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by Rev. Don Rivers

   We had some technical difficulty last week and the column never made it to the AARN offices. It is floating around out there somewhere in cyberspace. If you find it let me know. If you would like to read it you can drop me a note and I’ll let you know where to find it. Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

   Well, you might imagine how disappointed I was when the column didn’t make it into the paper. I know there are so many folks that read it there every week. But I guess it is like not qualifying for the A main, it didn’t get there on time.

   I didn’t have much time to dwell on that this week as it was a short week for me; with the holiday on Monday and heading to Martinsville on Friday, I had other things to get done. I did feel though that I some how let God down.

   He let me know that I didn’t and He had plans for me and this ministry. Sometimes we forget that God always has opportunities for us. Even in my time of disappointment God was making plans to encourage me.

 I remember the Scripture;
Joshua 1:5, No one will be able to stand up against you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses,
so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you."

   As we drove to Martinsville things started to happen. At a rest stop a man approached me and introduced himself as a Christian Business owner and wanted to know about our ministry and how we were funded. I talked with him a while and gave him some information. I left that rest stop encouraged.

   A short time later my phone rang. I didn’t recognize the number but answered the call. The lady on the other end introduced herself and told me she had been following me for the last half hour. I must admit my thoughts went immediately to my driving and wondered if I did something wrong.

   She called because she wanted to talk about how the country singer she sings backup for could get involved with ministering to the racing community. She explained that she called her sister with the website that is on the trunk, her sister looked it up and relayed the number to her and she called me. Just as I picked up the phone I noticed another rest stop just two miles ahead of us. We pulled in and talked. Again I left another rest stop encouraged.

   When we arrived in Martinsville I checked my email and someone had commented through our website. The first words again made me wonder if I did something wrong, “ I saw your car on I-81 in PA…” The rest of the message set my mind at ease and again I was encouraged. It went something like this; my husband, an atheist, spotted your car and pointed it out to me. I am his wife and have been praying for his salvation. Thanks for planting the seed.

   You see even when you think you really screw up something God is right there to encourage you to keep going. I know it is important to have the column in the paper each week. God showed me this week everything we do is important. He prepared a way for me even though I was thinking about something else entirely.

   I want to encourage you this week to remember everything we do is being observed by someone. Make every effort to honor God in what you say and do.


   THIS JUST IN - ME - After a long day of Yellow Flags in both the WMT and K&N races we were able to get on the road home. I’ll share some thoughts with you next week but I did want to recognize some guys who took advantage of their opportunities. On the Whelen Modified side, Justin Bonsignore finished second in the biggest race of his young career and another young gun, Richie Pallai finished ninth. Both were thrilled to make it through the challenging 200+ laps.

   On the K&N side, Brett Moffitt made the most of the last restart to wrestle the lead from Ryan Truex, who had fought from the rear of the field to the front. With one circuit complete the yellow flew and then the rain fell. The race was called and Brett took home his third series win.

   After a short pitstop to cut the grass and water the plants it was off to Maine to spend some time with my wife on our 30th wedding anniversary. I was able to get there before the day was over and we enjoyed dinner with her folks.

   This week found us headed back to Thompson for a second try at running the first Tour Type Mod 40 lap Feature, but just received word of a postponement until June 24th as next week they have the Modified Racing Series visiting. Friday we are heading out to Stafford for the 37th Annual Coors Light SK Modified® 100. We have some potential help making a visit with us; pray that God would lead them in their decision to come on board. Saturday looks like a return trip to Seekonk for the MRS race, I haven’t been there since the last time the WMT ran there. I am sure the place hasn’t changed much.

   IMHO (In My Humble Opinion), some thoughts from Rev. Bill
   - I agree with Monte Dutton…David Pearson belongs in the Hall of Fame.
   - Bedford’s World of Outlaws Late model show was rained out so we will never know for sure if J.R. and the track crew got the surface right for the show. After the Lucas Race, J.R. was determined to never have that kind of surface again and the crew worked hard to make it so. I think that the promoters at Bedford are willing to listen to all and will do whatever it takes to make the races enjoyable for all. Just my “humble opinion.”
   - Bedford’s rainout gave me the opportunity to attend the drag races at Pittsburgh Raceway Park for the first of their 4days of racing Memorial Day weekend. They had two wheelstanders there along with fireworks. The show ended around one in the morning. But Mark Romeo, a member of our congregation won the $1000.00 to win “No Box” event. Yes my friends, $1000.00 to win! The purse increases each day.
   - Although if I have my preferences, I would rather be at a circle track race, drag racing has some advantages. First it was only $10 to get in and it gives you access to pits, and the stands. You can actually get up close and “personal to what is going on. Second you can race anything and everything with the dial ins so anyone can realize their dream of being a racer. One striking difference is in the diversity of the racers. Young and old, men and women, boys and girls, black and white compete, are spectators, and work at the drag races. Not so much in the circle track arenas.
   - Speaking of diversity…A recent on line article pointed out that in this year’s Indy 500, 4 women competed along with drivers from around the world. It looks like the IRL is doing something right.
   - Still no Ed Lynch Sprint victory at Lernerville. Although being at Knoxville made it hard for him to win at Lernerville this week!
   - While at PRP, I got to chat with racing photographer Bill Truby. He has been at PRP as their official photographer for a few years now and states he doesn’t miss the politics of the circle tracks.
   - Even though she didn’t have a chance to win, I was pulling for Sarah Fisher to do well. I watched her race at Challenger in a sprint car and think she has some real talent. By the time you read this, we will know how she did. I doubt that unless she spun out or God forbid, wrecks, she will hardly get mentioned in the race.
   - Please keep sprint car driver, Charlie Holben in your prayers. He was burned in a crash at Lernerville.
   - Went to Lincoln Speedway for my first visit. The Wednesday night show featured USAC wingless sprints and the ARDC wingless midgets. Nice track and a great show.
   - I hope the plans for a purpose built F1 track in Texas come through. If they are the best drivers in the world with the most technologically advanced cars in the world, they should race at least once a year in America.
   - I was disappointed in ABC’s coverage at the end of the Indy 500. Couldn’t they have paid more attention to Mike Conroy to make sure he was OK?
   - Maybe someday I will be pulling for Chase Elliott like I pulled for his dad, Awesome Bill.
   - Come on rain; leave us alone on racing nights.
   - I so want to see Ford turn their season around. This is getting embarrassing for us “Blue Oval” fans.
   - Bedford just finished their last race and the rains came. Great timing by a hustling track crew to get the races in.
   - I was disappointed by the Hobby Stock “fans” that cheered when a certain driver’s name was announced as being in a scary crash in the feature. At least they could have waited until we knew he was okay.
   Contact me at revbill87@comcast.net, 724-832-6436, or at 703 Green Street, Greensburg, PA 15601.

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Jesus is Lord over Auto Racing. GOD BLESS.

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Numbers 6:24-26 "The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace."

   May God always Bless you, everyday in everyway. Rev. Don



June 10
MARCEL & LYNN L'ETOILE- This retired driver and proud parents of Massachusetts ProStock driver Frank, share their 42nd anniversary.

June 13
MARCEL & CHRIS DUSSEAULT- "Deuce" and his wife from Somersworth, NH are former owners of the NASCAR KNPSE GRAND NATIONAL Marc Motorsports team and have their 45th anniversary.
SCOTT & JOAN NICKEL- This Thompson Speedway photographer and wife share their 28th anniversary.
SAL & FRIEDA MAGLIO- These fans from Scranton, PA have their 37th wedding anniversary.

June 14
LENNIE & ELAINE STOCKWELL- Mom, dad and crew for the car driven by their son Kip.
DICK & PHYLLIS WOLSTENHUME- This retired Beech Ridge Speedway driving mutli-time champion and wife share their 50th anniversary.


June 9
BILLY BIGLEY, JR.- Naples, FL All Pro Series driver.
RON D'ALESSANDRO- Agawam, MA former Mod No. 124 owner/driver at the now closed Riverside Park Speedway.
TY BERGER- A past Advertising Director for "National Speed Sport News" from 1969 to 1978 and always involved in racing from Kutztown, PA.

June 10
JOHN SNEAD- Oxford, MA former Modified driver.
STEVE DARNE- Woodbridge, VA LMSC driver.
NICOLE MICHILOWSKI- Daughter of Lebanon Valley driver Mark and wife Robin is 19.
ASHLEY DUNAY- Daughter of Stafford SKMod crew member Joe.
THOMAS DUNAY- Son of Stafford SKMod crew member Joe.

June 11
KENNY TROYER- Rochester, NY asphalt Modified driver.
KRISTA HOWARD- Daughter of Waterford Speedbowl faithful Tom and wife Carol is 20.

June 12
LEE SHERWOOD- Waverly, NY NASCAR KNPSE/Modified driver.
SCOTT WOLF- From Freeport, NY a Riverhead Raceway driver.
MITCH POOLE- Lebanon Valley Modified driver.
PAT FEZZA- Riverhead Raceway Tech. Inspector.

June 13
DAVEY HAMILTON- Boise, Idaho SuperModified great, now IRL driver.
RON KEYS- Nottingham, PA Sprint/ Modified driver.
SHAUN BUFFINGTON- Plainfield, CT Modified driver.
DIRK STEPHENS- Tumwater, WA NNS/All Pro/CWTS driver.
KEVIN RICHARDS- Spokane, WA NASCAR West driver.
IRENE GEHRIS- Grandview Speedway's VIP Registra and AARN Vickie's mom.
ADRAI SCHAFFER- One of Grandview Mod driver Rick and wife Donna's children.
FRANK L'ETOILE, JR.- Son of Massachusetts ProStock driver Frank and wife Betty is 18.

June 14
JACK MILLER- Dr. Jack, Carmel, IN IRL driver.
LEVI SCHULTZ- This Quakertown, PA 250cc Micro Srpint driver at Borger's Speedway in Saylorsburg, PA.
JOEY CAVALLERO- This Wall Stadium fan and son of Tom and Sally and also the nephew of Steve "Woody" Woods of the Evernham R&D Department and wife Tammy, turns 10.

June 15
TREVOR NICKEL- This aspiring photographer is the son of Thompson Speedway photographer Scott and wife Joan.


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