figure out how to set up a race car? I think the man who turns the wrench ultimately decides. The driver has input, the crew chief has the decision to make, but ultimately the guy that sets the tire pressure, the guy that adjusts the chassis or shock has the final say. He actually does it.

   I have had times when I had the last word, it comes with any leadership position, when all is said and done the leader has the final word. The leader has to decide what was said that was significant. They have to set a direction. Having the final word is one thing, but what happens if no one follows your instructions?

   Do we need to realize the significance of final words? In court there is a thing called a death bed confession that is taken as absolute truth. Why? The person has nothing to lose, they are dying. No need to hide things or keep secrets. It is a good time to clear all the burdens you have been carrying your whole life.

   Most times we donít know what our last words will be; we donít know the last time we will talk with someone. I have helped people through it many times, when someone is getting close to death. There is a mental checklist they go through and when they complete the list it is time to go home.

   When my Grandmother was close I asked about her last comments. My Uncle shared them with me. I noticed that everything was in place and instructed my uncle to say goodbye to her for the last time, her list was complete. He wasnít sure how I knew but he took my direction, he hugged her, said he loved her and said goodbye. That night she went home.

   Last words are significant, especially when you know they are your last words. Christ hung on the cross and knew the time had come to finish what he came to earth for. He shared with us seven things from the cross. Knowing that these were the last things he would say we need to explore them and see what he was teaching us.

   Over the next few weeks I would like to talk about Christís final words from the cross. If you knew, like Christ knew, these were the final seven things you would say, what would you say? What would you share?

   Our true nature is revealed when we are at the end of our life and we speak our final words. The things we say let people know what is in our heart, what we truly think and how we feel about certain things. When we speak our last words we only talk about what is important to us, no time for small talk.

   I cannot paint the entire scene for you here, it would take up too much space. There are a couple of things you can do to help yourself understand the condition and position Christ was in when he spoke these words. First, if you have the opportunity watch the movie ďThe passion of the ChristĒ that Mel Gibson produced. It is graphic, but it is accurate. It will help you understand how far Christ was willing to go to save us from our sin.

   Second, read the Gospel accounts of the events leading up to the crucifixion; Matthew 26-27, Mark 14-15; Luke 2-23, John 18-19. They will give you several accounts of how the events leading up to the crucifixion are recorded for us in Scripture. They will help you know Christ and his walk to Golgotha, the place of the scull.

   These will set the scene for the final words of Christ. Significant in that they reveal the heart of the one who came to save us, the one who came to give his life for us, the one who came to show us how to serve God, the one who came.

   As we reflect on His final words think about how we speak to others. Think about the words we say. Think about the fact that the words we say may be the last words that we say to someone. Take the time and let people know how much you care for them.

Luke 23:32-34; Two other men, both criminals, were also led out with him to be executed.
When they came to the place called the Skull, there they crucified him, along with the criminals--one on his right,
the other on his left. Jesus said, "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing."
And they divided up his clothes by casting lots.


    LETíS PLAY TWO - On the same weekend that the baseball season started, and how bout those late inning heroics, SOBO took a page from the baseball playbook and scheduled two marquee races. The K&N Pro Series East and Whelen Southern Modified Tour were both in the house to strut their stuff.

   Because of the challenge of getting both of these races to the start line in mid afternoon the day had to start early, can you say 5:30am. I am pretty sure this is the first time many of the teenagers that run on the K&N Series had seen this early of a start time. I must admit though they were awake and paying attention at the 7:20 driverís meeting. The race showed that they had listened and changed their ways from the opening event at Greenville a week earlier.

   We had Chapel service right after the driverís meeting. As the sun rose over turn four we celebrated the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, a sunrise service of sorts. I do need to comment about having these races on Easter weekend. You know when you schedule a race the races are going to come and the support staff will be there also, but at what cost. I think there still should be some days and weekends that are special and should be set aside for things other than racing.

   The early start allowed for an early finish. That gave us the time we needed to get home and spend Easter with friends and family, a little tired, but home. I hope that everyone involved with the event was able to get home and be with their friends and family to enjoy such and important day.

   The weather was glorious and the racing was fantastic. When all was said and done two first timers headed to victory lane, Max Gresham on the K&N side and James Civali on the Whelen Southern Modified side.

   Max, a rookie, won the pole and the race but not without some side by side challenges. Cole Whitt wasnít able to get by, but he took home second place and the point lead. We talked with Cole about how he has been able to make the transition to the bigger heavier car; so far so good. He was intrigued by the modified though, once an open wheeler, always an open wheeler. I wouldnít be surprised to see him try one out, maybe at one of the companion races in Martinsville or New Hampshire.

   James won his first Whelen Southern Modified race. I talked with him about running both North and South and he was excited about it. He is having a great start to the season that started down in Florida. This could be the year he finally breaks through.

   All in all it was a good trip, quick but good. We had our favorite side kick along and we gave him a new nickname, K&M. Youíll have to ask Kenny what that means; he told me I couldnít say anything.

   ICEBREAKER ON TAP - This week we head to Thompson for the opener of the Whelen Modified Tour. Hopefully the weather will take its lead from this past weekend and we can look forward to some comfortable conditions. I talked with Burt Meyers and he is on his way north with TCís directions in hand. I guess that is all the help TC would give him. Burt shared those directions with me and TC had him going a little in out of his way. Burt wasnít taking TCís words as gospel though, he already had solicited other directions to Thompson. He is excited about running Thompson and finally getting to one of the tracks he has heard so much about. I am sure it will make for a good show, maybe even TV.

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   May God always Bless you, everyday in everyway. Rev. Don



April 7
HARRY & PEGGY SOLT - This NH based NASCAR KNPSE crewman and wife share their 37th anniversary.
RED & MARGIE RAYNOR - The former Long Island Freeport Speedway driver and wife from Deer Park, LI have their 41st.

April 8
DOC & CAROL LEHMAN - This Smithville, OH AARN and RPM columnist and wife have their 32nd wedding anniversary.
PAUL & HEATHER FRANTZ - This Mountain Speedway couple celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary.

April 10
DENNIS & DARLA SETZER - The Newton, NC CWTS driver and wife have their special day.
JOE & BRENDA RIOLO - This KNPSE driver and wife have their anniversary.

April 11
TONY & DEBBIE VECCHIO - This NASCAR KNPSE team owner couple from have their 23rd anniversary.

April 13
TED & BETH SEMINARA - The Brewster, NY, now in Mt. Holly, NC proprietor of TS Racing Photo and Sprint Cup "AARN" photographer and lively wife share their 19th anniversary.


April 7
LOY ALLEN, JR - former NSC driver.
VINNIE GREEN - Wall Township Speedway retired Modified driver.
WENDELL LEE MINTER - Ridgeway, VA host of the "Uncle Wendell's Gospel Music Show aired daily on Martinsville's WODY.
LISA ERM - New Jersey based former race official.
JOHN SZERENCITS - Whitehall, PA dad of AARN subscription salesman Don.
JOSEPH ROBERT COX - Rev. Pat's third-cousin son of Bob and Tracy Cox in Boyertown, PA is 13.

April 8
BILLY MIDDLETON - Germantown, NC Modified driver.
MARK GREEN- Owensboro, KY NNS driver; middle brother with David and Jeff.
JEFF CROWLEY- NH ProStock driver.
JOE LARSEN- Former Riverhead Raceway Chief Steward, now an official with NASCAR Touring Divisions.
TOMY MEMBRINO III- Son of Waterbury, CT ProStock driver Tony is 20.

April 9
DALE SHAW - Center Conway, NH, father of DJ Shaw KNPSE driver, a former driver himself.
ROGER HILL - Westfield, NC NASCAR WMT Hillbilly Racing Team owner.
BOBBY RUSS WOOD - Richmond, MO All Pro Series driver.
JOHN "PEACH FUZZ" JONES - This fan and son of Fuzzy Pete and Ro from Shirley, NY turns 13.

April 10
KASEY KAHNE - Enumclaw, WA NSC team driver of RPM Ford.
WARREN KUHLTHAU III - Wall Township Speedway Modified driver.
PAUL McELEARNEY - Riverhead LM driver from Commack, NY
SHIRLEY HIETALA - Enfield, CT mom of Mod driver Brad.
DEBORAH ZURAWSKI - Wife/car owner for husband Riverhead LM driver Robert.
BOBBY MENSCHNER - Son of wall Chaplain Bob Menschner.

April 11
MIKE EWANITSKO - North Babylon, NY WMT driver.
DON LaHUE - White Mountain Motorsports Park (VT) driver.
RUSSELL WOOD - Son of Pelham, MA ISMA SuperModified driver Russ and wife Lisa is 17.
ED D'HONDT, JR - Son of Long Island, now in Mooresville, NC, NSC Team Manager Ed, Sr.
KARSYN JARRETT - NSC's Dale and wife Kelley's youngest is 20.
AIMEE FERREE - A daughter of Pennsylvania Motor Speedway Big Block LM driver Ed and wife Gayle.

April 12
MIKE CALINOFF - Charlotte, NC writer/editor, Producer of STOCK CAR CITY at www.stockcarcity.com.
JIM HAILEY - Manager of the Richard Childress Show Car Teams out of Welcome, NC.
DAVE MICHEL - Wall Township Speedway star Modified driver.
TIM DWIGGINS - NC Modified driver.
BOB STRAIT - Mokena, IL ASA/ARCA driver.
TOMMY FOX - Plainfield, CT Former NASCAR WMT/NASCAR KNPSE driver and fabricator.
ELAINE FEBRIELLO - Wife of retired Waterbury, CT Modified team owner, Woody.
MARK FEBRIELLO - Elaine and Woody's son.

April 13
CHRIS AMAN - NC based, Interlaken NY Mod Series/NASCAR KNPSE driver.
MITCH GIBBS - Norwich, NY dirt Modified driver.
DARRYL CARL - Voorheesville, NY occasional NASCAR KNPSE driver.
JAY STUART - Preston, CT proprietor of JDM Chassis and accomplished LM driver.
KEITH WHITE - Higginsville, MO All Pro Series driver.
KEN DIPPEL - Upstate NY photographer.
MARK GEER, JR. - A son of former Waterford Mod Tech Inspector Mark and Office Manager wife Linda.
JEAN SMERIGLIO - Brookfield, CT wife of retired Danbury driver Dave.
DEAN DeBOIS - El Monte, CA dad of Pam Krause, wife of AARN's Ass't to the Editor, Earl.


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