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by Rev. Don Rivers

   From time to time I turn the column over to one of our Chaplains to share what the Lord has put on their heart. This week Pastor Scott Kraniak, Riverhead Raceway Chaplain shared how he found his way to the track.

   Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

   So how does a Pastor go from serving Christ in the local church, singing hymns and worship songs, Bible studies and prayer to burnouts and fast cars? This is my story: One of a Pastor called to serve Christ, yet one who ended up serving Him in a most unusual way. A story of a Pastor being known by many as the Pastor who burns rubber. Funny, but I don’t know if that’s a good legacy to leave behind but I guess if it’s one that also includes leading people to Christ; then its all good as all things work together for good (Romans 8:28).

   Born in the sixties, growing up in the late seventies and eighties, there are some things you cannot avoid; Big hair, Rock and Roll, and fast cars. God and religion was not a part of that list, but being cool was. I would spend many a night with my friends burning rubber and doing, as we call it, “Smoke Shows”.

   Jumping up a few dozen years I found myself in an odd place, in my thirties, a Christian, going to church and growing closer to the God. Add a few years more and I’m a Deacon, then Elder, then Pastor of my own Church. WOW! Never would have guessed in a million years.

   So I’m doing this Church - Christian thing, but still there is a desire that never went away; cars, fast cars, cool cars, racing. So how do I bring the two together? Can it be done? Would God say its ok?

   Well one day as I was checking out a local cruise night, and loving all the cars from my youth, I get this crazy idea. I look at all these people who love cars, power and speed and think “I bet most of these guys never go to church, or if they do, it’s not much. Hmmm, how can I bring God to them? He cares about them. He loves them! He loves us all and why can’t we reach these people where they are at, just as Jesus would do.”

   Well, I thought, in order to get creditability with these people I must prove to them that I truly am one of them. What I really need is a hot rod. Being the Pastor of a small church I didn’t have the money for a cool car, BUT being a Child of a BIG God, He has access to everything.

   So while I was praying and waiting for a car to appear I did the next best thing. I took my family’s then new 2004 Suburban and tricked it out a bit; new air intake system, Hi-Po exhaust system. I did all that I could to make it go from family cruiser to weekend Hot Rod toy.

   Then I thought I need a name for the ministry, something that would catch their eyes and get me in. I had the cool Suburban (NOT) but at least it was something. I decided to call it “V8’s for Christ”. I had some signs, posters and handouts made. I had a theme “V8’s for Christ - Sharing our love for power by telling others of God’s powerful Love”. I started going to the shows with my waxed up Burb.

   Truth be told, it was not cutting it and I knew I needed more. Little did I know that the Lord was watching me as I made a fool of myself for Christ. Little did I realize that those who are faithful in little He will make ruler over much (Matt 25:21). About a year later I was out to lunch with an old co- worker/mechanic/friend. I shared with him what I was doing and how I prayed that one day I could actually have a real hot rod, he stopped me right there and said, “You need a Hot Rod for God, you got one”.

   That person was George Muse, a long time car collector and drag racing crew chief, but even more, he was also a Christian who loved Jesus Christ. Next thing I knew George was pulling up to my Church in a 1965 Comet Cyclone and handing me over the keys. She was black with red interior set up for drag racing and in need of a little tender loving care. It wasn’t long until that Comet was shining and looking great. What was even more amazing was George Muse, the owner, gave me the car never to be driven by him again for the most part. He pays the insurance, registration and for any big repairs. It is in his name still but he lets me keep it and beat on it. Wow that’s faith in God.

   Well to speed things up a bit, no pun intended, the car show ministry took off good at first. I started getting other guys who loved God and fast cars too. They would park with me and it went along well for a while. I was even asked to be lead car for a local radio station annual run and open the event in prayer. I then placed the car in local parades. All this was ok but I wasn’t getting what I really wanted. I wanted to really see people moved for God.

   Well this brings us up another year while I was in, of all places, California visiting my sister. I’m there on vacation and my sister gets a call from a friend, who happens to be the friend of the President of Racing with Jesus from Connecticut. My sister is telling her friend about my ministry in New York and she relates it to her husband who is friends with Rev. Don. Next thing I know, I’m on the phone in California with Rev. Don talking about a need on Long Island in New York. He asks me if I know of a place called Riverhead Raceway. I say, “Yeah, it’s about thirty minutes from where I live”. He tells me there is a need there for a Track Chaplain.

   Only problem was I was not really a NASCAR type guy, I was more of a street racing - custom car show guy, but it did sound interesting. He told me they had a Priest there for many years but now they were without anyone. Next thing I knew I was meeting Rev. Don at the track on Long Island. It looked cool and fun but I was very nervous about it and didn’t know if it would work. Rev. Don kept giving me encouragement to at least try it and see how it goes.

   One question I had was “Can I use my Mercury Comet somehow”? He said sure, we will get some Racing with Jesus signs made up and you’ll be on your way. Now, me being a drag racer at heart, my heart started beating faster the first Saturday night when I saw that they started each race with a parade of cars during the National Anthem. I naturally asked the track, “Hey, can I take my car out too”? So I take out the car that first day, about 6 years ago. I remember stopping at the Victory Lane spot as announcer Bob Finan spoke about each pace car and then made a mention about my car. When those cars started moving I couldn’t help myself and I laid a little rubber. I quickly asked, after the fact, if that was ok and they said sure.

   Well that began a tradition of doing burn outs at the beginning of each race. First small ones, then, once I learned that the car had Line Lock installed, I started doing some monster smoke shows.

   It took a few years, but I started to become more and more accepted by the racers there. They are a great bunch of people but they needed to feel me out. Many times I would tell Rev. Don “I don’t think I’m going to do this anymore. I just feel like I’m wasting my time”. Yet every year Rev. Don would talk me into staying.

   Actually, my wife Julie would hammer me the most about sticking with it. I remember Rev. Don saying over and over again, this ministry takes time. These are great people but they need to know you love them and care about them. Next thing I knew I was doing weddings and funerals. Visiting racers at the hospital and counseling some. Some would see the car at the track then see it at a car show or parade and say, “Hey that’s Pastor Scott, the burn out guy”. Soon I couldn’t go anywhere without people coming up to me. One time I was in my family car which had the church name on the back and Racing with Jesus Stickers. I was at a light and a cop pulled up next to me and tells me to roll down my window. I think I’m in trouble and he goes, “Hey are you that guy from Riverhead Raceway?

   Well, that’s the story, and it continues on and grows. My Church now supports the ministry and car financially, people give money on their own, and others like Mike Munez provide parts when I need them. Yes, I do use tires but believe it or not I’m only on my second set going on seven years.

   As for Riverhead Raceway, I have come to love all the people and staff at the track and I think most like me too. I have even gotten some to come out to church, give their lives to Christ and get involved in my church. I have a man who saw me at the track who needed counsel who ended up being a good friend. He has a 1955 Chevy Hot Rod that we will be using as a back up burn out Racing with Jesus car.

   God sure is amazing, and if we don’t give up and are faithful when no one is watching, He will do amazing things in our lives. I am looking forward to the next step as God moves this ministry into the next place it is meant to go. So thank you Rev. Don, George Muse, Riverhead Raceway, owners of the track Barb and Jim and, yes, Jesus Christ for allowing me to have fun and serve God, all the while still being cool.

   Side note: The funniest things I was ever asked was “Is it ok for a Minister to do burn outs”? I said, I don’t see any anti-burn out commandments and it is on a track. I think they like the burn outs!

   Thanks for reading along I’m Pastor Scott Kraniak, Centereach Bible Church and Track Chaplain Riverhead Raceway New York.

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