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by Denise DuPont

TC Creates History Racing Richie Evans Style

The eighth night of racing for the 45th year of racing at New Smyrna Speedway did not seem long at all even though it extended beyond midnight. There was a full moon with t-shirt warm temperatures and not an empty bleacher in sight. Then add to this the roar of the engines and fans definitely knew that the modifieds were in town.

This was the 26th year of running a 100 lap modified race at New Smyrna Speedweeks and the 25th year of the race being run in honor of Richie Evans.

As you would expect with any good modified race the leader swapped out several times (there were at least 11 lead changes that I was able to count), there was a lot of draft bumping and side by side racing. But in the end one of the best modified drivers in history Ted Christopher took the crown.

During the night, Lady Luck though was there in the wings just waiting for Ted Christopher until he needed it. Then on Lap 90 of the 100 lap feature event a late race caution came out. The #0 of John Sappraicone spun in turn four. During the caution it looked like James Civali had a tire going down but he did not pit and officials did not make a move to call him in. On the single file race restart, lead cars were three to four wide as Silk, Civali, TC and Paules all ran for the win. Civali’s tire was flat and when he came to the first turn the car came out from under him. Civali’s car spun and took Silk’s car out as the cars ran side by side. Both cars hit the second turn outside wall hard and were towed off the track. TC and Paules made it thought the wreck with TC capturing the lead.

TC went on to finish the night with his fifth Richie Evans Memorial 100 win

TC had a smile from ear to ear as he jumped out of the Joe Brady owned #00 car.
“This is the race to win down here. In memory of Richie Evans it means a lot. I have been fortunate enough to win it some other times (fortunately five times). The first set (tires) we were great. The second Set (tires) we were tight. Ronnie had a great car. James (Civali) had a pretty good car there too but I told then over the radio before we went green that he had a flat left front (tire). That had to have been the stupidest move I have ever seen in my life but I am glad that I was not on the outside of him. Hopefully both of those guys are alright.”

TC was born to race and when ever there is a race or championship to win he is right there. “Anytime that you win it is always a great feeling to win. I am fortunate enough that I keep doing it or that I am still doing it. Hopefully there are many more years to come,” TC said in victory lane.

With the close race and the top four cars evenly matched as exciting as the race was for the fans it had to have been intense for the drivers. And yes racing is always intense for TC as he focuses on one race at a time. “Modified racing is always intense. Down here it is a great show. Glad I won!”

Source: Denise DuPont / TheChromeHorn.com
Posted: February 19, 2011

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