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by Rev. Don Rivers

   We talked a little last week about wanting to build a legacy. This week I wanted to expand on that a bit. It is always interesting to me to see the second and third generation drivers come up through the ranks. I wonder how much we have given to the generation that will follow us. Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

   Racing has a legacy all its own, generation after generation follows the path set by their parents and grandparents. I think it is instilled in us when we are young, we grow up around the race track and it becomes a second home. We learn to love a sport that gives such great joy to those we look up to.

   I recently read a quote from Whelen Modified Champion Bobby Santos III; he shared that at two years old his dad had him in his lap driving around the yard in a go-kart. He concluded that he didnít have much of a choice. Bobby is okay with the way things turned out though.

   In our lives it is important to raise our children in the right way. It is important to teach them the right values. We have the responsibility to help them, nurture them, discipline them and support them as they find their way in this world.

   This weekend we documented a legacy in our family, we took a photo of five generations of first born girls; Great-great-grandma, Great-grandma, Grandma, Mom and Daughter. Over 92 years of family history. It makes you realize that it does matter how we raise our children. Our lives will impact the lives of our children and their children. It made me realize that we donít just make decisions for us; we make them for the generations to come.

   I remember Joshua and the choice he had to make about how to raise his family. People had many different opinions about who would be best to honor and serve. Joshua proclaimed;

Joshua 24:15, nlt, But if you refuse to serve the LORD, then choose today whom you will serve.
Would you prefer the gods your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates? Or will it be the gods of the Amorites
in whose land you now live? But as for me and my family, we will serve the LORD."

   It isnít a decision to be left to chance. We need to raise our families in the way of the Lord. That means we need to know God and His ways. You cannot train someone to do something if you donít know how yourself. You cannot lead someone if you donít know the way.

   Think of sports, how good of a coach would you be if you didnít know the rules of the sport you are trying to teach? And knowing the rules doesnít make you a good coach, you need experience, you need to understand how the sport is played. It doesnít stop there, to train up someone in the way they need to go, you need to be patient and encouraging, they are not going to get it the first time through.

   We need to decide the direction and moral standard by which we are going to raise the next generation. I hear many times about the falling moral standard in this country, where did it go? We allowed it to deteriorate because we didnít train up the next generation to respect and honor the right moral standard, Godís.

   Think about how it was when you decided what you wanted to do with your life. Maybe you were inspired by someone you looked up to, a parent or grandparent. Now think about those who are coming up behind you. It is important for us to leave the right footprints for others to follow. We need to leave a legacy that shows others the right way to live, the way that leads to abundant life.

   We need to learn what pleases God and train up our house in that way. We need to know it and live it, practicing it in every aspect of our lives. If we do we will leave a legacy that will make a difference in the world we live. If we donít we are doomed to failure, death and destruction.

   Consider the legacy we are leaving. Take a look at the next generation we are molding and shaping. Are we moving in the right direction? If not let us commit to make the changes that will return us to God and His hand of blessing on our lives.

As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.

   LETíS GET IT STARTED! As I was driving home on Friday afternoon on I-84 in Vernon, CT. I spotted the Santos Family Race Trailer heading west. I put two and two together and figured might be headed for Anderson, IN for the season opener. After a quick call to our Midwest Coordinator, Chuck McNeil, my thoughts were confirmed. Chuck caught up with Booby where else but in Victory Lane. Chuck sent this report along;

   The season at Anderson Speedway is off to a roaring start. Saturday night was time to dust off the old equipment, try out the new equipment, and get your mind where it needs to be. I opened the driverís meeting with a paraphrase of II Corinthians 5:17

   Therefore if anyone is in Christ, they are a new creation; old things have passed away, and look, new things have come.

   I reminded everyone that many have new rides, many wish they had new rides, but that the Bible tells us new things have come and we need to put behind us disputes and worries from the last season and focus on this race.

   I ran into Larry Avery from On Track Ministries visiting some of the CRA drivers who will now do double duty in the new Late Model division at Anderson. I also was introduced to Mr. Karl Weber Ė new to late models, and new to just about everything at 14 years old. Not quite, as this is Karlís third competitive season, but Late Models are a little different than karts. Karl took a very conservative approach to the heats and race and brought everything home in good shape Ė very smart.

   Sunday was a little different. USAC brings their own crews, tires, chaplain, scoring, and just about everything but the race track. As such, many of the guys got to take the day, or part of it, off and enjoy the open wheel racing.

   The Kenyon Midgets had 8 cars and the Payment Sprint Car Series brought 23. Good prep for the Little 500 when 33 start, and go 10 times further. Local favorites turned out and Bobby Santos III made the trip from Massachusetts, 930 miles, hoping for good weather. It was Ė and Bobby made the most of it, starting on the pole and leading for 50 laps to take the inaugural Glen Niebel Classic.

   Bobby is not as well know around here (to non-open wheel folks anyway) and as Dangerous Dan got ready to interview him in victory lane Ė leaned over and asked ďwhatís his name again?Ē I helped him out and mentioned, oh yeah and heís the 2010 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Champion, tooÖ So Bobby and crew left happy, ready for the Icebreaker nextÖ

   GREENVILLE-PICKENS ROUND 2 - Sounds like a broken record but this week Rev. Dan made the trip down south for the season opener of the K&N Pro Series East. The weather cooperated this week and the season is off to a flying start. Brett Moffit has moved over the MWR and the new team got off on the right foot. Brett put his dream machine on the pole and led wire to wire. This is a great way to start what could be a breakout season for this young man.

   WATERFORD BLAST-OFF - On Saturday I joined Rev. Ray and Rev. Scott down at the shoreline oval to officially kickoff the 2011 race season here in the Northeast. It was good to catch up with the folks from NEMA and the MRS. I enjoy spending time with folks at the track.

   Sunday saw Keith Rocco pick up where he left off winning the first SK race of the season. Have you seen the NASCAR Home Track commercials? They did an excellent job showcasing Keith and local racing. I am glad to see some effort being put in to support and develop the local racing scene.

   Russ Stoehr also continued where he left off, winning the NEMA feature with Anthony Nocella winning the NEMA Lite portion of the show. We have some exciting things happening with NEMA and I look forward to sharing them with you as the season moves on.

   For the MRS portion of the show the local boys had the spotlight. Chris Pasteryak started on the outside pole and had a great battle with poll sitter, Doug Coby. In the end a late pass would give Chris the victory. This would be some fuel to the friendly rivalry fire that has developed between the two. A few years back it was Doug who made the move and won the race.

   All in all it was a good weekend of racing from the Midwest to the South to the Northeast. I remember that old tag line from Wide World of Sports; spanning the globe to cover the world of sports. While we only spread out to cover some of the racing world it is good to be out there helping people know the way home. Have a blessed week and we will see you for the Icebreaker at Thompson Speedway this weekend..

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Jesus is Lord over Auto Racing. GOD BLESS.

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   May God always Bless you, everyday in everyway. Rev. Don



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April 6
AFFONSO GIAFFONE- Sao Paulo, Brazil IRL driver.
KEVIN REX- Pennsy asphalt Modified driver.
WAYNE PATTERSON- Richmond, VA LMSC driver.
KEN BOUCHARD- Fitchburg, MA NASCAR KNPSE/WMT driver, and proprietor of the Thompson Speedway based Modified driving school.
FRED ROSNER- Agawam, MA ProStock/NASCAR CWES fabricator.
DAVE ST. JOHN- The military career son of Henry St. John, proprietor of Jewett City Service.
JORDYN ROSE BENNETT- The daughter of Stamford, CT born KNPSE/CWTS driver Brad and wife Diane.

April 7
LOY ALLEN, JR- former NSC driver.
VINNIE GREEN- Wall Township Speedway retired Modified driver.
WENDELL LEE MINTER- Ridgeway, VA host of the "Uncle Wendell's Gospel Music Show aired daily on Martinsville's WODY.
LISA ERM- New Jersey based former race official.
JOHN SZERENCITS- Whitehall, PA dad of AARN subscription salesman Don.
JOSEPH ROBERT COX- Rev. Pat's third-cousin son of Bob and Tracy Cox in Boyertown, PA.

April 8
BILLY MIDDLETON- Germantown, NC Modified driver.
MARK GREEN- Owensboro, KY NNS driver; middle brother with David and Jeff.
JEFF CROWLEY- NH ProStock driver.
JOE LARSEN- Former Riverhead Raceway Chief Steward, now an official with NASCAR Touring Divisions.
TOMY MEMBRINO III- Son of Waterbury, CT ProStock driver Tony.

April 9
DALE SHAW- Center Conway, NH, father of DJ Shaw KNPSE driver, a former driver himself.
ROGER HILL- Westfield, NC NASCAR WMT Hillbilly Racing Team owner.
BOBBY RUSS WOOD- Richmond, MO All Pro Series driver.
JOHN "PEACH FUZZ" JONES- This fan and son of Fuzzy Pete and Ro from Shirley, NY.

April 10
KASEY KAHNE- Enumclaw, WA NSC team driver.
WARREN KUHLTHAU III- Wall Township Speedway Modified driver.
PAUL McELEARNEY- Riverhead LM driver from Commack, NY
SHIRLEY HIETALA- Enfield, CT mom of Mod driver Brad.
DEBORAH ZURAWSKI- Wife/car owner for husband Riverhead LM driver Robert.
BOBBY MENSCHNER- Son of wall Chaplain Bob Menschner.

April 11
MIKE EWANITSKO- North Babylon, NY WMT driver.
DON LaHUE- White Mountain Motorsports Park (VT) driver.
RUSSELL WOOD- Son of Pelham, MA ISMA SuperModified driver Russ and wife Lisa.
ED D'HONDT, JR- Son of Long Island, now in Mooresville, NC, NSC Team Manager Ed, Sr.
KARSYN JARRETT- NSC's Dale and wife Kelley's youngest.
AIMEE FERREE- A daughter of Pennsylvania Motor Speedway Big Block LM driver Ed and wife Gayle.

April 12
JIM HAILEY- Manager of the Richard Childress Show Car Teams out of Welcome, NC.
DAVE MICHEL- Wall Township Speedway star Modified driver.
TIM DWIGGINS- NC Modified driver.
BOB STRAIT- Mokena, IL ASA/ARCA driver.
TOMMY FOX- Plainfield, CT Former NASCAR WMT/NASCAR KNPSE driver and fabricator.
ELAINE FEBRIELLO- Wife of retired Waterbury, CT Modified team owner, Woody.
MARK FEBRIELLO- Elaine and Woody's son.


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