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by Denise DuPont

Earl Paules Has No Other Word than Awesome!
Wednesday, February 18, 2011, New Smyrna Speed Weeks hosted the John Blewett III Memorial 50 lap race. The Tour Type Modified cars and drivers lined up all with nothing other on their mind but to win the prestigious memorial race.

This was the fourth annual event for the speedway.
Previous winners have been:
- 2008 Jimmy Blewett
- 2009 Ron Silk
- 2010 Ted Christopher.

Earlier this year, Earl Paules was not sure if he was going to make the trip down south for Speedweeks this year. But he made the decision to head to Florida loaded with sponsors, team supporters and well wishers. The trip from Palmerton, PA paid off as Paules captured a win in the Tour Type Modified division on the first night of racing at New Smyrna Speedway.

Paules did not stop there though as he notched a second win in the series. Wednesday night he drove to the front to win the John Blewett III Memorial 50-lap feature.

Earl Paules had no other words to summarize his victory than “It was awesome!”

In the end, Paules had taken the same car that John Blewett, III himself used to man for Dick Barney to victory lane. “John Blewett used to drive the same car that I drive right now. So I thought that was pretty neat that I could win that race (John Blewett III Memorial Race) with the car that he used to drive for Dick Barney.”

One could not help but note that the passing and race moves that Paules used during the John Blewett III Memorial race mirrored TC’s famous sling shot moves. When asked, Paules explained where he got the race lessons.
“You learn so much when you come down here. Here you are also off and racing and it is compared to what we do in three months in a normal racing schedule.”

“You come down here and you put almost a half a season in. This is all because I am running two divisions, with eighteen races in one week. That is a full season for somebody back home. So when we get back home and we go to our home tracks I am going to be that much more head of other racers because I have been in a car already. “

“I like the competition with some of the lead Modified drivers here. There are some good cars. You have the Myers. I have raced with the #1 car (Burt Myers) down in the North South Shootout, but I have never raced with his brother (Jason Myers). It is pretty cool.”

“It is just amazing that I can run with these guys. I am from the sticks. Nobody knows who I am. So I just keep quiet and stay in my trailer.”
So all and all it looks like the trip south paid off as night number five completed for the Mountain Speedway track champion.

When Speed Weeks comes to an end, we will see if there is another big win in the stars or out there in the full moon for Earl Paules.

Earl Paules New Smyrna Speedway Race Notes:

Does Earl Paules see any major difference on the track between his two Mods?

“In the SK there is just no power. It is not like the modified where you are carrying so much power and speed into the turn. With the SK you are not carrying that much power in to the turn. But still they are within five or six tenths of each other. It is really different. You can run these SK wide open.”

Who does Paules want to thank for this victory?

“I appreciate my guys that work for me back home in Pennsylvania. They are doing such a good job. Everything is going smooth. I have not been home all week and I have tried not to pay attention to that.”
“I want to thank my guys for keeping everything going back home.”

What is Paules Favorite Race Track?

“Thompson is definitely my favorite. There is no doubt about it that Thompson is my favorite. I got to likely this place a lot here too. It (New Smyrna Speedway) just fits my style of racing. I do not like flat tracks you cannot carry a lot of speed in the turns. So I will say Thompson and right here New Smyrna are now my favorite tracks.””

Source: Denise DuPont / TheChromeHorn.com
Posted: February 19, 2011

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