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Barrett Once Again Proves
He Is A Title Threat In The Series

Denise DuPont

On Saturday night at Canaan Fair Speedway young gun Tommy Barrett was up to the challenge to drive for a second2013 win in the Valenti Modified Racing Series. Starting on the pole Barrett raced consistently and in the end was back where he started in the lead.

This was Barrett’s fifth VMRS career win .“This run was basically the same thing as Stafford. I started on the outside pole and just road up front. At the end of the race on the last restart, I took the lead here just like my Stafford win and just kept going.” said Barrett from Victory Lane.

“We have been fast and pretty consistent. We also had a little bit of bad luck with motors and stuff. But we are right where we need to be and we just need to keep doing what we are doing.”

Chris Pasteryak started second, ran in the top five, led the race and then finished with a solid second for his second VMRS race in a row. “The car was really good all day. I got a shot to lead with about thirty to go and took it. I thought we were equal and then after that red flag my car just never fired up. And tonight the #9 car was just hooked up. He was a lot better than I thought he was. So we will take the second and go onto the next one.”

Anthony Nocella won his heat race and redrew to start in the top five. Nocella raced with the top drivers for the entire feature and brought home a solid third place finish. “It was a pretty good race. This was our first time here so we did not know exactly what to do or what the track was going to teach us. We were pretty good until about half way and then we started tightening up. I thought the car was going to be too loose but everyone else was too so we were not bad at the end just the guys ahead of us at the end were not as loose.“

Veteran driver Rob Goodenough has had a tough year finding that first top five finish of 2103. On nights just when it looked like the race was going his way, lady luck deals another challenge. But at Canaan Goodenough managed to steer clear of the many incidents and then rebound after he was sent to the rear for aggressive driving to finish fourth. “It was pretty rough out there. We were put to the back for aggressive driving and we came back up front. I was trying to get back up to the top three but just did not quite make it. The front end of the car got knocked out way early in the race so I really had my hands full with the car. To come from the back and get up to fourth place I am very happy. It is our best finish in so far the year and this day was long overdue.”

Finishing in fifth spot Charlie Pasteryak definitely used his experience to steer clear, drive hard and be right there with the leaders at race end. “I ran pretty well. On lap 53 the engine went flat and come to find out a spark plug wire fell off. It is pretty tough to pass after that. I am happy the way that things went. We had a good night for our whole team. You know I do not have too many of these left and to have a plug wire fall off and ruin the night is pretty heart breaking but I will get it next time. I will try a couple more yet.“

Join us at Oxford Plains Speedway on Saturday July 20th for more VMRS modified racing. If you cannot make it to the track please join us on www.thechromehorn.com where we will keep you up to date on racing from the track.

Notes From Canaan Fair Speedway

Steve Masse had a great run going as drivers raced to take the green after a caution. This was the third caution on lap 82 and drivers were under the stress to do it again. Then suddenly Richard Savary got loose and drivers dove everywhere to avoid contact. What occurred happened so fast that drivers had little if any time to react. Dana Smith was up in the air and the on top of Steve Masse’s #13 modified. Driver’s were all OK but the race was under red for over 15 minutes was the carnage was cleaned up.

The car with the most visible damage was #13 of Masse.

What was His Thoughts about the Accident?

Steve Masse
“Coming to that restart I gave Savary a bump in the middle of turn three and four. Then it looked like going down the front stretch he spun his tires and got loose and over corrected it and came back up on the track and put me into the wall. But that is all that I remember. I closed my eye once I started spinning with all the smoke in my face. I did not go that far over the first turn embankment but I hit the wall pretty hard. It just all happened so quick. There is a tire mark on my inside frame.“

Thoughts about all the cautions and long red flag in the Canaan Race?

Tommy Barrett
“With all the cautions I did not want all those heat cycles on my tires at all. It is just frustrating when you take the lead or try to pass for the lead or setting yourself up and cautions keep coming out. But it is just part of racing. The guys in the back want to see that the guys in the front do not.”

Chris Pasteryak
“Not Again! The same thing happened to me at Monadnock when I was leading. This tough because there is an outside and then there is not. It is pretty tight coming off of turn four. And whenever you have a long run like that any kind of little stuff with the car is really going to show up. And then it shows up even more on a restart. A lot of times what happens is the spinning of tires. Most of the time the cautions are not anyone doing anything on purpose, it is just a screw up. Some of the other race tracks you can get away with it but this is not the place that you can. It is a pretty fast little track, not very wide and things just happen.”

Charlie Pasteryak
“I saw Richard try it on the back straight away and kind of dry hopped it before we went to green and he spun pretty hard. I thought to myself that he better be careful, he is on the bottom. Sure enough he got real loose. I put my car all the way up near the wall and I floored it and I just missed him; I just got lucky there. You got to have some luck you know in this game. A quarter of an inch can make you look like a hero or a zero in nothing flat!

Anthony Nocella
“It was kind of crazy on those restart. I took off in fourth and then all of a suddenly saw the third place car spin his tires and I saw him just go back. My spotter said something and I dropped down and the next thing that you know he says that they are all wrecking behind you. I do not know what happened if something broke on the car or what.”

Rob Goodenough
“That last incident happened so fast I just drove hard to the left into the infield and I was just hoping that there was a space big enough to come out of the infield because that was the only way that I was coming out was sideways. Luckily we came out of that. I never saw what happened and it just happened so quick. I was very lucky to get through that.”

Source: Denise DuPont / TheChromeHorn.com
Posted: July 16, 2013

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