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by Rev. Don Rivers

   This past weekend we celebrated Motherís Day and I hope each one of you remembered to take the time and honor your mother, for no other reason than she gave you life. None of us would be here without our motherís decision to give birth to us. Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

   My thoughts this week turned to servanthood. Have you ever thought about what makes a good and true servant? Humility is the greatest asset to those who serve. Think of some of the people you know, our opinion of them is formed by their level of humility.

   We all know drivers full of talent, have all the right connections, can drive anything, but for some reason we never seem to warm up to them. We almost love to hate them. They are trapped because the one thing they lack is humility. They come off with an attitude that they are better than everyone else; that we should honor them because of their talent.

   I was so encouraged by Trevor Bayne and the way he handled winning arguably the biggest race in a driverís career. He honored God and helped us understand that it was only through Godís grace that he had the opportunity to be in victory lane.

   We all have to realize just who we are and that no matter what we can do, no matter what our talents are we will not taste true success without first realizing we are only able to do these things by the grace of God.

   We may seem successful, but all the awards and victories are only window dressing, when the bright lights fade who will be by our side? Only those we humbly served. If we donít humbly serve God when the time comes for deliverance He will not be there.

   I remember the scene at the cross; Jesus looked down and saw his mother there, beside herself in grief. Standing next to her was the disciple that Jesus loved, John. As he hung, dying on the cross he honored the humble service of his mother and asked John to care for her. John took her into his home and made sure she was provided for.

   Why, because of Maryís willingness to humble serve God, because a teenage girl scared to death, allowed herself to be used by God. Remember the story of Christís birth, how the angel came and spoke to Mary. How the angel told this young woman that she would give birth to Jesus. She was frightened and scared but that did not overcome her desire to humbly serve God.

Luke 1:38; "I am the Lord's servant," Mary answered.
"May it be to me as you have said." Then the angel left her.

   I wonder where we are today, are we hiding behind the accomplishments of our talents? Are we not willing to humbly bow before God and submit our lives to him?

   We spend a large portion of our lives storing up treasures that will only fade away. Consider changing that. Consider turning your life over to God, through Jesus and welcome the Holy Spirit into your heart. Consider humbly bowing before God and recite the words of that young teenage girl, ďI am the Lordís servant, may it be with me as your have said.Ē Remember

Luke 1:37; ďÖ nothing is impossible with God.Ē


   FIRST TURN AT SEEKONK - I started the weekend off Friday afternoon at Seekonk with plans to head to Lee and then Stafford. Do you know there is no quick way to get from Seekonk to Lee on a Friday night? No problem as you will read, God had things covered.

   Lynda and I settled for a great afternoon helping out The First Turn Driving Experience and Bobby Seymour. I must confess though, if you look at my face book page you might see some pictures of me out on the track. We had a little extra time and well, you know.

   SATURDAY NIGHT AT THE BOWL - Fresh of my on track experience at Seekonk I headed to the Waterford Speedbowl to support the NEMA Lites and their portion of the race card. They had 18 cars in attendance and that was right up there with any touring division that comes to town. What a great encouragement for this series that is still growing. Look for bigger and better things to come from the NEMA Lites as they grow their numbers.

   RIVERHEAD, STAFFORD FIRE UP A NEW SEASONS - Friday night saw the kickoff of a new season of weekly racing at Stafford Motor Speedway. Ben Greenier covered the pit area with an assist from his dad, Dave. With Rev. Scott not being available, it is great to see how Ben has grown and has the confidence to step out on faith and serve. I received a great report from Ben and things are moving in the right direction.

   On Saturday night I heard from Pastor Scott down at Riverhead, you could hear the excitement in his voice, drivers start your engines. It was time to fire things up on the Island and Scott was excited to be a part of things. He is looking forward to expanding his presence at Riverhead and reaching out to more people than ever this year.

   LEE SPEEDWAY ROARS INTO ACTION AND RWJM WAS THERE - With the new season come new opportunities; Friday night we had a presence at Lee Speedway with Bobby and Vinetta Somers. My appreciation goes out to Bob Watson for making them feel welcomed and allowing us to be a part of serving the racing family at Lee. Bobby and Vinetta joined with Pastor John Hastings of First Baptist Church in Brentwood, NH to cover opening night. Here are some comments from Bobby.

   On the way to the track Vinetta and I discussed the many things we would need to focus on. In the past 7 yrs I have been traveling to the track as a competitor, but this was going to be different, so many things were going through my head. How were all these drivers going to greet us? Was there going to be resistance? What direction do we start in the pits?

   We were way ahead of schedule arriving and I mentioned to Vinetta ďLets stop for an ice cream.Ē Itís amazing when you have an ice cream how relaxing and enjoyable it is to eat! We sorted out many of the questions and even found a few more as the time went by, but the ice cream calmed me down. I soon realized that the calmness and guidance we were given wasnít from the ice cream but the Holy Spirit.

   When we arrived at Lee Speedway we sought out Bob Watson, we found him pacing around trying to get everything into place for Opening Night. He took the time to sit down with us and filled us in about the history of Lee and his career. Bob explained to us the new 2011 season and what he expected from the drivers. He shared how committed he was to each and everyone that came to Lee Speedway. I couldnít believe as he talked with us how his head revolved like an owl never once missing anyone with a "Hello" and keeping up with our conversation! Bob made us feel welcome and at home, as he tries to do with everyone.

   We also met Rev. John Hastings from The First Baptist Church in Brentwood, NH. John is also a Chaplain for Lee Speedway and together we walked into the pits to greet the many drivers/families.

   As Vinetta and I walked around the pits and started greeting the many drivers, from one trailer to the next the reaction was amazing. We introduced ourselves and with a smile they stated "We really need a spiritual presence here", appreciate you being here"!

   We had the blessing of meeting Kayla Cazares, a 15 yr old Late Model Driver. We talked with her Mom and Dad and prayed with Kayla prior to her heat race, which she finished 8th. God has begun a new relationship between us and this family.

   As the night moved on we witnessed the excitement of some incredible side by side racing and at times 3 wide racing. During a Hobby Stock Race three wide in the corner silenced the crowd with an incredible crash in turn 4. The driver of the #69 crashed hard into turn 4 wall and his right front tire didnít stop until turn 2. We immediately focused on the crowd standing by the fence; we saw a young girl trembling crying.

   We went to this girl finding out that it was her dad in this crash. As we walked to the pits with her, waiting for her dad to arrive in the ambulance, I talked with her, consoling her, assuring her that her dad was going to be all right, he was in good hands with the medics.

   Itís amazing the trials we are placed in from one extreme to the next; from sharing a conversation that evening in the pits with Kayla and her Family to steps away from this young girl trembling at the fence, her dad in an incredible crash. We are all blessed to be in the presence of our Savior and receive the guidance He provides through the Holy Spirit. There is a tremendous amount of Spiritual presence at Lee this year and we are looking forward to the promise this season holds.

   THOMPSON GETS THINGS GOING - This week Thompson International Speedway gets into the action as they hold their first TTNT weekly racing program. It will be good to see some old friends and have the opportunity to make some new ones. Stop by and say hello.

   Be a witness for our Lord with the ministry decals and apparel. See them at the Show Your Faith Apparel Store at www.rwjm.com. Send us your prayer and counseling needs no matter what part of our racing family you are in, or give us a call. Until next time, remember that God loves you, we love you and

Jesus is Lord over Auto Racing. GOD BLESS.

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Numbers 6:24-26 "The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace."

   May God always Bless you, everyday in everyway. Rev. Don



May 12
HAROLD & BARBARA DAUNCEY- This Wall Township Speedway NASCAR Modified driver and wife share their 26th anniversary.

May 17
DAVE & KATHE DUPUIS- The mom and dad of Renee, accomplished lady NASCAR Modified driver have their anniversary.


May 11
BUGS STEVENS- Rehoboth, MA retired NASCAR National Modified champion and proud dad of NASCAR Modified/ProStock driver/car builder Dave Berghman.
JIM BEEBE- Star Speedway NASCAR flagman.
BEVERLY WEIDMAN- The owner of the NASCAR dirt Modified team driven by husband Gene at Big Diamond.
MICHAEL WIBBELSMAN- The youngest son of RWJM Advisor Dick and wife Judy in Gainesville, FL.

May 12
JIM SPENCER, JR.- NSC commentator Jim and wife Pat's oldest.

May 13
BILL STIVASON- From Kittanning, PA, the Scorer at Challenger Raceway.
RON RIEDINGER- Former Flemington dirt Sportsman and LM champion.
CHERYL VENEZIAN- The grown-up daughter of Joe and wife Linda of Perth Amboy Springs.

May 14
GARY NAPOLITANO- D.I.R.T. Modified driver.
FRED VORDERMEIR- "The Big Apple Kid," West Hempstead, NY Modified driver.
BUDDY BLACK- NC NASCAR Modified driver.
STEPHAN GREGOIRE- Neufchateau, France born, now Indianapolis, IN IRL driver.
DENNIS WOOLDRIDGE- Riverside, CA LM driver.

May 15
SHANE HMIEL- Shane was involved in an accident at the Terre Haute Action Track on Oct 9, 2010 and he continues his recovery at home.
ED ST. ANGELO- Barrington, RI Modified/ProStock driver.
NANCY CLARK- Wife of Long Island NASCAR modified driver Dick.
WES BENASH- Marlton, NJ son of Bridgeport Speedway Handicapper Bob.
PETE McCLUSKEY- Pete McCluskey Builders sponsor of Wall Township Speedway's George Andretta's ProStock and #1 fan.

May 16
DOUG FRENCH- Farmingdale, NJ occasional NASCAR Mod Series driver, proprietor of DFA, close friend of WMT driver Jamie Tomaino.
PETE PAVONE- Bridgeport, CT DWRS Modified driver.
GEORGE ANDRETTA- Neptune, NJ Wall Township Speedway ProStock driver/ Modified team owner,
STEVIE REEVES- Speedway, IN NNS driver.
TOM TAYLOR- Lodi, CA NASCAR West driver.
GARY DANKO- AARN Brian's brother and racing radio host.
JARROD LEHMAN- Son of AARN columnist Doc and wife Carol.

May 17
JOHN McMULLIN- Daytona based Film Producer.
JIM POWERS- Seekonk Speedway co-announcer.
JANIE DANKO- Owner of the Waterford Speedbowl John Faulkner LM.


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