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Dwight Jarvis Scores
his Seventh Career VMRS Victory

Denise DuPont/Polly Reid

Valenti Modified Racing Series (VMRS) veteran Dwight Jarvis, of Ascutney, VT., captured his first win of the 2013 race season Saturday night, winning the ‘Firecracker 100’ at Monadnock Speedway, Winchester, NH. The series returned to Monadnock for its second race this season as it continues to celebrate its tenth anniversary of racing. Jarvis on the other hand has marked his own milestone, celebrating 40 years of racing.

It all started early in the 1970’s when Dwight Jarvis’ relationship to his now wife Bonnie gave him an opportunity to jump behind the wheel of her father’s modified. Jarvis was young, showed talent and had what it took to beat some of the local track dominate champions. “I started driving my father-in-law’s car here when Bonnie and I were going together. At that time Dave Grantz was winning every race at Claremont. Bonnie’s dad said ‘We are going to put a car together and beat him.’ And half-way through 1973 we started and at the end of the year we did beat him.” Dave

After that there was no stopping Jarvis. He has competed in both weekly modified and VMRS racing when he can. He also knows a race track and how to make it work for him for a win. “I have a lot more laps around here (Monadnock Speedway) them most of the other guys in this series. But they are all supposedly professionals and I am just an ‘Old Farmer’. I owe all of my years of racing to Bonnie, her father and my family for sticking with me for all those forty years of doing this.”

During April’s VMRS race at Monadnock, Dwight Jarvis’s #28 car suffered so much damage in his heat race that he could not finish. His crew spent the evening pulling the car together just to get it back into the hauler. “It is incredible! We had this car stripped down to the bare frame. Then beyond that we had the frame cut away and replaced. We took the car to the Seekonk race and we were so happy to finish second. A win here tonight is phenomenal.” Jarvis said all smiles in the pits. “I cannot explain how glad we are to be in victory lane. The crew worked real hard on this car. Mike puts some much work, time and effort in it.”

Tonight was a very different from that night in April for the #28 race team. They won their heat race, started the main feature sixth and set their sites for the checkers at the end. “I know when we got here and unloaded that the thing (#28 car) was fast. We kind of played with a little colder setup and we also had a chip on our shoulder when we got here. We went out in our heat and it (the car) felt real good so we did not change much for the main. We just saved the car until the end. Then Mike my crew chief told me “We have got to go.” And that was when I started to go forward. Before that we saved the car while we watched all the excitement. “

Chris Pasteryak started on the outside pole and ran with the front pack of cars until he passed Rob Goodenough for the lead around lap 37. Pasteryak did not look back as he dominated the lead spot caution after caution. Then a late race restart found him spinning his wheels as the green flag flew. Dwight Jarvis took advantage and charged to the lead on lap 87.

So after his 50 laps of running in the lead, Pasteryak fell back into second where he finished the race. “We had a pretty good night. Just on the last restart I stepped on it and I spun the tires. Dwight stepped on it at the same time and he took off while I was just sitting there. My crew told me that Dwight was coming, so I started to make my move. So I started to turn it up a little bit with 18 to 20 laps to go. Then I got myself a little bit of a lead. But we really did not need the last caution.”

After missing the Stafford race, Pasteryak returned this week ready to race. “I am real proud of the way that the car ran and real proud of the whole team. We had a good car all night. We did not need that kind of race with that many cautions, but oh well, that is racing. Maybe next time I will be able to have the lead position when I need it.”

Jon McKennedy and Art Barry both returned to compete with the series at Monadnock with the #21 SPAFCO modified. McKennedy had the night off from ISMA Super Modified competition and Barry was back on his feet ready for racing. The team qualified thirteenth, avoided incidents and passed Rowan Pennink on the last restart to finish the race third.

“Overall it was a good day,” said McKennedy after the race. “This is the first VMRS race of the year back with this team. It feels good to be here. Obviously we are real good as a team with a third place finish after starting mid-field. The guys on the team worked real hard. It was a long hot day, but a good day. I think it would have been nice if during a couple of the restarts, particularly at the end, I was on the inside so there could have been a different outcome. It seemed like on every restart we were on the outside and it is tough to be up there. But overall a third place finish with these guys on our first race of the year it is a good day.”

McKennedy’s crew kept him aware of where Jarvis was as he made his move for the lead. “The whole race I knew where Dwight was. A large part of the race he was in front of me then there was a portion of the race where I got back by him. Then I think on a restart where there was about 20 laps to go he got back by me. He had the inside preferred line to make the move. Our car was as good as Dwight’s, but with the way that the restarts fell and starting with an outside position made the whole difference.

Congratulations to Dwight and his team. They had a good race. We were there and the team had a good night.”

Rowan Pennink had a plan going into the ‘Firecracker 100’ - save his car until the end. Starting on the pole, Pennink was sticking to his plan, settling into fourth in the early going, back to third then in second place by the half way mark. Running third with 13 to go when the last caution waved, the final restart didn’t fall his way and Pennink ended his night fourth. “The car was really good through the mid part of the race. About two thirds of the way the car started to get a little free on me which was earlier than I would have liked it to but we were able to hang on there at the end for a top five finish. It was a good night all and all.”

Crossing the line fourth, he may not have won the battle but he is gaining on the big picture. Pennink was able to capitalize on the night with a finish that boosted the Huntingdon Valley, PA driver up the ladder in points. With the balance of the season still to go, Pennink is not counting numbers yet. “If we’re not going to win the race, we’re going to look to finish in the top five, but there are a lot of races left on the schedule.”

“Finished fifth, started fourth and ran third most of the night.” Simply put, Richard Savary had another solid night. “I thought the car was better than the finish, but I think I need to learn to race with the guys up front because I don’t race with them enough. I’m new to some of these guys and they’re new to me, that’s racing. I’m happy another top five, that’s what we set out to do and we’re bringing the car home in one piece.”

Quiet improvement is hard work. Just ask Savary who continues to build on a program that has shown consistent strides forward. “We’re learning. There are things I need to do better. Joey Kourafas, he’s come on board this year and even though I’ve been racing so long and done OK in other divisions, he has taken the time to work with me- talk to me about how to finish first. I’m frustrated because I know we should have done better. He’s happy because the car is in one piece and it’s another top five, that’s his outlook. Did we learn something? Last time here we finished sixth but the car was not as good as it was tonight. Tonight the car was a lot better- I only finished fifth but its progress. I have to give a lot of the credit to Joey- he talks to me pre-race, post-race, during the week he comes to the shop- he’s taken the time to help me. And it shows.” 

The VMRS teams will return to racing on Saturday July 13th for 100 laps of green racing as the Chase for the Tenth Year VMRS Champion continues at Canaan Fair Speedway. If you cannot join us at the track, please join us follow the action on thechromehorn.com

Source: Denise DuPont/Polly Reid / TheChromeHorn.com
Posted: July 6, 2013

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