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 for 2010

   The Chrome Horn - 2010 New Smyrna



44th Annual World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing
2/5/10 - 2/13/10

Saturday, 02/13/10
The grand finale of New Smyrna's World Series is the Richie Evans Memorial 100 and #59 Matt Hirschman took home the victory. Grabbing 2nd was #79 James Civali with #6 Ronnie Silk, #19 Rowan Pennink and #5x Kyle Ebersol rounding out the top 5. #00 Ted Christopher grabs the championship for 2010.
2/13 LIVE Update
with Denise DuPont
Photo Gallery
by Jim DuPont    Photo Gallery by Kevin Dyer
It Is Rowan Pennink’s Turn For Bad Luck At New Smyrna Speed Week with Denise DuPont

Friday, 02/12/10 - POSTPONED
Due to pending weather conditions, today's racing at New Smyrna Speedway has been cancelled.
Racing will resume Saturday with the Richie Evans Memorial 100
for the Tour-Type Modifieds.
2/12 LIVE Update
with Denise DuPont
Week Of Controversy And Wins With Ronnie Silk by Denise DuPont
Night Three and Fourth in Points for Rowan Pennink by Denise DuPont

Thursday, 02/11/10
As of press time (still in tech), Ronnie Silk finds himself in victory lane tonight, twice. #6 Silk led #22 Chuck Hossfeld, #79 James Civali, #58 Eric Goodale and #09 Bobby Grigas III in the Tour-Type Modified feature.
In SK Type Modified racing, #5 Silk started in 5th place and wasted no time going to the front. #03 Patrick Emerling, #71 Jimmy Zacharias, #59 David Cranmer and #10 Rob Schultz completed the top 5.
2/11 LIVE Update
with Denise DuPont
Photo Gallery
by Jim DuPont    Photo Gallery by Kevin Dyer

Wednesday, 02/10/10 - JOHN BLEWETT III MEMORIAL 50
#00 Ted Christopher wins the 3rd Annual John Blewett III Memorial 50 feature tonight. #22 Chuck Hossfeld grabbed second with #79 James Civali, #58 Eric Goodale, #19 Rowan Pennink and #59 Matt Hirschman rounding out the top 6. #6 Ronnie Silk crossed the line in 2nd but was DQ'd for the night due to his motor not passing tech.
#5 Ronnie Silk came back to win the SK Modified feature.
The rest of the top 5 were: #79 Chris Jensen Sr, #17 Russ Savoy, #59 David Cranmer and #44 Jeffrey Gallup.
2/10 LIVE Update
with Denise DuPont

Tuesday, 02/09/10 - CANCELLED
After a very long afternoon and night, rain and then trying to get the track in shape to race,
the racing has been called due to fog, infield and track wetness. Denise will be back
tomorrow night with the John Blewett III Memorial 50.
Please check out Denise's story following Rowan Pennink within the LIVE update link.
Thanks to all who have joined in to follow Denise's LIVE updates.
2/9 LIVE Update
with Denise DuPont

Monday, 02/08/10
#6 Ronnie Silk passed #00 Ted Christopher for the lead and ended up the victor in the 25 lap Tour-Type Modified feature. Christopher jumped out to an early lead from his outside pole start, but Silk stayed right with TC and just past the midway point made his move for the lead. Christopher hung on for 2nd with #14 John Jensen Sr, #50 Kevin Goodale and #17 Rob Fuller, all in tow across the line.
#88 Keith Rocco took home the SK Type Modified feature win. Completing the top 5 were; #03 Patrick Emerling, #33 Gary Fountain, #79 Chris Jensen and #55 Nichole Morgillo.
2/8 LIVE Update
with Denise DuPont

Saturday, 02/06/10
#00 Ted Christopher grabbed the opening night Tour-Type Modified feature at New Smyrna Speedway. TC timed 5th fastest and after a top 6 invert, he garnered an outside pole start. At the green, TC jumped into the lead and never looked back. Following Christopher across the line were: #14 John Jensen Sr, #19 Rowan Pennink, #22 Chuck Hossfeld and #6 Ronnie Silk.
21 modifieds competed in the opening night race.
  In SK Modified action, #59 David Cranmer held on to take the first feature win of the series. #12 Ronnie Silk, #
53 David Salzarulo, #79 Chris Jensen and  #10 Rob Schultz rounded out the top 5.
There were 16 SK Modifieds on hand for opening night.

2/6 LIVE Update with Denise DuPont    2010 Racing with Rowan Pennink at New Smyrna Speedway - 2/6 by Denise DuPont

Friday, 02/05/10 - CANCELLED
Due to heavy rain and an impending tornado watch, Friday's racing events at New Smyrna Speedway have been cancelled. Unfortunately, the track was too wet all day for any on track activities. Racing will start tomorrow and can be followed with Denise DuPont with the links at the top of the page and photos will come from Jim DuPont and Kevin Dyer. Looking at the weather reports, all should be good to go for tomorrows racing show.

Photo Gallery
by Jim DuPont    Photo Gallery by Kevin Dyer

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Posted: February 13, 2010

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