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by Rev. Don Rivers

   With the New Year comes the opportunity to look back and see the hand of the Lord on your life. What is difficult to see in the moment becomes all too clear in hindsight. God is walking alongside each of us and He wants only for us to reach out to Him. Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

   Recently one of our Chaplains, Bobby Somers, lost his brother Joey. As he reflected on that during the holiday season it caused him to reflect on his own journey. He shared his very personal testimony with the hope that it may help us all move closer to God.

   As I Pondered the Years Past, Bobby Somers;

   With the loss of my brother Joey so close to the holidays it has caused me to look at Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years in a very different light. A very nice tree decorated by my wife Vinetta, but yet when I gazed at the tree, a light or ornament felt missing. Where did my strength come from? What gave me strength was not only family but Christ, the strength He provided, knowing He was there along side me to help me keep things all together and keep the great memories close.

   The loss of my brother Joey was difficult for me, his past mirrored many things of my own past. I sometimes struggle, was there something I could have said and done that would have changed things. The fact remains, we all have our paths designed by our own making. It’s when we decide to step from that path and walk as Christ wants us to that change does happen.

   We are scared, we don’t like change. My past life was very troubling one of drugs and just living a very destructive life of “Oh well”. One day during a one rehab stint of many, several of us were dropped off for a meeting at an offsite building many miles away. It wasn’t that great of a rehab facility, but God used it to start my life in a new direction. This was the start of a new plan not put together by me.

   The meeting was canceled and the van was not available to pick us up and bring us back. The director told us if we wanted to come back we could walk or wait. I had on very light clothing but I decided to make the choice of walking back. I became cold and confused because I didn’t really know where I was or how far I needed to walk. I became colder as I went, walking faster but walking down the wrong streets just trying to figure out the way back. I chose what I thought was a quick path and things would be better, but the day just became worse. If I had only listened and waited.

   As I walked passed people on the sidewalk I asked directions. Some ignored my voice, others stated, “You have a long way to go.” I had come a long way already and my path was just longer, troubling and more confusing. I made it back cold, hungry and very mad. I signed myself out of the rehab and was back on my own.

   Then on a cold January day my life was changed by the very beautiful voice of a little girl. It was my birthday and I decided to share it with my daughter. When I arrived at her house a birthday cupcake and candle awaited me. We shared some time and as I decided to leave, a hug and these words “You’re the best daddy in the whole world”.

   Those eight words broke me as I realized I wasn’t. My life needed to change. I admitted myself back into the hospital; I spent the next three months there. It was a gift given to me by my daughter, those words helped change my life around.

   Just two weeks into my stay I became very seriously sick and ended up in ICU, I was unconscious for five hours, partially paralyzed and had the vocabulary of a three-year-old. I was told I wouldn’t be going home that my life now would be living in a nursing home. I cried for a very long time after the doctors told me the news. The tears pouring down my face, and I remembered what my daughter had said many days ago.

   The hospital Chaplain came by one morning; she greeted me asking if I would like prayer. I wasn’t a Christian but we became very close friends during my stay in the hospital. She would read to me everyday, sit and explain various parts of scripture for me to understand.

   Every day like clockwork I would gaze up at the clock in my room and know she would be coming soon to sit at my bedside and read. I started to pray everyday. One thing I prayed to God for was that I wouldn’t turn to drugs, that I would only use as prescribed.

   I had ongoing therapy for speech and physical therapy everyday, On some of the better days I realized I still had a ways to go. This pastor and my daughter were two very special people guiding me back, but there were three all along. God was also there, helping me find my life again.

   There were countless hours of ongoing visits from every staff member just sitting and talking. I just didn’t see what was happening around me. I enjoyed the visits and awaited the pastor every day; it was my favorite time of day.

   It’s the simple things in life we need to acknowledge, looking at all the bad minutes in a day we become smothered and feel no hope. For three months, I started to see the tears of others, the pain I have caused and realized I was still loved. There were nights where staff would just sit at my bedside, I always wondered why so many stayed to chat, yet I had troubling speaking but it was the miracle of what they were seeing.

   When I could talk for a little bit I would get on the phone to say hello to my daughter and make up an excuse to end the conversation. Her voice would give me strength, listening to a giggle or a story she shared. We should listen to what others say and stop letting all the other noise be a distraction.

   I didn’t go to my daughter’s house on my own that afternoon; Christ had those words ready for her to speak. On Any other day would those words have meant anything? Maybe they were said but I never heard them? How many times have your child, spouse and friend said something and never heard? How many times have you heard someone say “are you listening to me, to what I am saying”?

   Three months had passed and it was time to turn the page that Christ had written. I sat in the wheelchair waiting to get discharged, it was April. The staff gathered around to say their goodbyes. There were smiles and tears and it was the beginning of the path Christ now had prepared.

   It was scary to leave; I had become so close to all of these people. As the Chaplain stood there alongside me, she smiled and said it was time. I stood up slowly from my wheelchair and made several small steps on my own. I continued on walking and turning back slowly with a wave, smile and tears.

   There are many days I travel by that hospital and gaze up at the window I looked out of for so many days. Sometimes, at a red light I will stare with a little tear. It is just a reminder.

   Don’t ever give up saying that prayer doesn’t work.

   Don’t ever give up stating Christ doesn’t love you because of what you done in your past.

   Don’t give up in believing people around you love you or care about you.

   Don’t make excuses for not going to Church or Chapel service at the track. It may be the day an important message is provided for you.

   Don’t give up reading scripture because you have too many other things on your list to do.

   Don’t give up “BELIEVING”.

   This January birthday I will be 10 years clean, I am hoping my testimony will be words of encouragement for you!

   God Bless everyone and Happy New Year!!


   MOTORSPORTS 2014 - As we look back on this past weekend we are encouraged, this was one of our most successful shows. Thanks to Flamingo Racing, RPM Motorsports, Grimm Racing and Green Flag Driving Experience for displaying your cars in our Booth. Thanks also to Ryan Preece and Rowan Pennink for coming down on Saturday to provide some autographs for the fans.

   We apologize for Eddie MacDonald not being able to come; a late decision to attend Daytona in a few weeks meant that Eddie had a lot of work to do in the shop getting two cars ready.

   We are looking forward to Atlantic City and the indoor races. Hope to see you there.

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   May God always Bless you, everyday in everyway. Rev. Don


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Posted: January 17, 2014

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