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   The Chrome Horn - RoC DART Asphalt Modified Tour




Any race car driver always likes seeing their name as the first winner of a new event or at a new race track. That was the case on Sunday afternoon at the Shangri–La II Speedway as Chuck Hossfeld won the Race of Champions Dart Asphalt Modified Tour opener, the first RoC sanctioned event at the track.

Hossfeld of Ransomville, NY started sixth in the field of 28 ground pounding Modifieds. Chuck used the outside groove of the half mile concrete oval to get into second by lap five. For the next sixty laps Hossfeld kept working over leader Pete Brittain with a variety of outside and inside challenges. Just after lap 64 was completed Hossfeld darted to the inside of Brittain entering turn one grabbing the lead.

Brittain who started on the pole tried the same exact move with one lap to go but failed to make the pass for the lead. This failed attempt by Brittain bottled up the pack behind him setting off a wild scramble to the finish line.

Hossfeld in for the popular $2,800 win followed by Wilbur Hebing, Daren Scherer, Brittain, and Erick Rudolph who recovered nicely from a lap 25 spin to finish fifth.

“ It’s good to win the first one here “ said the smiling winner in the post race tech inspection area. “ In this day and age where you go to tracks and they’re deteriorating, it’s discouraging. Then when you go to a nice new race track like here and Albany – Saratoga, it shows me that there is a future in our type of racing which is great. “

Running behind leader Pete Brittain for sixty laps Chuck did find out one big item that enabled him to set up his winning pass. “ It took him three or four laps to really get going after a restart; I figured that I had to attack right after a restart ( lap 62 ). He did what he had to do by holding and protecting the bottom, but I worked him over high and low all day and it paid off in the end. “

Hossfeld faced another factor in making his winning pass and that was oil dry all over the track due to complete track oil down by Brian DeFebo. “ Yes I was concerned with all of that oil dry on the track. But I was running higher on the track and I figured that he had to protect the bottom and with all of that oil dry down there that would be an advantage for me. “

The win was special for Chuck but he knew that he wouldn’t have made it to the winners circle without his hard working crew and powerful engine under the hood. “ I want to thank my team as they put a lot of hours in, don’t get a lot of recognition, and I think they are one of the best teams out there right now. I have a lot of talented people on my team and I have a great motor program with Ron Hutter right now. Every track you need horsepower and I know with a Hutter you have that horsepower when you need it the most especially here with the long straights. “

Ontario, NY driver Wilbur Hebing ended up second in the Ed McGuire owned car. “ We’re very happy with the way the car went and I’m happy for Ed as he was supposed to stay home ( operation this past week ) but I saw his van up there outside of turn one and I knew he couldn’t stay home. “

Wilbur who started fifth had one of, if not the fastest car during the feature. “ The longer the race stayed green the more the car would come to me. I know the guys in front of me started to get loose late in the race and I figured that the 22 cars would get together and I wasn’t sure that if they did I could stay out of it or not. But I did and came home in second which is a good finish for us and a nice way to bring the car home in one piece instead of on a wrecker. “

Binghamton, NY driver Daren Scherer started second and hung around the top five all race long and got a break at the end to finish third. “ Our car was getting real loose at the end and all of those cautions late in the race helped us out. We’ll take a third as that is a good way to start the year out on the Tour. “

Qualifying heat races for the 30 car field saw heat wins captured by Matt Hirschman, Rudolph, Brittain, and Earl Paules.

RoC N’ CONCRETE RUMBLINGS; Many first time racers and race fans packed the facility making it unofficially the largest attended event in the history of the track that opened last summer. Many long time attendees of the old Shangri–La Speedway were on hand trading racing stories while checking out the new facility. The Modifieds were turning laps on the half mile oval in the mid to low 17 second bracket all day long. Track builder, owner, and promoter George Swansbrough decided to add all Modifieds that made it through the heat races due to the tremendous support on the day. Chris Risdale suffered mechanical woes in hot laps ending his day. Ken Canestrari and Tommy Cloce got together at the start of heat number three with both drivers ending up hard into the homestretch outside wall, Canestrari called it a day at that point while Cloce repaired his car to make the feature only to have smoke from the engine ending his day. Doug Reaume who wrecked his car severely here two weeks ago was back in the same machine. After blowing a right front tire in the feature and slamming the turn three outside wall Jim Storace complained of neck pain, he was removed from the car and transported to a local hospital for observation. There was no update on his condition at press time. The late race left front flat of Jan Leaty cost him a top five finish while defending and two time RoC Champion Matt Hirschman got tapped which blew his left rear at the same time taking a top ten away from him. The show was taped for Trackwide Thunder and will be shown on Time Warner Cable Sports on June 3rd with Doug Elkins and Dan Harpell calling the action.

The Race of Champions Dart Asphalt Modified Tour is proudly sponsored by; Dart Machinery, Sunoco Race Fuels, Hoosier Racing Tire, Gater Racing News, Total Seal Piston Rings, Dura – Bond, Competition Engineering by Moroso, Afco, Melling Performance, CV Products, Erson Cams, Dynatech, Xceldyne Technologies, PBM Performance Products, and LA Sleeve.

The next event is the postponed April 18th show at the Albany–Saratoga Speedway in Malta, NY that takes place this Friday night. The show will resume when the rain hit at the start of the third heat, RoC cars that show up will receive their 50 bonus points.

The next full point show for the RoC Tour is Saturday May 29th at the Oswego Speedway with the running of the Richie Evans Memorial.

For more information on the Race of Champions Dart Asphalt Modified Tour please call RoC at 607 – 775 – 5555 or log on to the World Wide Web at www.raceofchampions.net.


FINISH; Chuck Hossfeld, Wilbur Hebing, Daren Scherer, Pete Brittain, Erick Rudolph, Earl Paules, Kyle Ebersole, Steven Reed, Andy Walko, Mike Leaty, Billy Putney, Rick Kluth, Byron Chew, Mike Speeney, TJ Potrzebowski, Rusty Smith, Matt Hirschman, Jan Leaty, Scott Conover, Zack Shove, Doug Reaume, Brian DeFebo, Jim Storace, Bob Reis, John Markovic, Lenny Fischer, Tommy Cloce, Matt Clemens.

Ken Canestrari, Chris Risdale.
Brittain (1-64), Hossfeld (65-75).
$1,500 SET OF HEADS; Shove.
$500; Hirschman.
Ebersole 20th to 7th.
Storace 4th to 23rd.

  Source: JR Kennerup / RoC Modified Tour
Posted: May 16, 2010

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