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by Rev. Don Rivers

   I need to give a shout out to my good friend Walter Newcomb; he is the one that reminded me of a day that was near and dear to Rev. Pat, Armed Forces Day. With the recent developments around the world and the success of our special forces I think it is right to call to mind those who serve. Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

   Walt was a fixture on the Whelen Modified Tour when I first came on board, Walter and his cup. He always had an interesting take on the subject at hand and he wasn’t shy about sharing his thoughts. It is no wonder he and Tommy Baldwin Sr. were together, man those two could tell you some stories. Walter shared a few of them with me, the ones he could clean up and make fit for a preacher’s ears anyway; like using the modified to drive down the street to get coffee, only “The Show” could get away with that.

   Walter moved from crew member to the commentating side of things, he was a natural. I still look into the archives of Mod Series Scene to remember his eloquence with the written word. I have been known to borrow a quote or two now and then and thought I would share this one with you.

   Walter wrote in his remembrance of Rev. Pat’ “Long before we heard those asking for God’s protection for our troops by those giving an invocation at National events, Pat had made it part of his regular prayers. Evans had served in the Navy and never seemed to forget to recognize anyone for their military service. Had there been a Tour event on May 21st and Pat could have attended, he would have reminded us that it was Armed Forces Day.”

   It is with the encouragement of Walter and in Rev. Pat’s honor that I encourage you this week to remember those who serve. Saturday, May 21, is Armed Forces Day, there is a K&N race in Iowa and Rev. Dan will remember to honor and pray for those who serve us.

   In my recent columns we have been discussing what it means to serve and as I have been preparing for my Sunday Morning Messages at Emmanuel Baptist in West Springfield this verse came to mind;

John 15:13, There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.

   Every day in every corner of the world men and women have set their lives aside to protect the freedoms that we enjoy. They have put their families on hold. They have missed birthdays, weddings, births and deaths. Why, to serve us. They go to defend our right to freedom; to defend our right to go to the track of our choice and enjoy a night out watching auto racing; to defend our right to say whatever we want; to defend our right to protest; to defend our right to vote and have a say in how this country is run. We can call them friends.

   I ask that on Saturday you say thank you, if you see a uniformed serviceman or woman don’t be shy about walking up to them and extending a hand in friendship. Thank them for the sacrifice they are making on your behalf.

   America is still the greatest nation on the earth because of these men and women. People from around the world still want to come here because of the freedoms we enjoy. We need to appreciate what we have been given and recognize those who sacrifice in service to maintain it. Don’t be guilty of complacency; let them know you are thankful for their sacrifice.


   ROUGH TIMES FOR COMPETITORS AT THOMPSON - I spent Thursday night out at Thompson for their season opener. From the looks of things there is an opportunity to be had. Many things in life travel in cycles up and down and up again. I have been told the best time to invest is when the market is down, that is when you get the most for your dollar. Well if you want to get into the upper divisions, Late Model, Super Late Model or Sunoco Modified, now is the time to go for it.

   To quote my friend Walter again, I borrow from a column he wrote in 2008; “Regardless or even in spite of the economic conditions, our success and the future of local and regional racing is in our hands. Should we succeed we may call it a renaissance in Modified racing and a legacy will continue to grow. If we care not, we will be nothing more than a group of proud people who say “remember when”. The economy is likely to get worse before it gets better. Let’s do what we can together to keep our sport alive.”

   I am sure the folks at Thompson are working hard exploring the many options available to them to move things in a different direction. There is no shortage of options; in times like these everyone has an opinion and is willing to share it. The challenge comes which choices will be the best for everyone involved.

   The fact remains there is an opportunity that doesn’t happen all too often, due to the current situation of things it is the perfect time to get you feet wet in moving up the racing ladder. You will not only be able to get experience and track time but also an experienced group of people who can give you the extra attention you need to shorten the learning curve.

   Things have a way of working themselves out and I am hopeful that Thompson will make the right choices when it comes to whose opinion to listen too. I also know that now is the time to experiment and try something new. Get out there and see what you can do to make the most of the situation.

   FRIDAY NIGHT AT STAFFORD - I took the opportunity this week to head out to Stafford on Friday night. It is always feel good to head to a place that you know so well. On Friday the thirteenth it seemed appropriate that number 13 would win the SK Mod feature and TC didn’t disappoint. He won with Woody Pitkat and Ryan Preece following him home.

   They started something new this year at the driver’s meeting, they have a driver address the other competitors about what is on their mind. This week Keith Rocco did the challenging. It will be interesting to see how this is received.

   This week Rev. Dan heads to Iowa for the K&N Combo race, East vs. West. He will be joined by our Midwest Coordinator, Chuck McNeil and his wife Kelly. It will be Kelly’s first trip to the track and I am sure she will have plenty to share.

   I am headed up to Lee for the NEMA Lites appearance. Hope to see you on the road.

   Be a witness for our Lord with the ministry decals and apparel. See them at the Show Your Faith Apparel Store at www.rwjm.com. Send us your prayer and counseling needs no matter what part of our racing family you are in, or give us a call. Until next time, remember that God loves you, we love you and

Jesus is Lord over Auto Racing. GOD BLESS.

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   May God always Bless you, everyday in everyway. Rev. Don



May 18
HOWARD & MARY HODGE- This Manchester, CT racing photographer couple share their 48th.
JIM, JR AMD GINGER HAILEY- The NC LMSC driving son of Richard Childress Show Car Team Manager Jim, have their 17th anniversary.
TONY & ELIZABETH DIAS- This Riverside, RI ProStock driver and wife celebrate 26 years together.

May 19
EDDIE & ANN DENSIESKI- This Riverhead NASCAR Modified driver and wife share their special day.
JERRY AND DEBBIE LILLQUIST- This former Thompson Late Model driver and wife, now living in Myrles Inlet, SC, have their 38th anniversary.

May 21
TODD & LINDA HENSHAW- This Thompson MiniStock driver turned crewchief and wife share their 22nd anniversary.
REV. DAN & DEBBIE PETFIELD- The RWJM Vice President/KNPSE Pastor and wife share their 29th.

May 22
BILL & JANICE SWEET- Parents of Waterford SK Mod driver Brent Sweet celebrate 29 years of joyous marriage.

May 23
STEVE AND PATTY SMUDGE- The Easton, MA retired Mini Modified team owner and wife have their 40th anniversary..


May 18
ROGER OXEE- Riverhead Raceway competitor.
GARY LaMOUNTAIN- Riverhead Raceway LM driver.

May 19
JODY RIDLEY- Chatsworth, GA NASCAR All Pro Series driver.
DALE CAMPFIELD- Apalachin, NY former owner of Shangri-La (Tioga) Speedway.
SYLVIA CRUNDEN- Wife of CT ProStocker Brian.

May 20
BOB MENSCHNER- Wall Stadium's RWJM Chaplain from Waretown, NJ. Keep up the good work.
MIKE STEFANIK- Coventry, RI Whelen Modified Tour and K&N Pro Series East multi-time champion and current WMT driver.
TONY STEWART- Rushville, IN born, now in Columbus, IN car owner and driver in NSC.
ERIC NORRIS- Redondo Beach, CA NASCAR West/NNS driver.
FRED SCHIELE- Riverhead Raceway regular.
ASHLEY FULLER- A daughter of Karen and NASCAR WMT champ Jerry Marquis of Enfield, CT.

May 21
RODNEY FRANKLIN- Cross Junction, VA dirt LM driver.
DANNY ONGAIS- Hawaii born, now Santa Ana, CA IRL driver.
DAN MASON- Holland and Spencer Speedways NASCAR LM driver.
DAVE NESEMANN- Crewman on George Andretta Wall Stadium ProStock team.

May 22
BOBBIE SCHNEIDER- wife of The Old Master, Frankie Schneider, has her big day.
ERNEST WINSLOW- Scotland Neck, NC LMSC driver.
RAY DANIELS- Colorado Springs, CO NASCAR LM driver.
CLAYTON MURPHY- Plymouth, MA Regional Manager for Ferrero Candies, including Tic-Tac and a good friend to all in the K&N Pro Series and Modified Tour.
BILL POTTEIGER III- This Christian fan and Vintage Car enthusiast from Enola, PA has his birthday.

May 23
WALLY DALLENBACH, JR- NNS driver and TV commentator.
CHARLES ELMS III- Bear Ridge, VT Speedway owner and dirt Modified driver.
STEVE CHOWANSKY- Stafford Speedway WAAS SK Modified team owner.
BOB BARKER- "Mad Dog," owner of the Legends 8NY driven by Paul Rochelle III.
DALE NICKEL- This Thompson Speedway photographer is Joan's brother-in-law and photographer Scott's brother.
LISA JO WORTH- South Tom's River, NJ Nextel Cup fan and wife of Don.

May 24
RICKY CRAVEN- The Newburgh, ME NASCAR driver has turned his eforts to broadcasting.
TERRY FISHER- Sandy, OR NASCAR West driver.
JOHN SPORS- Boston, NY NASCAR KNPSE/ Holland Speedway driver.


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