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Stafford Motor Speedway Race Season
Comes to an End with Tight Race


Denise DuPont

As 2013 race plans were pulling together, Woody Pitkat found himself without an SK Modified ride after parting ways with the SK Modified team owned by Bob Hitchcock and Kelly Iverson. Things then came together when Steve Greer, Gunsmoke Stable sponsored #27 SK Modified owner, offered Pitkat a ride. “I talked to him over the winter and told him I was looking for a ride. He knew how bad I wanted to win the championship. Then we just went from there.”

The Greer team had a tough year with a lot of challenges. Then they turned their season around with two SK Modified wins in a row. With the wins under their belt and some consistency on the track, Pitkat suddenly found himself in first place in the point run.The lead was by a slim margin, but with it he started the final race with a four point lead over Preece in the SK Division standings.

Keith Rocco drove to the front to win the 40 lap feature event and Preece captured second. Pitkat though was right where he wanted to be at the end - on Preece’s rear bumper. The podium finish was exactly what Pitkat needed to win his first ever Stafford Motor Speedway SK Modified Championship. “We have been trying so hard. We finished second so many times. It is just so unbelievable. If it wasn’t for Dave Rowe and Davidson foods I would not even be where I am right now. He gave me an opportunity to get into a car with a ride. I really wanted to win a Championship with Dave. This goes to him.”

“It has been a really unbelievable year,” Pitkat said. “To ever think that we would be in the spot that we are in today I never would have imagined it. The year started out a little shaky and then midway through the season I was a little frustrated but we gelled over the last couple of weeks. I cannot that these guys enough. It has been awesome.”

Ryan Preece completed his chase for the SK Championship second behind Woody Pitkat by a slim margin of two points. “I did everything I could,” Preece said. “I can’t be more proud of my guys. It was definite a hard fought battle. Woody deserved it there. He missed all the wrecks he needed to miss, he got in the position he needed to and he clinched it. Good for him, good for that team.”

Woody Pitkat will now have to get the tux out and prepare his speech for his official SK Modified Championship crowning at Stafford Motor Speedway banquet.

Source: Denise DuPont / TheChromeHorn.com
Posted: October 4, 2013

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