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Teams are Rewarded for Their Efforts

Denise DuPont

For the 2011 season George Brunnhoelzl III, returned to the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour. The move proved to be the right one with Brunnhoelzl taking his second championship. “It was definitely the right move primarily made for my life balance. We race for fun for a hobby. So to run the Northern Tour was a little bit outside our means with the travel. So moving to the south was a much smarter life decision because I can concentrate more on family. We had a good year doing it so it was a great year.”

“Besides driving a modified whether it is it in the north or south, a modified is a modified. Whether you are at Thompson or Caraway there are obviously differences but in the end they are all race tracks.”

Getting back into racing after being away since 1986, Howard Harvey has pulled together a stellar racing organization. Brunnhoelzl rewarded his car owner’s efforts this year with a NSWMT championship “It was an amazing year. I mean I got to drive for Howard and Betsy Harvey. It was a great opportunity and we had great results. Everything went well all year. Everyone got along. We had great equipment under us and we finished all the races. Received the Most Improved driver Award – It is great. Anytime you get any kind of award or any recognition it means a lot. It shows that a team can rebound from having a bad weekend and that is what ultimately makes you a championship team, when you can come back from a down week.”

Eddie Harvey was the one that convinced his father to get back into racing a couple of years ago. This move also gave the younger Harvey the opportunity to get involved with motorsports and a chance to learn from his dad’s experience. Manning a second team gave talented young Seuss the opportunity to join the team and also grow.

“It has been an amazing year, especially finishing one, two with Georgie (Brunnhoelzl) and Andy (Seuss),” said Howard Harvey about the 2011 race year. “This is only our second year back after racing several years ago. I am extremely proud of my son (Eddie Harvey) and his talent. He is both the owner and the crew chief in the #11 car. He is just an amazing kid. Years ago we raced and then he was out of it and then got back into it. He remembered everything. He (Eddie) and Andy always get along. It is just an amazing deal.”

NSWMT championship runner up Andy Seuss was given the opportunity in 2011 to move to a Harvey ride making him Brunnhoelzl.’s teammate. It was a big change and one that proved to be a good move. Seuss finished second in points and even made a shot for the championship at the end of the season with car owner Eddie Harvey behind him. ”To finish second in points and have three wins this year was all just a bonus,” said Seuss about his 2011 race season. “I had a couple of great opportunities this year. I started out the year with Bryan Fishel (#44 of Bryan Fishel Motorsports) and it did not work out that well. But I have to thank him for that.”

“When I switched over to Ideal Racing it was all just a bonus. I had kind of written the season off. We were ninth in points and almost three hundred points behind the champion. When we started to have our momentum I really got to enjoy it. There was no pressure. Then all of a sudden we had only a few races left and it was “Hey we had a shot at this!” It was kind of funny because it went from where there was no pressure and having fun to people actually talking about winning the championship. In the end we came up a little short but I cannot thank Eddie Harvey enough for giving me the opportunity especially half way through the season. Everything worked out great “

The racing season has now ended for the two Harvey Motorsport race teams. The two teams will spend their off season preparing for next year when they can continue their competition on the track. Seuss will be back behind the wheel of Eddie Harvey’s #11 an opportunity that he is very grateful for. “I am really looking forward to next year. George had four races on us, one of which he actually won. It was a hard deficit to come back from. We are looking to give him a run for his money next year.”

Now that the 2011 season has ended the southern race teams will head back to their garages like their northern counterparts and prepare for a new year and all the new challenges that they will be dealt.

Notes From Night of Champions Touring Awards Gala in Charlotte, NC.

What are you plans for 2012?

George Brunnhoelzl, III
“Next year we will do the same thing. Run for IDEAL Racing and Howard Harvey and try to go after another title.”

Howard Harvey
“We are in the process of building a new car for Georgie. Andy already has a new car and his old car. So Andy will have two rides and Georgie will also have two cars at his disposal. We plan on running for the Championship and we might be doing a little extra come this year. But it is not quite worked out yet.”

Along with the crowning of the champions several other awards were given to drivers.

NWSMT Sportsmanship Award
Andy Seuss

“Receiving the award was real cool. It caught me off guard. When I think of sportsmen I think of people that have been involved with the series a long time and people that are respected by drivers, teams and the officials. They are people that you look for at a driver meeting who have an opinion and you really listen to them. To be even considered for this award by the other drivers, teams, owners and the other officials it is pretty cool just to have their respect. It really has me a little speechless.”

NSWMT Most Popular Driver Award
Jason Myers

“The bad thing I hated about the Most Popular Driver Award was that it was on the Internet. We knew about the award coming into the Banquet. But the “Driver Achievement Award” was a huge surprise. It has been a pretty good weekend so far. I can not complain at all. I am very excited, very happy and pleased. Hopefully we will be at the head table next year.”

North Carolina State Champion
Burt Myers

“It was a very tough season. But everything happens for a reason. With my injury I missed some races and you learn the blessing in life away from what happens in racing. It is just kind of hard to come from being the champion one year and the next year not being a champion but maybe that will just make me a little hungrier for next year.”

“It has been tough but I have been blessed to take advantage of it. And I can say every time I see a champion go up to receive an award that I can say that I have been able to accomplish that myself. I have been blessed to be able to do that. My goal is to do it again in the future.”

What was your most memorable moment in 2011?

George Brunnhoelzl, III

“The specialist thing for us this year is the win at Thompson. It was really cool with just the history at that race track. It is the oldest paved track in the US and my family and Howard have raced there in the past for years. So for us to come together and get a win there was pretty amazing.”

What are your thoughts on changing the point system in 2012?

Andy Seuss

I do not know which was is better or worst for my driving style and habits. I just do not know. I just know that the best way to win a championship is to go out and win all the races and let the points do what they do. That is kind of what we always say. It will be neat and we will probably relate to it more now that the top three divisions are that way. It is simpler. I will just be going out to get all the bonus points that I can and hopefully at the end of the season George will have the Sportsman Award and I will have his Championship trophies.”

  Source: Denise DuPont / TheChromeHorn.com
Posted: December 13, 2011

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