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by Rev. Don Rivers

   Have you ever wondered why the world we live in is falling apart? The correct term is self destructing. That right, the more selfish we get the more we destroy the world around us. Sometimes it is important to stand up and be counted, make a statement for what is right, true and honorable. Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

   As I watched the news this week I was surprised to find Morgan Shepherdís name in the headlines. It catches your attention when a driver is mentioned in the non-racing press, especially with the series in Las Vegas. What followed was a great example of courage that should be an encouragement to all of us. Donít just sit on the sideline, get into the game.

   Thanks to the folks at Faith Motorsports for providing the details.

   Morgan Shepherd was headed to Wal-Mart with his wife to pick up a few things. He didnít intend to pick up a thief. As they approached the store three men were leaving at a high rate of speed with security on their tail.

   This wasnít their lucky day. Most men Morganís age would be on the other side of the door greeting you as you walked into Wal-Mart, not Morgan. He is physically fit, a daily jogger and an accomplished roller skater. He is also an unashamed Christian and has spent many years proclaiming the saving faith we have in Jesus Christ.

   His commitment to Christ and his desire to see the truth told inspired him to spring into action.

   "I just got out and took off after them," Shepherd said. "I caught one of them just as they were getting ready to hop a little wall at the end of the parking lot. I yanked him down and got on top of him."

   As he restrained one of the three, a Las Vegas Police officer tossed him some handcuffs, asked Morgan to cuff him and keep him there while they chased down the other two. No problem, he wasnít going anywhere.

   Now what do you say to a teenager that was just chased down by a 69 year old? I wonder if his pants were on the ground? It is probably difficult to run when your pants are falling down. Now thereís a lesson for all you would be thieves.

   "I didn't tell him a 69-year-old man chased him down," Shepherd joked. "He was probably 18 or 19. I told him he shouldn't be stealing stuff. There is just too much of this stuff going on."

   Morgan didnít have the heart to tell him he had just been caught, restrained and cuffed by a 69 year old. Instead he lectured the young man about stealing stuff. He encouraged him to change the direction his life was going. I am sure, if I know Morgan, there was also a witness to the saving grace of Jesus.

   We all have teachable moments in our lives and it is important to recognize them when they happen. My prayer would be that this young fellow would turn from his criminal activity and let Christ change his life.

   There is a teachable moment for us also.

   "So many people these days would just sit and watch those guys run away," Shepherd said. "People need to get up and help stop this type of stuff."

   What would have happened to us if Christ decided to sit on the sideline? What if he decided we werenít worth the effort and he remained in heaven? We read in Scripture that even on that last night he had a desire that this cup would pass from him.

   If that was the case we would have no hope. We would be lost in our sin and be faced with standing before God without a Savior. Jesus came, gave his life and offered it to God as a sacrifice for our sins. He only asked us to accept the gift.

   As Jesus and his disciples sat and ate their last meal together Jesus shared with them what was going to take place. They were distraught and confused, how could this be. Some pledged their very life to keep it from being a reality. When the time came they didnít have the strength and courage to stand up for Christ.

   We need to be more than observers in our Christian walk. We need to get up off the sidelines and make the effort necessary to show others how much Christ loves them. We need to stop thinking it is someone elseís job.

   I am sure Morgan could have come up with a more than enough reasons why he didnít need to help chase those thieves. But I think there was one reason he had to, that young man needed to know about the love of Christ.

   We donít always get the chance to chase people down, handcuff and restrain them to hear the message but sometimes that is what it takes. Why do you suppose Christ endured so much to show His love for us?

   He came to set an example, to show us how to live the right life. He taught us what was valuable to God. He helped get beyond our physical limitations. He loved us so much that he gave his life for us. He showed us the way.

John 14:6; Jesus answered, ďI am the way and the truth and the life.
No one comes to the Father except through me.

   How are we doing in the example we set for others? Are we willing to jump into action and change the world we live in? Are we willing to sacrifice our very life so that someone might know the love of God? Think about that this week as we begin our preparation for the coming Easter season.


   WAITING FOR THE BLESSED EVENT - Not much road work on the schedule for the next few weeks. Lynda and I are preparing for one of the greatest gifts God has to offer, the birth of a child. Our daughter Elisabeth, who some of you have met at the track, and her husband Joe have March 17 circled on the calendar. I must say the thought of being a grandfather wasnít all that appealing to me a few months ago but I am excited about it now. Madeline is schedule to appear on the scene soon and Lynda and I cannot wait. Please lift Elisabeth up in prayer as she endures these last few weeks. Also add Joe to the list as their life is about to change forever.

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Jesus is Lord over Auto Racing. GOD BLESS.

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   May God always Bless you, everyday in everyway. Rev. Don



March 11
JOSEPH AND ALICE FERGUSON- The proprietor of Ferguson Painting and Decorating and wife; fans from Howard, PA celebrate their 35th anniversary.

March 14
MARK & AUDREY MOCKOVAC- The Danbury, CT based Modified Racing Series Media Coordiantor and wife/ Claremont Modified driver (Audrey Stevens) share their 14th anniversary.


March 9
CRAIG KEEL- WoO Sprint driver.
WARREN FRYE- "Jeep" is the Delaware based owner of the Bunky Higbee No. 26, rememberd for multiple feature wins.

March 10
MIKE WALLACE- The driving middle brother of the famous racing Wallace's with Kenny and Rusty.
DEAN CHRYSTAL- Milford, ME NASCAR KNPSE driver/ Graphics specialist.
ALFRED HILL- NC Modified driver.
MATT EMHOFF- York, Maine. He is a member of Ken and Art Barry's crew on the Spearpoint Racing team.
RAQUEL RIOLO- Daughter of Stafford LM driver Joe and wife Brenda.

March 11
JOE GOSEK- NY based ISMA SuperModified driver.
HAL GOODSON- Darlington, SC All Pro driver.
BRIAN CRUNDEN- Connecticut ProStock driver.
DAVE BURNHAM- CT based LM driver.
VALARIE LeSIEUR- Daughter of former Speedway Scene Publisher, Val.
DAN BURY- Upstate NY photographer.
JOHN LANE- A son of NJ photographer Ace.
CAROL PARES- Wife of "Area Auto Racing News" NASCAR Mod Series photographer Mike of Wayne, NJ.
FAITH THUNBERG - wife of Susquehanna Street Stock driver Scott Thunberg.

March 12
BOB HABERSTICK- Wall Township Speedway driver.
TODD MASSEY- Haw River, NC LMSC driver.

March 13
GREG COVERDALE- Milford, DE URC Sprint driver.
LYN ST. JAMES- Willoughby, OH born, now Daytona Beach, FL IRL driver.
SCOTT BONNEY- Lee Speedway (NH) LM driver.
RANDY KANE- Selinsgrove and Clinton County Pit Steward.
JASON KOHLER- Fleetwood, PA MicroSprint driver.
CRYSTAL SANSEVERINO- A daughter of Hillsborough, NC photographer Ed and wife Linda.
HALEY THUNBERG - Daughter of Susquehanna Street Stock (1998 & 2009) track champ Scott Thunberg.

March 14
JACK BATEMEN- NH Valenti Modified Series Promotor/driver/team owner.
PAT PUNCH- In Newton, NC, the wife of Brewco NNS Team manager, Dennis, who is the brother of TV's Dr. Jerry.
ERIN & KARRI LARSEN- The twin daughters of NASCAR Mod Tour official Joe.

March 15
DEVIN HILTS- Brushton,NY go-kart driver.
PAT D'ANTONIO- Tuscon,AZ NASCAR West driver.
ROBBY PAGE- A young quarter midget driver.


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Posted: March 11, 2011

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