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by Rev. Don Rivers

   We all have seen the cartoon with the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other. I am sure we have all, at one time or another, been confused about which one to follow. We know what is right and want to do the right thing, but there is still that voice in there that tells us we can do what we want. That internal struggle challenges each one of us. Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

   Have you ever bent the rules to get yourself an advantage? Have you ever taken advantage of something that you knew was a not in the spirit of the rules but they didn’t say we couldn’t do it. We all have. Yes, all of us.

   John Steinbeck wrote “if it succeeds, they will be thought of not crooked but clever.”

   There are a lot of clever people in racing. Most feel it is the only way to win, you have to be right on the edge of the rules and sometimes we even cross it. It has been said if you are not cheating, you are not trying.

   As much as we would like to get away with something so that we have an advantage over others we still have our own conscience to deal with. We may try to rationalize it away but the fact remains, we know what we have done.

Isaiah 5:20, nlt,
Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness;
Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

   One of the byproducts of cheating is a lack of peace in our lives. We can never relax, and live. We always have to concern ourselves with getting caught. We are always on the lookout for those who are watching us. We live our life looking over our shoulder to see who is looking.

   Our life in Christ should be one where we don't have to keep looking behind us to see if someone saw us do something wrong. We should be confident that our motive for everything we do is done with integrity and honesty. Everything we do should be done in a way that would please God.

   I must confess, there are some areas of my life that need some work. When I receive an email and it starts out saying that they saw the pace car somewhere I immediately think about how I was driving and whether I was polite and gracious. There are many times I would like to get even with a driver who drove in a way that offended me or put me in danger, but I must remember that getting even isn't a fruit of the Spirit, self control is.

   We have these two natures in us, good and evil and they wage a war across out hearts. We struggle with following the ways of God when the ways of evil seem so attractive.

   It is what I have always wanted.

   Everyone is doing it.

   It’s good for me, I enjoy it, although I know it’s wrong.

   We seek to place the blame on other influences; it wasn’t us, we had to because everyone else was. Even Adam blamed Eve in his sin. But right is right even if nobody is right and wrong is wrong even if everyone is wrong.

   We have changed our moral code to fit our behavior not the other way around. We have made evil behavior respectable in our society; drunkenness, lewd speech and behavior, sex, divorce, honesty to name a few that have become socially acceptable.

   We struggle with how to balance what the world calls good and what is good in the eyes of God. We need to avoid the trap set for us by the enemy. We must not call evil good and good evil; no matter how good it makes us feel. If evil wasn’t appealing it would be easy to choose.

   We’ll finish this up next week and take a look at how we can have victory in that struggle.


    GOING IN SEVERAL DIRECTIONS AT ONCE - As I reflected on the events of the past week, the places I personally visited and the reach of those who serve in this ministry, I was overwhelmed at what God is doing in the racing community. I cannot even begin to list how we have grown and how God has brought so many dedicated people to serve him through us. What a blessing.

   I was up at New Hampshire for a Whelen Modified Tour test on Tuesday, there were about a dozen teams there testing some new configurations for there upcoming event in July. Some of the teams were not excited about some of the changes and the effect they had on their car’s performance but I am sure no matter what the rule changes are they will make the adjustments necessary to make the Modified race the best one of the weekend at NHMS.

    I took Thursday off to celebrate our anniversary and Bobby Somers stepped in to cover for me. Bobby had a busy weekend himself, Thursday at Thompson, Friday at Lee USA and Saturday at Seekonk with the VMRS. He shared some thoughts.

   This week of racing had Vinetta and I covering three tracks with our first stop Thompson, Lee USA Speedway Friday night and MRS Seekonk Speedway on Saturday. Even with a 2 hr rain delay Thursday night at Thompson the action wasn’t delayed once the engines started. One of the divisions racing tonight, Lite Modifieds, having four cars for the feature race one would think there wouldn’t be much action. Two cars #3 Troy Talman and #5 Keith McDermott put on an exhibition of passing, drafting, side by side racing that sure was a fan pleaser. The Limited Late Models put on a great show with various lead changes and one driver #36 Scott Sundeen making a great charge to the front and taking the checkered flag. In the Sunoco Modifieds TC didn’t take long to lead the field with the #31 of Ryan Preece battling it out on every part of the track for the lead. It was several laps later that Preece took Christopher high in turn 4 and TC had to back out putting him back to third place. It was now the #4 of Keith Rocco trying to chase Preece down but ran out of laps with Preece taking the checkered flag.

   Lee Speedway was canceled due to severe thunderstorms in the area and the NEMA Lites returning on the 23rd of June.

   The VMRS rolled into Seekonk Speedway two weeks after Thompson Speedway and the question in everyone’s mind was did the drivers get some very aggressive driving out of there system. During the drivers meeting for the it was spelled out, if you continue to drive aggressive the wallet was going to become lighter! I don’t know how many drivers want to drive for free but Seekonk showed that maybe some do? With 29 drivers registered for the race this was possibly the strongest field of cars in New England.

   One highlights of the evening was when Vinetta and I were standing watching a practice session and a gentleman approached us. Upon pulling out of his wallet a business card he explained this story. One day Rev Pat presented me this business card and I placed it in my wallet. During the evening my wallet was lost and whoever found it removed all the money and credit cards from it. The only thing left in my wallet was a business card from Rev Pat. It goes to show you no matter what is taken away from us the presence of Jesus Christ always remains through tough times and good. Here is a gentleman that lost all his cash, credit cards, etc but was so proud of that the one thing left was the card given to him from Rev Pat. and the reading on the back.

   The Valenti Modifieds took to the track late Saturday night with many drivers pacing, waiting for the announcement to get strapped in. Once the VMRS took to the track the fans stood and cheered and were ready for some open wheel racing. It was #86 Nocella and #85 Mechalides leading the 24 Mods to the green flag. Once the green flag dropped #85 took the lead and he wasn’t giving it up very easy. In fact Louie led all 100 laps with #06 of Les Hinckley glued to his tail through out most of the race. Hinckley tried high and low and there wasn’t an inch of the track that the #85 wasn’t covering to protect his lead. One of the big movers of the night was #25 Rowan Pennink starting 18th finishing in 5th place. What looked like a great night for Les Hinckley rebounding from Thompson after a controversial crash on the back straightaway, turned ugly once again at the finish. It was unfortunate finish for Hinckley when hit on turn four pushing him back to a 4th place finish.

   WELCOMING A NEW MEMBER OF THE FAMILY - Eric Berndt was scheduled to compete in the VMRS race at Seekonk but had other priorities. Berkley Auto Racing wishes to congratulate its driver Eric Berndt and his wife Lianna on the birth of their third child. Daughter, Summer Kate was born Friday night weighing 5 pounds 3 ounces and 18 inches long. She joins sisters Brooke and brother Parker. Join us in welcoming Summer Kate and congratulating Eric and Lianna.

   SUPERS AT THE BOWL - Saturday night saw ISMA return to Waterford to give it another try and Rev. Ray was there to take in the action, he filed this report;

   You know it’s Thanksgiving when you smell the turkey roasting in the oven and you know ISMA is in town by the smell of alcohol fuel in the air. The big boys brought their fire breathing big toys to Waterford Speedbowl to put on a 50 lap show. The International Super Modified’s once again pounded the ground and shook the stands with their winged super modified cars. And put on a show they did. When the fireworks cleared in the fourth turn on the last lap, Aston, PA’s #75 Lou Cicconi crossed the finish line, closely followed by the “Ice Man” from Seville, OH #65 Tim Ice, and 3rd from London, Ontario #78 Mark Sammut. A terrific race, with wheel to wheel action that did not disappoint! If you missed the thunder this week, they will return to Connecticut to do it all over again at Stafford Speedway, Saturday, June 30th. Fair warning, Rev. Ray

   STAFFORD FRIDAY, GRESHAM SATURDAY - I headed to Safford on Friday to help out our track chaplain Ben Greenier for the Coors Light 100 lap SKMod race, but the weather had other ideas. I was able to visit with a few folks before things got going but soon had to head south.

   With an early morning flight to Atlanta we hit Gresham Motorsports Park in Georgia a little before noon. What an excellent race facility and great southern hospitality. Our west coast coordinator was in town for a shoot and Gary was able to join us out at the track.

   The race looked like there was a little hold over from Bowman Gray and the K&N drivers let the heat get the best of them. They waved the red flag three times for extended track cleanup and many cars needed significant work to get back on the trailers.

   Cale Conley set the pace but on a late race restart Kyle Larsen took the lead and the checkered flag. Although disappointed Cale knew second was much better than the finishes he experienced in his rookie season and he will be in victory lane soon.

   Kyle on the other hand brought the only one of the four Rev Racing cars still in one piece to victory lane. It was bitter sweet for them as they have significant work to get ready for the next race at Langley, as do many teams.

   TWO WHEELED ACTION - This week along with the local scene I have the honor of bringing the invocation for the Saturday events of the Loudon Classic. From there I head over to Star Speedway for the SBM 125. It should be another fun packed weekend of racing action. See you at the track.

   Until next time, be a witness for our Lord with the ministry decals and apparel. See them at the Show Your Faith Apparel Store at http://www.rwjm.com/store. Send us your prayer and counseling needs no matter what part of our racing family you are in, or give us a call. Remember that God loves you, we love you and

Jesus is Lord over Auto Racing. GOD BLESS.

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Numbers 6:24-26 "The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace."

   May God always Bless you, everyday in everyway. Rev. Don



June 13
MARCEL & CHRIS DUSSEAULT- "Deuce" and his wife from Somersworth, NH are former owners of the NASCAR KNPSE Marc Motorsports team and have their 47th anniversary.
SAL & FRIEDA MAGLIO- These fans from Scranton, PA have their 39th wedding anniversary.

June 14
DICK & PHYLLIS WOLSTENHUME- This retired Beech Ridge Speedway driving mutli-time champion and wife share their 52nd anniversary.

June 16
AREA AUTO RACING NEWS- The East's leading weekly racing publication, led by Publisher Lenny Sammons, celebrates its 47th anniversary.
DANA & LAURIE SAVARY- This Plymouth, MA Seekonk Speedway Street Stock driver and wife celebrate 31 years together.

June 17
DEBBIE AND CHRIS McMURRAY- from Catskill NY are celebrating their 7th wedding anniversary

June 19
CHRIS & LORI HALSTEAD- Point Pleasant, NJ ProStock driver at Wall Stadium and wife celebrate anniversary No. 13.


June 13
DAVEY HAMILTON- Boise, Idaho SuperModified great, now IRL driver.
RON KEYS- Nottingham, PA Sprint/ Modified driver.
SHAUN BUFFINGTON- Plainfield, CT Modified driver.
DIRK STEPHENS- Tumwater, WA NNS/All Pro/CWTS driver.
KEVIN RICHARDS- Spokane, WA NASCAR West driver.
IRENE GEHRIS- Grandview Speedway's VIP Registra and AARN Vickie's mom.
ADRAI SCHAFFER- One of Grandview Mod driver Rick and wife Donna's children.
FRANK L'ETOILE, JR.- Son of Massachusetts ProStock driver Frank and wife Beth.

June 14
JACK MILLER- Dr. Jack, Carmel, IN IRL driver.
LEVI SCHULTZ- This Quakertown, PA 250cc Micro Srpint driver at Borger's Speedway in Saylorsburg, PA.
JOEY CAVALLERO- This Wall Stadium fan and son of Tom and Sally and also the nephew of Steve "Woody" Woods and wife Tammy.

June 15
BRENT SWEET- driver of the #1 SK Mod at the Waterford Speedbowl turns 21 yrs old. He is the grandson of the Late Bill Sweet Sr. who was a 2 time champion at the "Bowl". Brent will be debuting his newly rebuilt SK on 6-16-12 one day after his "Big 21 Day"
TREVOR NICKEL- This aspiring photographer is the son of Thompson Speedway photographer Scott and Joan.

June 16
SCOTT PURSELL- Frenchtown, NJ dirt Modified driver.
VICTORY MIBELLI- Windsor, CA NASCAR West driver.
THOMAS SCHRAMM- Hulmesville, PA Legends driver.
BOB SNYDER- PA photographer.
NIKKI KITCHENS- Daughter of Birmingham, AL NNS driver, team owner Jimmy.
DAN POZZUTO- The VP of Operations for Ed Ferree's corporations based in Saxonburg, PA and team member on Ed's winning Pennsylvania Motor Speedway Big Block Late Model.

June 17
TOMMY BARRON- Ontario, NY driver of the dirt ProStock 28T at Fulton Speedway.
WAYNE SAVLUK- Lisbon, CT former Mod/ProStock driver; proprietor of Savluk's Service.
PAUL SURPRENANT- Agawam, MA based Modified driver.
ELAINE LaLUMIERE- Jefferson, NH wife of former ACT driver Rene.

June 18
GIL HEARNE- Hueytown, AL born retired multi-time Wall Township Speedway Modified champion.
JOE MAMMOLITO- Long Island retired Modified Series driver.
GAYLE FERREE- From Saxonburg, PA is the wife of Ed; championship Big Block LM dirt driver.
JILL OKULA- Daughter of Wayne, Charger Driver for #67 at Riverhead Raceway & Sharon.

June 19
SCOTT RIGGLEMAN- Howell Township, NJ ARTS Truck championship driver.


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