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Hinckley Did It His Way To Capture
Second 2012 VMRS Wins

by Denise DuPont

The Valenti Modified Racing Series (VMRS) headed to Canaan, Fair Speedway, Canaan, NH for the fifth annual “Ricky’s Race for Kids, 112-lap modified race. The race honors the memory of the late Ricky Miller, a popular modified champion that died in 2004 from injuries suffered in a racing accident. The annual event benefits David’s House a home away from home for families with ill or injured children receiving treatment through Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, NH.

Jon McKennedy started the race on the pole and led the field right up until the first caution. On the race restart, Les Hinckley passed McKennedy to take over the lead. Hinckley had a perfectly setup car and dominated the rest of the race. “It did not seem like there were going to be a whole lot of cautions so I got to the lead and then got into a comfortable pace where the car felt good.”

Chris Pasteryak, sat in third for thirty laps and then made the move of the race. He leveraged lapped traffic to go three wide to take over second place from Jon McKennedy. “Things do not always workout. I am glad that nobody got wrecked. If I go back and look at it I do not know if I would do it again. ”

Les Hinckley now had slick Pasteryak in his rear view mirror. Pasteryak made the #06 team kept their eyes open. “They told me that I had a pretty good gap between me and Chris,” said Hinckley. “As the race played out, cars strung out more on the track. I just drove to what I felt the car needed. I did not have to back off too much.”

Maintaining his lead over Pasteryak, Hinckley crossed the finish line to take his second 2012 race win. This victory meant a lot to Hinckley who competed in Pro Stock cars with Ricky Miller. “We will take it. Winning races is the fun part of racing and that is what we come here to do. The car did not back up at all. That was what I had for the race and I was not holding too much back.”

Winning car owner Chuck Montville was all smiles in victory lane. The team worked hard to get this win and they were finally rewarded for their efforts. “We have wanted to win this “Rick’s Race for Kids” for a long time now and it has finally happened. Tonight the car was just incredible. It was just so, so fast. Our motor guy Bob Bruneau was here to watch see the win and that was just awesome. Les had the car going on rails a round the corner I could not be more proud of Les and the whole team. It was a great night.”

Supporter of the #06 race team, Debbie Marquis, once again had all the right words for this win. “I am finally glad that we won the race for what the race represents: David’s House, “Ricky’s Race”. Les, Butch and Ricky go so far back. I really wish that “John Boy” (Hoyt) were here because he started this whole thing. I can’t believe it. No I really do believe it because we had an awesome car. And Les did a fine job. We won our first “Ricky Race” maybe our luck in turning around. This is awesome it finally happened.”

Chris Pasteryak finished in second place after never finding a way to catch the leader. “I do not know if I ever could catch up with the #06 tonight, he was really hooked up. It was another good run for us and we will take it and go forward. “

So the three wide pass for second gave Pasteryak the edge he needed to chase the leader. But Hinckley was really hooked up and there was no catching him. “I was thinking that we would get another caution a heck of a lot sooner than we actually did. Maybe I should have gone harder, you never know. But what are you going to do? I finished in second place. We are happy we will take it. If I were to go back and do it differently after we lined up after the yellow, I would do the exact same thing. “

Rowan Pennink drove across the state of New Hampshire after a sixth place NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. He jumped in the car once he arrived at Canaan just in time to qualify the #25 Gary Casella. He qualified eighth and knew that he needed a strategy to get to the front on the short tight track. “It is a real fast track and it has a lot of grip, so it is a fun track to race. We had a really good car. It was a strong run for the #25 team. Les started up front and was able to conserve his tires a little more than we did.”

“We came from eighth and got into third. Les on the other hand was able to conserve and save his stuff to the end. Chris (Pasteryak) and I on the other hand had to use up a little more to get up there to run with him. It is a tough track to pass on. You could be 2/10ths faster than some body and it could take ten, fifteen or twenty laps to pass them, even if you are way faster than them.”
The VMRS teams will now prepare for a return to Thompson Speedway on Thursday, July 26th. Teams will shift plans as they go from a small oval to the largest track on the series schedule. See you there.

Race Notes From Canaan Speedway:

Some of the VMRS will make the run to compete in the “Open Wheel Wednesday” event at Seekonk Speedway on Wednesday July 18th. With a purse of $10,000 to win teams are ready to start counting the wad!

Chuck Montville
“I will use the race winnings from Canaan for sure. I will use it to go to Seekonk next Wednesday to try to win $10,000 more.”

Chris Pasteryak
“Now we will go on to Seekonk on Wednesday night. It is a good race. It is $10,000 to win. We have to go and support it so they will keep having it every year. I always look forward to “Open Wheel Wednesday”.

The #05 race team has had a slow start to the 2012 VMRS race season. What are Canaan Fair Speedway’s race winner’s thoughts on the season for the team so far?

Les Hinckley
“Things are going well. The beginning of the season was tough. Everybody struggles at different points in the season, but that is what racing is. If we win races then that is the fun part. And the rest will take care of itself. We will take it (the win).“

Source: Denise DuPont / TheChromeHorn.com
Posted: July 15, 2012

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