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Ted Christopher Captures Tenth SpeedWeeks Championship
by Denise DuPont

On the last night of Tour Type Modified racing at New Smyrna Speedway the 2011 championship was a final battle between point leader Ted Christopher and second place Chuck Hossfeld. Chuck was able to capture the win, his third, as the checker flags flew but in the end he was just six points shy of winning his first New Smyrna Speedweek’s Championship. “Congratulations to those guys (#00 Joe Brady Team). I think that Teddy won the championship ten times that is pretty amazing. I want to thank my team. They did a heck of a job. I know that we did not win the championship (Tour Type Mod), but maybe next year for us”, Hossfeld said while in victory lane.

“When we put the car on the scales today, we saw we made a mistake last night and we corrected it. It (the #22 car) was as strong as it was all week. I could roll around the top and carry so much momentum. It was just a good race.”

Every race the Hossfeld #22 car came out on the track pristine and ready for racing. The car managed to race hard all week and avoid incidents. So the #22 team were one of the lucky crews that left with a car prepared to go forward in the 2011 season with minor adjustments or fixes. “This car has every same bolt and bar and everything on it (that the team came with). Our worst finish was last night and it was a seventh. That just shows you what type of championship that we had going on.”

And as the Hossfeld team packs up to go home they had a lot to be proud of. They may not have won the championship but they showed the racing community what they are made of. “I just want to thank my whole team. This is a big deal for them to come down and take all that time off and work as hard as we have. I especially want to thank Ron Hutter for a great motor and RaceWorks Chassis. This is a great car.”

The crew of the Joe Bray #00 car came to New Smyrna Speedway with one goal – to win the Tour Type Mod championship. And capture the championship they did while collecting three wins.

This was Ted Christopher’s tenth overall New Smyrna Speedweeks championship. Nine were with the Tour Type Mods and one with the SK Mods. “I want to thank Joe Brady. I always drive his car here. I want to especially thank Scott Anderson who helps and sets this car up for me every time we come to SpeedWeeks. It was a good championship win.”

The Brady team did not have the strongest car for the last race and as they sat in Championship circle they check out the car to see what happened to cause them to be a little off. “We just looked at it (#00 car) and it lost three quarters of an inch of stagger”, said TC. “With these cars stagger is a big thing. But that is not to make any excuses. It was a great run for Chuck and congratulations to him. But I am glad that we won the championship again!”

So as we prepare to head north back to the snow and cold, we dream of the NASCAR Southern Whelen Modified Tour at Caraway just weeks away followed a few weeks later by the Ice Breaker at Thompson International Speedway for the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour.

         Final Points from Speednet Direct

  Tour Type Modifieds
  Pos / Driver / Car # / City / State / Points / Behind
  1. Ted Christopher 0 Plainville CT 808 Leader
  2. Charles Hossfeld 22 Ransomville NY 802 -6
  3. Earl Paules 8 Kunkletown PA 779 -29
  4. Patrick Emerling 3 Orchard Park NY 708 -100
  5. Jimmy Zacharias 25 Candor NY 680 -128
  6. Ronnie Silk 6 Norwalk NY 646 -162
  7. Burt Myers 1 512 -296
  8. JR Swansbrough 6 492 -316
  9. Jason Myers 4 488 -320
10. Matt Clemmons 27 482 -326
11. Eric LeClair X6 Southampton MA 426 -382
12. James Civali 79 South Hadley MA 377 -431
13. Kevin Flockhart 80 346 -462
14. Ryan Preece 2X Kensington CT 342 -466
15. Dave Roys 0 326 -482
16. Edward Brunnhoelzl 9 Levittown NC 306 -502
17. Andy Petree 33 Hendersonville NC 296 -512
18. Justin Bonsignore 79X Holtsville NY 260 -548
19. Gary Putnam 77 Concord NC 188 -620
20. John Sappriacone Jr 0S 148 -660
21. Gary Fountain 33 Minneola FL 138 -670
22. Gary Frank Fleming 40 Mount Airy NC 128 -680
23. Jonny Kay 81 Deerfield Beach FL 80 -728
24. Todd Geist 81 78 -730
25. Donnie Nall 79X 68 -740
26. Jessica Murphy 12 Groveland Fl 60 -748

Source: Denise DuPont / TheChromeHorn.com
Posted: February 20, 2011

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