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by Rev. Don Rivers

   We have been studying in Lukeís Gospel, chapter 15, about things that are lost. One of the realities of losing something is that you can no longer use it. We are in the middle of a project looking for something that we know we have and if we had it in our possession it would make things easier. But the fact remains, if we donít possess it we canít use it. Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

   I have seen so many resourceful people at the race track. Some have all the special tools needed to do every job, but some donít. It is intriguing to me to see how some get around not having everything they need but still get the job done. Sometimes you come up with a better way of doing things.

   I remember one of the most resourceful race teams ever; Dion Brothers Racing. I watched them win a Busch North Race with a 13 year old chassis that just a few weeks earlier had been twisted beyond recognition. I remember talking with Dave Dion about it. He said when they originally built the car they didnít have a frame jig but they did take some measurements. We rebuilt it to those measurements and weíll see tonight if we got it right. As they stood in Victory Lane celebrating the answer was yes, they got it right,

   One of the most unique innovations they came up with was the radiator tie down strap. Yes, that is what it was, an old leather strap. Reminded me of the ones we used down on the farm to hold the milking machine on the cow. Quick change before quick change was cool! Undo the strap, slide the radiator out, put the replacement in and cinch it up. Good to go!

   Notice I didnít say new radiator, that was another trait of Dion Racing, why buy new when you can make due with reconditioned. They recycled everything they could, long before we all started to think about it. Getting full use out of something was a hallmark of their team. I am sure they had at least one of every piece of their race car in their hauler; it just needed some freshening up.

   How useful are we to God? Are we ready and willing to take on any task He requires of us? There are two important components of usefulness, possession and willingness. This passage from Luke talks about a woman who lost a coin. The coin still had value, but she couldnít use it until she had it in her possession.

Luke 15:8-10; Parable of the Lost Coin, ďOr suppose a woman has ten silver coins and loses one.
Wonít she light a lamp and sweep the entire house and search carefully until she finds it?
And when she finds it, she will call in her friends and neighbors and say,
ĎRejoice with me because I have found my lost coin.í In the same way,
there is joy in the presence of Godís angels when even one sinner repents.Ē

   Money is an interesting thing; you canít use it unless you have it. I know about credit cards and loans, but did you ever notice the main requirement for getting those is not needing them. Before they give you money, they want to know you have enough to pay them back! If I had the money I wouldnít be here asking for a loan!

   We canít use other peopleís money unless they give it to us and are willing to let us use it. I know there is the whole identity theft thing, but that is a topic for another day. To use it you have to have it.

   To be useful to God He needs to have possession of our lives. Have we given our life to Him? I mean really allowed him to fill us with His Spirit?

   Think of it this way, there are two water bottles, one full, one empty; if you are thirsty which one is more useful? The one filled with water. But what if you donít have one? What if the only one you have is empty?

   We can be like these water bottles, one is full and one is empty. Letís see what happens when we put them under pressure. The empty bottle with no integrity inside is easily crushed under the pressure.

   Just like that bottle those of us who are not filled with Living Water, the Holy Spirit; without that integrity we will be crushed under pressure. Everything that is not filled with the fullness of God can be destroyed. Look at it, its shape and usefulness is no more.

   But the full bottle, full of the Spirit will be able to resist pressure effectively. Look at what happens when we put it under pressure. It can withstand the pressure, even if we drop it, it will bounce back. Itís full on the inside of "the good stuff" so the outside does not cave in.

   We need to decide which condition we want to live our lives in, filled and useful or unfilled and useless, strong and resilient or crushed.

   This passage teaches us some important things. While we all have the same value to God, we are not useful to Him if we are not His. It is necessary for Him to possess our entire lives; just having His presence isnít enough.

   We must allow Him to fill us with His Spirit and be willing to let Him lead our lives. God will not force us; He will patiently wait for us to invite him in. Just like the crushed bottle can be restored so can our lives. God can restore us, fill us and use us for His Glory.

   Are we lost, are our lives of no use to God?

   We need to remember that just because it is lost doesnít mean it has lost its value. Everyone has value in Godís eyes. We need to find that which is lost. That was the mission of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ; he came to seek and save the lost.

   Find your life, allow God to restore it, fill it and make it whole. Then be willing to let God use you. The fullness of the Holy Spirit will allow you to resist the pressure and maintain your integrity. Donít go through life empty and crushed. Be filled with the good stuff, the water of life.

   Let God use you!



    RAIN, RAIN GO AWAY - What a weekend, it seems everything was washed out but there were a few races that managed to get in between the raindrops. Stafford was able to run Friday night and the rescheduled VMRS race from Thursday was able to sneak in on Sunday afternoon at Thompson; everything else needed to be rescheduled.

   I was on Long Island for the WMT race Saturday night at Riverhead but boat races would have been more the order of the day. I went over to the track on Saturday and checked things out. Banners were torn down from the wind and a pond prevented me from even getting down the driveway. I watched a dually drive through and when the meatball disappeared in the water I figured I would just turn around and find something else to do.

   Lynda and I came down on Friday to celebrate my birthday along with the race. With the race postponed to September 15, we had all the time in the world to enjoy ourselves. After a birthday dinner at Elbow East, a sponsor and good friend of Buzz Chew Racing, we relaxed and enjoyed some time at the beach courtesy of the Goodale family. Thanks goes out to Nancy, Edgar, Eric and Amanda for coming up with a great plan and allowing us to use the beach bungalow. We had a great time regardless of the weather.

   Sunday I spoke at Mattituck Presbyterian Church at both the 9 and 11 oíclock services. I was received well and very encouraged by all that attended. What a way for a racing pastor to spend his birthday, preaching Godís word and sharing his passion for the racing family. God is good!

   This week Rev. Dan with be with the Whelen Modified Tour at Stafford and Iíll be making the trip to Iowa for the K&N guys. I may get sidetracked and head down to Knoxville for the nationals, but weíll have to see about that.

   Until next time, be a witness for our Lord with the ministry decals and apparel. See them at the Show Your Faith Apparel Store at http://www.rwjm.com/store. Send us your prayer and counseling needs no matter what part of our racing family you are in, or give us a call. Remember that God loves you, we love you and

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   May God always Bless you, everyday in everyway. Rev. Don



August 2
PAUL & ROSE TEETER- From Ithaca, NY, this NY Antique Race Car enthusiasts have their 20th anniversary.

August 6
RICH and PAT DURANTI - This LM driver from the Waterford Speedbowl and his wife celebrate 35 years of marriage.

August 7
SCOTT & HEATHER PUNCH- This NNC crewman and wife in Claremont, NC have their 12th anniversary.


August 1
BOB KESELOWSKI- Rochester, MI NSCS & NNS driver.
FIL MARTOCCI- NSC's FiLmar Racing Team owner.
GLORIA HANNA- Amsterdam, NY Fonda Speedway fan.
LISA ROMANO- This lady is in Appomattax, VA, the sister of Laura Dennis and another huge Jamie Tomaino WMT fan.
CONNOR McELEARNEY- The son of Riverhead LM driver Paul and wife Michelle of Commack, NY.
JIM BARNES- This Long Island Kyle Busch fan celebrates his big day.

August 2
ROBIN LaHUE- Wife of Northfield, VT White Mountain Motorsports Park (NH) driver, Don.
JOHN FITZGERALD- Happy Birthday to the son of Riverhead Enduro and demo regular Terrence and Christine.

August 3
GREG RAY- Plano, TX IRL driver.
BOB MARTI- Crewman on the 57 WAAS Modified at Stafford.
CAROL SAVLUK- Wife of former Modified driver, Wayne, of Lisbon, CT.
JOANN SCHERER- Sister of Northampton, PA NASCAR WMT driver Eric Beers.
DILLON ZACHARIAS- The son of Modified driver and part of the track management team Rick and wife Pam.
BRENDA VENTH- Daughter of former Harbach X90 Modified crewman George Venth.

August 4
JAMIE AUBE- Charlotte, VT NASCAR Former KNPSE driver, three-time champion and now crew chief.
SHAWN PARKER- NH driver, son of Parker's Express Trucking owner Ted.
JEFF GORDON- Multi-time Nextel Cup champion driver of the Hendricks Motorsports.

August 5
DON SCERENCITS- Northampton, PA AARN Subscrition Sales Field Rep.
KIP STOCKWELL- Vermont based NASCAR KNPES/late model driver and now farmer.
RICH WOODLAND, JR.- Templeton, CA NASCAR West driver.
KEVIN LITTLEFIELD- Salem, NH fabricator/crewman on the former #77 NASCAR KNPSE team.
JACK FLOWERS- Charlotte, NC NSC writer.
KYLE GUENNETTE- Son of Fairfield, CT fan "Fast Eddie".
ELISABETH MINTER- A daughter of Martinsville, VA WODY Radio's "Uncle Wendell" and wife Deloris.

August 6
EDDIE MARSHALL- NY D.I.R.T. Modified driver.
CRAIG RAUDMAN- Redding, CA NASCAR West driver.
JEB BURTON- Son of former NSC driver Ward and wife Tabitha.
DEBBIE DIONNE- Wife of Gary, both of Acton, CA RWJM Counselors and Gary a Hollywood car stuntman and RWJM West Coast Coordinator.

August 7
BRUCE D'ALLESANDRO- East Hartford, CT former Riverside Park and NASCAR WMT driver.
AL HANNA- CT based alchohol Funny Car driver.
RICHIE YANETTA, Sr.- Of Bridgewater, NJ, the father of Go-Kart drivers Rich, Jr. and Jeff.


MARIA PARES - Mom of photographer Michael was admitted to the hospital last week for pneumonia, she will be 94 on August 4th. Please keep her and the entire Pares family in your thoughts and prayers.


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