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Modified stock car driving invaders Matt Hirschman of Northampton, Pa. and Zane Zeiner of Bath, Pa. took the lion’s share of the weekend purses and the Turkey Derby trophies back to the Keystone State by splitting main event wins in the season ending stock car classic. It was the first Turkey Derby victory for each driver after several attempts.

In the touring Modified 150-lapper, Hirschman was a factor from start to finish as he wrestled Howell’s Jimmy Blewett, Zeiner, Freehold’s Steven Reed and brothers Danny and Michael Bohn, both of North Carolina, for the top spot. Hirschman finally powered past Blewett in the outside lane for the final time with 19 laps remaining to take the lead and the eventual win.

Danny Bohn then wrestled with Blewett before stealing away second in the closing laps. Michael Bohn was fourth and Ken Barry was fifth.

In the Wall/SK Modified 100-lapper, Blewett led the initial 30 circuits until mechanical failure forced him out of the race. Howell’s Eric Mauriello then took command before Michael Gervais took the top spot after a round of pit stops. Zeiner came thundering through the pack before taking the lead for good with an inside lane pass with just 20-laps remaining.

Anthony Sesely of Matawan recovered from early race trouble for second, while Mauriello was third. Steven Reed and Tim Arre of Toms River were fourth and fifth.

After setting fast time in qualifying, Holmdel’s Andrew Krause raced to the win in the 40-lap main event for the Dirt Modified cars. Joey Payne fought for the top spot most of the way before finishing second, while Rich Coons, Dave Hunt and Jimmy Weiss were third through fifth.

Also on Saturday, Ken Matlach of New Hyde Park, N.Y. won the 50-lap Street Stock feature after coming from the rear of the field twice and fighting for the lead with eventual runner-up Nick Shaw of Chatham. Ray Minieri, Mike Williams and Derek Hopkinson were third through fifth.

Joey Payne won Saturday’s TQ Midget main event over Ryan Tidman and Robin Johnston.

During Friday’s day one of Turkey Derby, Zack Alspach of Willingboro took the win in a wild 50-lap Sportsman main event. Eric Mauriello was second, while Marc Nappi of Howell, brother Joe Nappi, also of Howell, and Manasquan’s Ken Van Wickle completed the top five.

In other Friday action invader Kyle Ellwood grabbed his first ever Wall Stadium win in the Legend Cars 35-lapper over Ryan Flores and Kevin Nowak. Shanon Mongeau of Farmingdale won the 40-lap Factory Stock main event over Joe Mongeau and Ronnie Mullen.

Also on Friday, Rob Ormsbee of Wall won the Late Model 35-lapper over Zane Zeiner and Alfano, while Mitch Bombard topped Scott Adams and Todd Pilla in the 4 Cylinder 40-lap main event.

Sunday action wrapped up the three-day Turkey Derby with Ricky Williams winning the 75-lap 4 Cylinder main event over Pete Zakartz and Scott Adams. Joe Mongeau won the 50-lap Factory Stock main event over Shanon Mongeau and Rob Longo. The 10-lap Ladies’ Race was won by Billy Jo Michel over Lisa Danish, Lisa Matthews and Maryanne Meli.

In Sunday Demolition Derby action Brian Savoy took top honors over Jason Savoy and Anthony Brookshire. Brookshire was the Fan Favorite, while Justin Dunn was voted to have the Most Attractive car and Ryan Bigley’s mount was crowned Most Wrecked.

With the 2012 racing season now complete plans are already in high gear for the 2013 racing season at the “shore speedway.” Officials plan on announcing a spring season opening date and a complete 2013 schedule soon.

Wall Stadium presents professional motorsports events on most Saturdays and Sundays during the summer months. The speedway is located on Route 34 in Wall Township, N.J., just one mile north of Garden State Parkway exit 98 and Interstate 195 exit 35B. The speedway hotline number is 732-681-6400, while CKMotorsports@aol.com is the track’s email address. More information is also available at www.wallspeedwayracing.com.

TOURING MODIFIED FEATURE – 150 Laps – 1. MATT HIRSCHMAN, NORTHAMPTON, PA., 2. Danny Bohn, 3. Jimmy Blewett, 4. Michael Bohn, 5. Ken Barry, 6. Tim Arre, 7. Zane Zeiner, 8. Les Hinckley, 9. Chuck Hossfield, 10. Kyle Ebersole, 11. Tom Barrett, 12. Ron Silk, 13. Tommy Farrell, 14. Shaun Carrig, 15. Ken Darch, 16. Steven Reed, 17. Brian DeFebo, 18. John Markovic, 19. Danny Sammons, 20. Jamie Tomaino, 21. Billy Cole, 22. Don King, 23. Bill Weichert, 24. Ken Woolley, 25. Jason Treat, 26. Rowan Pennink

WALL/SK MODIFIED FEATURE – 100 Laps – 1. ZANE ZEINER, BATH, PA., 2. Anthony Sesely, 3. Eric Mauriello, 4. Reed, 5. Arre, 6. Woody Pitkat, 7. Michael Gervais, 8. Roger Coss, 9. Craig Lutz, 10. Ron Frees, 11. James Prichard, 12. Keith Rocco, 13. Scott Branick, 14. Matt Prymzewski, 15. Jonathan Mandato, 16. Matt Hirschman, 17. Treat, 18. Dave Cranmer, 19. Blewett, 20. Chas Okerson, 21. Silk, 22. Adam LaCicero, 23. Shawna Ingraham, 24. Christian LaCicero, 25. Chris Reynolds, 26. Tom Cottrell

DIRT MODIFIED FEATURE – 40 Laps – 1. ANDREW KRAUSE, HOLMDEL, 2. Joey Payne, 3. Rich Coons, 4. Dave Hunt, 5. Jimmy Weiss, 6. Tom Carberry, 7. John Aumick, 8. Eric Engstrom, 9. Chuck Potts, 10. Joe Stangle, 11. Allan Bleacher, 12. Marty Saxton, 13. Dom Buffalino, 14. Mark Levy, 15. James Amato

STREET STOCK FEATURE – 50 Laps – 1. KEN MATLACH, NEW HYDE PARK, NY, 2. Nick Shaw, 3. Ray Minieri, 4. Mike Williams, 5. Derek Hopkinson, 6. Jim Downey, 7. Derek Stacheck, 8. Eric Zeh, 9. Paul Morgan, 10. Mike Tillett, 11. Keith Rocco, 12. Marc Rogers, DQ Dominic Casola

SPORTSMAN FEATURE – 50 Laps – 1. ZACK ALSPACH, WILLINGBORO, 2. Eric Mauriello, 3. Marc Nappi, 4. Joe Nappi, 5. Ken Van Wickle, 6. Andrew Krause, 7. Kevin Davison, 8. Robert Sutphin, 9. Trevor Alspach, 10. Robert Vassilatos, 11. Andy Jankowiac, 12. Dave Bailey, 13. Elliott Wohl, 14. Joe Cocca, 15. Joey King, 16. Mike Smith, 17. Adam Gordon, 18. Matt Langbein, 19. Rich Ely

LEGEND CARS FEATURE – 35 Laps – 1. KYLE ELLWOOD, RIVERHEAD, NY, 2. Ryan Flores, 3. Kevin Nowak, 4. Austin Langenstein, 5. Greg Harris, 6. Zack Alspach, 7. Vincent Coletti, 8. Robert French, 9. Brett Coon, 10. Matt Maring, 11. Joe Fresco, 12. Jim Sylvester, 13. Eugene Drew, 14. Trevor Alspach, 15. Steve Smith, 16. Mike Alcaro, 17. Ronnie Milroy, 18. Shanon Mongeau, 19. Richard Davidowitz, 20. Brian Kelly, 21. Kyle Dealaman, 22. Steven Woytysiak, 23. Artie Pedersandt, DQ Casey Robicheau

FACTORY STOCK FEATURE – 40 Laps (Friday) – 1. SHANON MONGEAU, FARMINGDALE, 2. Joe Mongeau, 3. Ronnie Mullen, 4. Steve Michel, 5. Roy Farfel, 6. Matt Guadago, 7. Joey Helberg, 8. Pat Grippaldi, 9. Tiffany Olejnik, 10. Lee Annen, 11. Tim O’Shea, 12. Chris Felber, 13. Jim Animal, 14. Ed Bischoff, 15. Vern McLaughlin, 16. Steve West, 17. Jack Patterson, 18. Chris Allen, 19. Josh Matthews, 20. Andrew Krause, 21. Jeff Miller, 22. Rob Hurley, 23. Scott Riggleman, 24. Bill Stockert, 25. Jim Downey

FACTORY STOCK FEATURE – 50 Laps (Sunday) – 1. JOE MONGEAU, 2. Shanon Mongeau, 3. Rob Longo, 4. Chris Allen, 5. Steve Michel, 6. Joey Helberg, 7. Lee Allen, 8. Chris Felber, 9. Eric Graham, 10. Josh Matthews, 11. Bill Stockert, 12. Jim Animal, 13. Ronnie Mullen, 14. Ed Bischoff, 15. Jack Patterson, 16. Bob Wyckoff, 17. Matt Guadago, 18. Joe Stongvila, 19. Jim Downey, 20. Scott Dunn, 21. Mike Tash

LATE MODEL FEATURE – 35 Laps – 1. ROB ORMSBEE, WALL, 2. Zeiner, 3. Kenny Alfano, 4. Dave Macomber, 5. Derek Stacheck, 6. Mike Scorzelli, 7. Mike Tillett, 8. Derek Hopkinson, 9. Jared Hayes

4 CYLINDER FEATURE – 40 Laps (Friday) – 1. MITCH BOMBARD, 2. Scott Adams, 3. Todd Pilla, 4. Dave Wilson, 5. James Myers, 6. Pete Zakartz, 7. Andrew Krause, 8. Brien Crosby, 9. Mike Bilello, 10. Ronnie Mullen, 11. Scott Dunn, 12. Joe Deguillo, 13. George Idell, 14. Melissa Calvette, 15. Jamie Tomaino, Jr., 16. Mike Dorrer, 17. Joe Garey, 18. Walter McEntire, 19. Frank Shepard, 20. Mike Dunn, 21. Dan Birdsall, 22. Chuck McDonald, 23. Justin Dunn, 24. Cole Ormsbee, 25. Mike Wohl, 26. Chris Gorman

4 CYLINDER FEATURE – 75 Laps (Sunday) – 1. RICKY WILLIAMS, 2. Zakartz, 3. Adams, 4. Wohl, 5. Scott Dunn, 6. Birdsall, 7. Mullen, 8. James Meyers, 9. Justin Dunn, 10. Ryan Keyes, 11. Garey, 12. Mike Dorrer, 13. Howard Efron, 14. Pete McDonald, 15. John Webster, 16. Kevin Hirschfeld, 17. Idell, 18. Andy Jankowiak, 19. Mike Dunn, 20. Joe DeGuilio, 21. Jamie Tomaino, Jr., 22. Andrew Krause, 23. Bombard, 24. Gorman, 25. Crosby, 26. Calvette, 27. Bob Drayton, 28. McIntyre, 29. Dan Killus, 30. Chuck McDonald, 31. Frank Shephard

Source: Jeff Gravatt / Wall Stadium Speedway
Posted: November 26, 2012

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