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by Rev. Don Rivers

   We return to our discussion of the final words of Christ, I saved this message for this week as it refers to Mothers and their special place in our lives. None of us would be here without our mother. Good, Bad or indifferent matters not, we all have been given the gift of life through our mother. Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

   Let me ask you, what have you done for you mom lately? I don't mean one Sunday out of 52. I mean everyday. I realize some of us have estranged relationships with our mothers but we still need to recognize the fact that without them we wouldn't be here. Scripture instructs us early on to honor our parents.

Exodus 20:12, "Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.”

   This is the fifth of the Ten Commandments and comes with the promise of long life. Why do you think it matters so much? God instituted the family and it is the basic unit of society. Everything worth something is built on the foundation of family. Think of the racing family we have. We support one another. We help one another. We are sensitive to the needs of each other.
The same is true of our true family. God designed us in such a way that we need family support. We need a group of close people who know us better than we know ourselves sometimes. This is a necessary element to living a long and healthy life. When we maintain the family unit the way God designed it we begin to live in a way that honors God.

   Jesus knew this also and modeled it from the cross. He prayed for his enemies, he forgave and provided salvation for the criminal who acknowledged him and now he made provisions for his mother to be taken care if after his death.

John 19:25-27, Near the cross of Jesus stood his mother, his mother's sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary Magdalene. When Jesus saw his mother there, and the disciple whom he loved standing nearby, he said to his mother, "Dear woman, here is your son," and to the disciple, "Here is your mother." From that time on, this disciple took her into his home.

   Jesus demonstrated from the cross that God meant what he said. He showed us that even in the most trying times of our lives we need to respond in a way that honors God, Jesus did just that. Even in his own agony he was not focused on himself.

   Greg Laurie shares this with us; “At the foot of the cross was Jesus’ mother Mary, along with some other woman and the apostle John. Can you imagine the anguish Mary experienced seeing her son on the cross? For parents, and certainly mothers, it is exceptionally painful to watch their children suffer.”

   “Imagine Mary as she looked up at Jesus, hanging on the cross. He was beaten and marred, His body traumatized by the scourging. That was her son. His forehead she used to kiss when He was a boy was now lacerated with a crown of thorns. His hands she once held were now pierced and bloodied by spikes.”

   “Now as Mary looked up and witnessed her son Jesus hanging on the cross, I believe the sword pierced all the way through her soul. A new revelation probably came to Mary. Perhaps she realized, for the first time, That Jesus was not her child – but that she was His. Maybe for the first time Mary began to grasp the fact that this was not simply her firstborn son. He was God Almighty. It all came into focus for her.”

   We need to come to the same realization; Christ gave his life for us. He suffered and died for our sins. He rose from the grave victorious over death so that we would not have to fear death. He saved us.

   That day as He hung on the cross dying He had the presence of mind to honor his mother and make provision for her after His death. John, the disciple whom Jesus loved, accepted the responsibility of caring for Mary.

   How have we provided for our mother’s? How have we responded to the commandment of God to honor our parents? How have we responded to the cross and the sacrifice that was made for us? There are so many questions to answer, so many things to consider. I would ask you to follow God’s commandments and Jesus’ example; honor your mother. I would ask you to consider all that has been sacrificed for you so that you may have the opportunity to live; honor that sacrifice. I would also ask you to live in such a way that honors God as Jesus did..

Philippians 2:6-8, Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be grasped, but made himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness. And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself and became obedient to death-- even death on a cross!


   SPRING SIZZLES LIKE SUMMER - With the thermometer toping out in the 90’s this felt more like August than April, but wait it was May after all, right? Anyway after a brief respite the fantastic spring we have been enjoying returned in time to make the finish of Sizzler Weekend a sparkling one. TC brought home the honors with a no gas pit strategy, leaving some to wonder, where is he getting that gas mileage from? Maybe it is that little white Honda he drives? The irony was his SKMod was getting the exact opposite and he ran out of fuel during the feature. When I talked with him about it he just shook his head and said “it shouldn’t be using that much fuel.” Bobby Santos was unable to catch up to TC and came home second with Mike Stefanik, Rowan Pennink and Todd Szegedy rounded out the top five.

   With the rescheduled event I was not able to be there until 12:00, I made a commitment to speak at a Soap Box Derby up in Massachusetts. Do you know what was funny about that? One of the youngsters painted his car John Deere Green, just like the WMT director used to drive! You see there are still fans out there and they are raising up new ones everyday.

   It was really a four race weekend for me. Things got started Friday afternoon down at Waterford. I helped out my friend Bobby Seymour who was conducting a driving experience for those who want to know how it feels to drive midget cars. Waterford is a perfect track for the NEMA cars and it is a great place to learn. Be sure to check out Bobby’s site, www.theracedepot.com for the next driving experience.

   I then headed to Stafford for the extra distance Friday night show for the three undercard divisions. Something must have been in the water as the extra laps meant extra hard racing. The night was capped off by a hard fought SKLite feature that saw some awesome side by side racing.

   Saturday morning I was off to Northboro, MA, with some help from Bobby Seymour again, as he lent me one of his midgets to use, no not his son Matt, a car. I had planned on having a modified but they were all at Stafford for the Pit Party and those who weren’t were headed to Monadnock for the MRS event. The kids loved the midget car, it was just their size. They got their picture taken in it and had a chance to see a real race car up close.

   After that it was off to Stafford for the main event. It was a glorious day for racing and after the Tour got some laps under their belt, they put on a show. The end of the race saw some tight quartered racing and an exciting Green, White, Checkered finish.

   I thought about heading to Monadnock for the MRS show, but being a little travel weary I headed home instead. This week has some local action at Stafford and Waterford with Thompson getting underway next week. Do me a favor, remember your Mom this week. Have a great week.

   IMHO (In My Humble Opinion), comments from Bill Waugh

* Congratulations to some first time winners at Motordrome 4/23: Todd Price (NASCAR Subway Super Late Models), Scott Aiello (Napa Street Stocks), Kristen Etling (Pro Auto Supply Service Chargers), and Bill Schwartz (Coca Cola Super Compacts).

* Raced last Thursday night at Heisters HO Raceway in Reading, PA. It was good to be back in the area and even though I am not even close to competitive with the regulars, It was a fun time. Their regular season is during the off-season for tracks. They have managed to consistently provide an environment of close competitive racing with rules designed to keep things equal, cheap, and fun. Check out their website at patycoseries.com. Thanks to Tommy Heister and all the rest for the fun time.

* Bedford Speedway will hold a “Kids Night” this Friday. There will be kids car rides around the track and many other kid themed attractions. I think the kid rides will be at 6:15 but please check their website first. Friday will be race #1 in the Roaring Knob Shootout for Late models.

* From the Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex website: During the 2010 racing season Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex, Bedford Speedway, Dog Hollow Speedway and Elkins Speedway will be running a series of events (Shootouts) at the respective tracks as cross promotions between them for the benefit of the racers who participate and the race fans who will get to see new drivers race at their speedways. Participating drivers must run all the scheduled shootout events at the tracks on their respective dates to be eligible for the Shootout Money. I hope this idea flies since it might introduce new drivers to the respective tracks. Isn’t it novel to see promoters working together?

* Maybe there is dirt in the future for Revs. Don and Dan for some of us in RWJM, dirt is in our past, present, and future! Just wait until they have to get those dry clean only RWJM uniforms cleaned every week. I am glad I have my denim shirt that is machine washable to wear.

* As hard as it may be to those who formerly read my words in RPM…NA$CAR racing has been better this year. Now if they would just get rid of those spec bodies.

* It is refreshing to work with race promoters who admit when a race wasn’t exciting. It is also refreshing to know that they will do everything possible to make sure it won’t happen in the future.

* From the Motordrome website: (In the Pro Auto Supply Service Chargers), Zane Ferrell, who left his Senior Prom to compete in the feature only, placed fourth after starting eleventh, to the delight of his formally-dressed date in the grandstands. I know that Dawn loves me but this would have never happened to me!

* Congratulations to our daughter, Kristen, who will graduate Saturday from Edinboro State University with her Masters in Social Work degree. It is no exaggeration for us to say we are so proud of her. Now if any agency would just hire her!

* Once she figured out how to do it, Kristen Etling is making a habit out of winning the Chargers races at Motordrome..

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   May God always Bless you, everyday in everyway. Rev. Don



May 7
- Both are 270cc Micro-Sprint drivers at Borger's Speeday and Kutztown Fairgrounds
celebrate lap 5 together.

May 8
- From Long Island, this Rusty Wallace and Hut Stricklin fans have their 16th anniversary.
DR. CHRIS & CHERIE WIBBLESMAN - The eldest son of RWJM advisor Dick and wife Judy and wife celebrate their 15th.

May 9
ELI & CLAUDETTE GOLD - The popular race announcer and wife share their 32nd anniversary.
RUSS & LISA WOOD - The NH based ISMA SuperModified driver and wife share their 21st anniversary.


May 5
- No. Haverhill, MA retired NASCAR KNPSE/LM driver.
JEFF YANNETTA - Bridgewater, NJ Flemington Go-Kart driver.
SARA ELIZABETH SANTERRE - The daughter of KNPSES championship driver/Car Owner Andy and Sue Santerre is 7.

May 6
- NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour driver and former Champion.
MIKE COPE - Pinellas Park, FL Slim Jim NNS driver.
TAMMY JO KIRK - Dalton, GA NASCAR All-Pro Series/ CWTS driver.
MIKE CLAYTON - Crewman with Dave Michel No. 60 Wall township team and proprietor of McGraphics Graphics.
RENE DUGAS - Taftville, CT photographer.
STACEY KOHLER - Wife of Fleetwood, PA Micro Sprint driver Jason.

May 7
BENJI ROWE - Turner, ME NASCAR P/S driver.
DARLA SETZER - The wife of NASCAR CWTS/NNS driver Dennis.
DIANE BENNETT - Wife of Stamford, CT NASCAR KNPSE/CWTS driver Brad.
BILLY ROE - Indianapolis, IN born, now Gilbert, AZ IRL driver.
STEPHEN GRIMES - Burlington, NC LMSC driver.
JERRY LILLQUIST - From Canterbury, CT, this former Late Model driver is now residing on the beach just south of Myrtle Beach, SC.
JOHN ROSATI - Retired Modified/ProStock driver from Agawam, MA.
PAT BEEBE - Wife of Star Speedway NASCAR flagman Jim.
CRAIG HIETALLA - Brother of Enfield, CT NASCAR Modified driver Brad.
HENRIETTA KOSZELLA - Wife of Koszella Speed's Sonny and mom of Julie Stefanik, wife of NASCAR WMT/NASCAR KNPSE champ Mike.
MISSY LEDFORD - The daughter of LM driver Dave and AARN salesman at Lakeville Speedway, PA.

May 8
BOBBY LABONTE - Corpus Christi, TX NNC driver.
NATHAN BUTTKE - Randleman, NC NNS/LMSC driver.
BRAD CADDICK - North Kingston, RI NASCAR WMT crewman.
BARBARA KUHLMAN - The Ass't Scorer at Bridgeport Speedway and wife of AARN columnist Ken.
LOUIS OBERTO - Another son of Mahoning Valley Speedway area famous news writer and announcer.
RAY MILLER - Retired Modified driver and father of Sk driver Jay.

May 9
ED BRUNNHOELZL, JR. - NJ asphalt Modified driver.
TIM FEDEWA - Holt, MI Former NNS/CWTS driver.
GARY LLOYD - Efland, NC LMSC driver.
MIKE PORTER - Princeton, WV veteran LMSC driver.
MELISSA STUART - The daughter of Preston, CT proprietor of JDM Chassis/ LM driver Jay and wife Angelina is 13.

May 10
- From Thornwood, NY, KNPSE Pastor for Racing with Jesus Ministries and Vice President.
JOHN WALL, JR. - Brother of NASCAR KNPSE driver Bryan.
RON THIEL, JR. - Long Island NASCAR KNPSE driver turned Nextel Cup team fabricator.
LINDA HIETALA - Wife of Enfield, CT Reliable Welding Modified driver Brad.
TRAVIS PERRY - Son of Seekonk Speedway Sportsman driver Bill and Stacy is 16.

May 11
- Rehoboth, MA retired NASCAR National Modified champion and proud dad of NASCAR Modified/ProStock driver Dave Berghman.
JIM BEEBE - Star Speedway NASCAR flagman.
BEVERLY WEIDMAN - The owner of the NASCAR dirt Modified team driven by husband Gene at Big Diamond.
MICHAEL WIBBELSMAN - The youngest son of RWJM Advisor Dick and wife Judy in Gainesville, FL.


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