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“Little Who” Races to First MRS Win in 2010
by Denise DuPont

The Modified Racing Series (MRS) went to Seekonk Speedway Saturday, August 21st for the first time this year. Filling his father’s shoes and continuing the family legacy, local track favorite, Todd Annarummo, was running in second spot before lap 20 at the “Cement Palace”. He then took his race up a notch when he passed Jon McKennedy for the lead on lap 28. “I did not have the car that I had for the $10,000 Open Race. This race we definitely had to work a little harder for it. It is my home track. I went into the race knowing that it was my race to loose. I felt that I need to win this race because it is my home track. I had to defend it, so here we are.”

Annarummo remained dominate during the race keeping second place runner Les Hinckley at bay as best as he could. “I knew that he (Les Hinckley in #06) had a pretty good car. I knew we had a good car and my spotter kept me real calm. I did not know how good he (Les Hinckley) was back there. He kept saying he was back about a half a car. I knew that he was with me but it was going to take a lot to get by.”

For a while the track was slick for the leader had all he could do to hold off hard charger Les Hinckley. Hinckley was able to pass for the lead and maintain it for only two laps before Annarummo regrouped and took the lead back. “The #79 car (Max Zachem) was leaking oil for the about fifteen laps and he kept ignoring the black flag. So we hit the oil a few times, but we kept it going. So we were a little skeptical on what the car was doing”.

“I did not know anything about the #79 car dumping oil,” Said second place finisher Les Hinckley. “The guys did not tell me there was any oil and I did not see any oil and did not feel any oil so there was no effect on out part.”

Les Hinckley started the race in eighth and being the hard charger that he is, he was in the top five by lap 20. He was right their behind the leader right until the end of the race look for a chance. “We definitely would have liked one more spot but Todd did a very good job. He protected the lead well. The last caution did not work well for us. I think if we stayed green we definitely would have had something for him because it looked like he was backing up a little bit. But not everything plays out your way.”

During the race Hinckley was one of those drivers that was able to have his car take advantage of the outer line on the track to pass and maintain his position. So the upper part of the track was Hinckley’s place to be. “The outside groove was what I expected it to be up there. The outside thing is what we have encountered before. We have lost a little bit on the outside. Todd kind of moved up on the track to protect the lead. He did not do move me out of the groove by any means, but he moved us out of the “ideal” spot on the top. So it made it a little harder off. You loose a lot of momentum when you are that high up.”

Hinckley has done well at Seekonk even though it is not a track he can call home like Annarummo. Hinckley has taken his racing knowledge and developed a strategy that seems to work at Seekonk for him. “This is a really tough place. When you are on there outside and you are trying to pass somebody you really have to do it gradually. If you try to make a monster move in a lap or a lap in a half you are really beating the tires and it will come back and haunt you in the end. You really half to get up on the top and almost get him inch by inch. You have to do it over four, five, six or even seven laps without beating up the tires. It sounds weird but if you are up there longer and you can stay up there you can pass without beating up the tires. That works better for me. Maybe that is why I have had some luck up there and other people have not.”

Point Leader Dwight Jarvis finished the race third and afterwards expressed the same frustration as most drivers had with their cars during the race about his car. “The car got free in and tight out. It (the car) was better than I thought that it was going to be because before the race Brad Lafontaine from Northeast (Race Car Parts) came over and helped us. She (the car) was pretty screwed up before the main (race) so we changed a lot of stuff.”

Like others running the MRS events, Jarvis has not found anything magical that improved performance with the new tires. “The tires have not really made a difference. I have not been here to practice (Seekonk Speedway) as much as Todd (Annarummo) has. I guess he practices here a lot, because it is his home track. But I was happy with the car with the other tires that we had. I do not think that we have improved any with this tire myself.”

2009 MRS champion, Jon McKennedy continued his on-going car struggle at Seekonk. Every time he thinks he has a chance or the right formula to overcome an ill handling car, it is back again. “The car just got way too tight again. We were good in the beginning. Then during the long green flag runs we just charred the front tires. It was like I was turning the wheel and the car was going straight. It is getting frustrating now because it is the same thing every race.” Having the challenge continue at Seekonk, McKennedy was able to capture only a fourth place finish, one spot behind the Series current point leader. Dwight Jarvis. So the race is still close.

In 2010 the series started to run a new tire compound and the change has not been a move in the right direction for all teams. The new tires have added an extra challenge for the McKennedy team.” The tires are a little bit different tire. It has thrown us a little curve for whatever reason on these long green flag runs the cars keeps getting tighter. It is three quarters into the season and we are still struggling.”

Jimmy Kuhn, Jr. has not been running with the MRS full time, but when he has run he has been consistently there in the top five. Seekonk was no different as the pristine prepared #72 car crossed the finish line fifth. “It was a good run for us. It was our first time here on these tires. We have not been running too many of the Modified Racing Series shows. We have not run these (tires) here yet. We just need to be a little but tight at the end.”

“I tried to run hard early for position and then try to just ride for a while.” But Kuhn was a little bit overly caution or conservative and he rode out the race a little too long. “Then in the end I waited. I should have gone a little bit earlier. Running for position there I lost the back of the car a little bit. We were good but not good enough to go any further then this. We will take it. A top five is good. The last three shows we have had a top five so we cannot complain.”

2008 MRS Champion Chris Pasteryak returned to run Seekonk in his dad’s #52 car. The second generation driver has been side lined since the Lee USA race in early July where he broke a wrist during a heat race incident. He was all smiles as he climbed from the car. “We do not have to make an appointment with the surgeon on Monday or go to the emergency room tonight.”

Pasteryak continued the theme of the evening among drivers with his confirmation on the general consensus that the cars were just tight. “The car was pretty good for the first fifty laps then it was OK for the next thirty, then after the caution it was so tight I could not steer it or spin to bring out a caution if I wanted to. It was OK but not great. We will take. We learned something here and we will go on to the next one.”

The last race caution occurred on lap 75 when Rowan Pennink got loose and spun in turn four. After fifty laps of green racing the cars were not the same after the final restart. Pasteryak expressed his summary of what his car did: “The car ran well up until the last caution. After that I just could not go anywhere. It did not just happen to me. It happened to a couple of us. I think in the long run what we are trying to do might be a little bit wrong. Everyone just seemed to get tight which is weird because at Waterford everyone got loose. We are all scratching out heads a little bit trying to get it.”

Teams now will have a short week as the head home and prepare their cars for Thursday night racing at Thompson Speedway, August 26th.

Race Notes from Seekonk Speedway:

The Modified Racing Series head to Thompson International Speedway next. What are the driver’s thoughts on heading to Thompson?

Todd Annarummo
The last time I was at Thompson was the first time that I have ever been there. We crashed early then we put it back together and went back out there. But we did not have a very successful run there. My goal for Thompson is to try to get out of there with a top ten. And to keep the wheels pointed in and keeping the sunny side up!”

Les Hinckley
“We look forward to going back to Thompson. We ran well there last year. So we have a short week. We have quite a bit of work to do to get ready for it. Fortunately we are in one piece. We have had a few weeks where we have not been. We put on a clip last week and a motor. We will get it done and we will be there.” “It is little aggravating sometimes, but I feel a lot better about tonight then I did about last week. So we will go home and get ready for Thompson.”

Dwight Jarvis
“Yes we have to Head to Thompson! It is a bigger track. We have a setup for the car for down there. The car will be good we will just have to see if I can grow into it.”

Jimmy Kuhn, Jr
“We decided if we got out of here in one piece that we would try Thompson. I think that we are under powered for there. A lot of the guys have bigger motors for there. We have the same motor that we have had for a while. I hate not to go because we run good there every time we go even though we do not think that we have enough power. We are going to go and give it a shot. We will find out what we have. Hopefully we will get them in the end the motor will not make mush a difference. That is the plan.”

Chris Pasteryak
“Dad (Charlie Pasteryak) will drive at Thompson and we will be back driving at Waterford (Speedbowl). We will hopefully come up with some different ideas before then.”

Thought on how the MRS division is doing?

Todd Annarummo
“We ran a lot of green flag laps tonight, there we only a couple of cautions. There was a lot of good racing. The cautions that occurred were not very much. There is a lot of competitiveness in this division. We had close to thirty cars show up. We are getting good cars, good drivers and we are putting on some good shows for the fans.”

Thoughts on the 2010 MRS Point race?

Dwight Jarvis
“We came into the race ahead by three points but I try not to look at it. I have been there enough that I try not to let it bother me. But it will bother me more when it comes towards the end. Jon (McKennedy) is a tough competitor. It is a real cool driving kid. He will be tough to beat.”

Jon McKennedy
It has been an up and down year for the McKennedy team in their run for the point 2010 lead. “We are still trailing in points by about six behind. (The actual tally after the race shows McKennedy 5 points behind leader Dwight Jarvis.) The points will all fall out at the end of the year. With only six races left so we need to improve on something. It is the same thing at the end of every race. Thompson is a good track for us so we will see what happens.”

Source: Denise DuPont / TheChromeHorn.com
Posted: August 22, 2010

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