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Preece Closes in on His Year to Date Race Win Record

Denise DuPont / Polly Reid

Friday, September 13th the Valenti Modified Racing Series headed to Stafford Motor Speedway for their third and final visit of 2013.Mixing up the race odds were Stafford champions Ted Christopher, Keith Rocco and Ryan Preece.

Through the luck of the draw Ryan Preece started the race on the outside pole and wasted no time passing pole sitter Dan Meservey for the lead. Preece went forward to lead all 80 laps and to take home his first ever VMRS trophy.

“We have not have much luck here in the past few weeks,” said Preece in Victory Lane. “The car felt pretty comfortable and I had a pretty good car. “I cannot thank Mike Paquette enough for this CD Chassis. It had been a while since a tour car has been in victory lane for Chassis Dynamics and I cannot thank him enough. This is only the third race with his car and I cannot be more proud of my crew. And I cannot be more proud of my guys.”

Once Preece took the lead he set his own pace and saved his car for when he might need it most. “When you have guys like Chris, Ted and Keith behind you want to set as fast as a pace you can but at the same time you do not want to burn your stuff up. It was great and we did everything that we needed. The car was right there. It was awesome. At the end it has been a phenomenal day. During the race I knew how many car lengths that I had over anybody, but whether the other drivers were saving it or not I do not know. All I know is when we crossed the line I did not see any of these guys catching us. This is definitely the way I want to go out. I will see how we can do at the Fall Final. “

Veteran VMRS driver Chris Pasteryak was fifth fastest in practice, won his heat race and went forward to complete his night with a second place finish. It may not have been a win, but second place is certainly a good finish. “The car was a little bit too free center off right from lap one. I had to kind of had to church it around to make sure that I had something at the end. All I ended up doing is giving Ryan a free pass waiting for a yellow. That is alright, a second -- we will take it. That is a lot better than we were here two weeks ago.” Two weeks ago at Stafford Pasteryak struggled all night finishing the race just outside the top ten.

Richard Savary has had some real good runs in the VMRS this year, including a win at Thompson in August, which he credits to doing his homework and building on each success. Starting mid-pack, Savary used what he has learned so far at Stafford for a podium finish. “We started way back in the field so we knew we had to be patient. And we thought we would have a late race caution. When it strung out they said I had to go. So I was just trying to gain as many spots as I could, which was really good. As the year has been going on we have been getting better with these top fives. It feels go to be standing over here and doing this interview right now. I am happy to be in third after starting sixteenth.”

Tommy Barrett currently is second in points as he strives to wins his first VMRS championship. He started tenth, raced hard and finished his night with a solid fourth.

VMRS point leader Rowan Pennink crossed the line for a solid fifth place finish in the Gary Casella owned modified. “We started mid pack and on the original start there a bunch of people jammed up and I got hit from behind, jumped the tire on the guy in front of me- it didn’t seem to affect the car too bad. The car was a little tight throughout the whole race. I’m not sure that had anything to do with it or not, it’s hard to say but we still had a pretty good car. We didn’t have a car to win tonight, but we did have a top five.” As the 3rd Annual Lincoln Tech 80 ran green from lap 34, Pennink made the best of his 16th place starting position cracking the top ten by lap 25. Passing for fifth by lap 47, Pennink held his own to the checkers. “I definitely could have used a caution because I got caught up there trying to get by the 21 car and got a little ways back. I think my car would have been better on the short runs. But that’s the way it goes and we take home another top five.”

Three events remain on the VMRS schedule and tonight, Pennink talked about the strategy going forward of the 25 team. “We have to stay focused, go to Seekonk, Lee and shoot for a couple more top five’s and hopefully by Thompson we won’t have to worry about points.” The Huntingdon Valley, PA driver hinted at the long road he has been on with car owner Casella getting to this point. “I’ve been running for Gary for a while now – he has been as good of a car owner as I could ask for- he’s more than a car owner, he’s a best friend. Last year we came close but we had motor issues that took us out of the championship- so close but in the end it came down to not finishing a couple of races. Years before we had a shot but had conflicts with the NASCAR Tour. This year, being able to make all the races, everything’s gone pretty smooth so far. Hopefully we can get one for Gary, Kim and the rest of the team.”

The VMRS teams will take some time off and return to racing on Saturday, October5th for 100 laps of green racing as the Chase for the Tenth Year VMRS Champion continues at Seekonk Speedway with DAV Memorial race. If you cannot join us at the track, please join us follow the action on thechromehorn.com

Race Notes from Stafford Motor Speedway:

How did it feel to win a race in another modified division?

Ryan Preece
“It felt great. A race car is a race car. With this win, this matches the most wins that I ever had in one year which I believe is seventeen. I do not know but I may have just tied it with quite a few races left. I am pretty excited. I am definitely happy for Mike (Paquette) of Chassis Dynamics. Nothings against Troyer cars because I race them on the tour, but it goes to show you that if it has four wheels and is capable of turning laps it can win. And I think that Mike just showed that tonight. It showed it in the SK ‘s when Dan Avery won. He has been really on his game He has been really trying to show that these cars are capable of winning. And I think that we showed that tonight. We definitely had a good tire saving method and it worked out. I was really hoping that there was not going to be a caution with less than five to go.”

What have you done to improve your race at Stafford?

Richard Savary
“I am not very good here. I have admitted said that I am not very good at passing and to tell you the truth I actually spoke to Teddy during qualifying. He was out on the back stretch while we were lined up watching the SK modifieds practice. So I asked him: “So how do you make that pass?” And he said: “I am not telling you.” He said we race together. I said come on it will make it more fun here. I said I am just terrible here and I do not have a feel for it. But I had a good car and so the car basically did all the work. “

Three time 2013 winner Steve Masse was sidelined while running third due to issues with the rear end.

Source: Denise DuPont/Polly Reid / TheChromeHorn.com
Posted: September 16, 2013

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