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by Denise DuPont

Does this track remind you of any other track you have raced on?

Pete “Pistol” Brittain - “No not really it is kind of unique. You have that big sweeper down the back straight away and then it tightens up coming into four. I cannot really think of anything that is similar to it.”

Dwight Jarvis - “The track is pretty unique. It is a real nice track with a good track layout. There is grip with the new black top. It is almost like the Oxford, Maine track.”

Carl Pasteryak - “The track reminds me of Shangri-La, .the original Shangri-La. the way that it is shaped and the way that you drive it. “

Jan Leaty - “It reminds me of the old Shangri-La before the new one. A little smaller version of it but the way that you come off turn two and into the back stretch off without any wall or anything. Kind of the whole radius of the corners it kind of reminds me if it (Shangri-La).”

What do you think of the Albany-Saratoga Race Track?

Pete “Pistol” Brittain - “I think they did a fantastic job with it (Track). They did a great job paving and it is a real nice track to race on. “

Carl Pasteryak - “The issue that is see is that it is so smooth and so fast that there is so much bite that passing is going to be at a minimum. There is no outside. I just tried it going around one of the slower cars and it is going to be almost impossible to do that.”

Does the track have more than one groove?

Pete “Pistol” Brittain - “I went to the outside a couple of times. I think it will come in when we get more rubber up there. It will be great.”

Dwight Jarvis - “There is not more than one groove right now, not until we get some rubber down. We will work two grooves as we work the rubber into it. When we get two grooves there will be some good racing.”

Carl Pasteryak - “I think that it is going to be a long day tomorrow. It is a beautiful facility and they did a nice job with it. Hopefully tomorrow will change, but I do not think that we are going to we are going to be able to change the stripes on a zebra all in one day to a different color.”

Jan Leaty - “There is not more than one groove yet. Part of that is us, the drivers with our cars. We are not going where we can. It looks like the rubber on the track is starting to widen out though where it is being put down so maybe something will develop there”.

Source: Denise DuPont /
Posted: April 17, 2010

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