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by Rev. Don Rivers

   As I shared last week I didnít make the trip to the west coast, God had other plans for me. Those plans included helping someone get bailed out. Isnít it wonderful that God has a plan that is greater than ours? Rev. Dan shared in the chapel service at Irwindale what it means to get bailed out. Here are his thoughts. Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

   I am not a big college basketball fan, but March Madness is coming up and I do enjoy watching some of the games in the NCAA tournament. My son and I usually like to fill out the brackets after the teams are announced and he usually ends up winning a lunch from me.

   I do remember a game not too long ago between Villanova and Pittsburg. Villanova was in control with a few seconds left - all they had to do was inbound the ball, get fouled, and make a couple of free throws to win the game. Reggie Redding inbounded, but he threw a bad pass. A Pitt player took the ball and drove to the hoop and was fouled. He hit both free throws and Pitt took the lead by 1 point with about 5 seconds left. Redding probably felt pretty bad - he just let his team, the coach and the fans down - he made a mistake and now he has to pay for it.

   Fortunately for Redding, after an amazing inbounds play Villanova guard Scottie Reynolds dribbled the ball down the court and hit a fade away jumper with less than 1 second left to give Villanova the win. Can you imagine the relief on Redding's face?

   He was bailed out - he made a mistake, but didn't have to pay the price.

   Did this ever happen to you? Did you ever forget to tighten a lug nut or radiator cap before a race? Maybe a teammate or crew chief caught a mistake you made before the car went out on the track and bailed you out.

   I know I was bailed out like this. I was playing a game that I was going to lose - that game was life. It was my fault - I was a sinner bound for hell, but just like Redding, who was just about to accept the consequences of his mistake and was bailed out by a teammate, I was bailed out by Jesus Christ.

Colossians 2:13-15; When you were dead in your sins and in the uncircumcision of your sinful nature,
God made you alive with Christ. He forgave us all our sins, having canceled the written code, with its regulations,
that was against us and that stood opposed to us; he took it away, nailing it to the cross. And having disarmed
the powers and authorities, he made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross.Ē

   Paul writes that Jesus took our sins and nailed them to the cross so that we can be forgiven. Now I can walk around with relief on my face - I am no longer in danger of paying for my sins by going to hell.

   It's interesting that the Bible says Jesus nailed our sins to the cross - I want to take a quick look at that. I want to find out what Jesus actually nailed to the cross.

   First, the Bible says he nailed our sins to the cross - the big ones and the small ones. Do you remember when you were young and you stole that candy? How about when you told that little white lie to stay out of trouble? These are sins that are punishable by death.

   How about when you bent the rules a bit when you were building the race car? Again,

   Jesus says that this is a sin and the punishment is to spend eternity in hell. I am so glad that Jesus took those sins and nailed them to the cross.

   Secondly, he nailed fear to the cross. Man has always been afraid of the judgement of God. It has always been so severe - any little sin means that you will spend eternity in hell. We don't have to worry about that now because Jesus took that away.

   Thirdly, he nailed death to the cross - the cross is where death was defeated. Our earthly bodies will still die, but our souls will live forever in eternity if we have accepted what Christ did for us.

   Fourthly, he nailed all of our defeats, faults and failures to the cross. Is anyone perfect? Even the most successful people have had failures. I know I am not perfect and make many mistakes - many of these punishable by death. I constantly fail Jesus, but he is always there to help me back on my feet and get on track with him. We crash, and it our fault. He took all of these mistakes and failures from us and nailed them to the cross.

   Finally, he nailed Satanís dominion and authority to the cross. It was a real dumb move by Satan to have Jesus die. Jesus was doing many great things on earth and Satan was getting mad. He had to stop this so he schemed to have him die. Little did he know that this was God's plan all along. God sent his son to die on that cross and pay the price for our sins so we did not have to. Things kind of back fired and turned around on Satan.

   As you can see, that cross is pretty neat - that is where the power and wisdom of God is. The next time you are driving down the road to a race and see a cross on a church steeple, or see it hanging on a chain around someone's neck, remember what that cross means. It means that if we accept Christ as our Savior and believe that God sent his son to die for our sins, that we have been bailed out and can spend eternity in heaven.

   Thanks for sharing Dan, It is encouraging to know that someone has your back. I know that we couldnít minister the way we do if there werenít others out there covering us.


   THE COFFEE CUP - Who would believe that in this cold, snowy winter the weather would let up enough to allow us to get the race in at Providence. We didnít see clear skies but we did have warm enough temperatures that only rain fell throughout Southern New England making the trip possible for many. It was good to hang out at the track.

   I was surprised to see Dave Baker there. Dave is the former Busch North Series Race Director. Dave shared how having some racing action to go to in the middle of winter was sufficient enough to drive down from Vermont for. It was good to see him and be able to catch up a little. That is the greatest thing about this racing business, the people you meet.

   Dave was not the only Northerner to come down. DJ Shaw was there to compete in his champ cart. DJ looked as if he was going home with the big check but as the leaders battled lapped traffic and each other in a very close finish DJ would have to settle for third.

   In the TQís it was TC who put on the show. Making the double complete he backed up his win in Atlantic City with one on Providence. Wouldnít it be great to have a few more races to run?

   CHAPEL ON TV - Who knows, you may see glimpses of it from Irwindale. Dan shared with me that one of the chapel attendees was Travis Pastrana and with him comes his crew, camera crew that is. Travis has a high profile and there isnít much that he does that isnít captured on camera. Dan shared that he was taken back a little as he had never had a chapel service televised before. Welcome to Hollywood.

   It would be neat to see if we actually make the cut, keep your eyes peeled for the video, if you see it let me know and weíll put up a link. In the meantime youíll have to catch us live and in person. Next opportunity will be at the Ice Breaker.

   HEADING SOUTH - Next week has me headed to Florida to take in some action at New Smyrna, Volusia and Daytona. It will be great to be with Ed Harkins again. Ed travels with the Super Dirt Racing Series for Finish Line Chaplains. It will also be great to catch up with some of our folks down in central Florida and hear what is going on with them. If you see me around come over and say hello..

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Jesus is Lord over Auto Racing. GOD BLESS.

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   May God always Bless you, everyday in everyway. Rev. Don



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