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by Rev. Don Rivers

  That little voice in your ear, that nudge at your heart, that thought in your mind; where does it come from? It has two sources. One is from you the other is from God. How do you figure out which is which? Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

  It seems everyone in racing has a radio tuned into something. There are so many voices that come over the radio it is a wonder we can distinguish one from another. I thought about the drivers and the voices in their head; Spotter, Crew Chief, Crew Members, Race Director, oh and don’t forget their own thoughts. How do they figure out which one to listen to? How do they filter them out and pick the right voice?

  I travel many miles and at times I prefer silence. I make the car as quiet as possible. I try to tune out anything and everything. Why; so that I can focus on my thoughts and prayers to God and listen for His response. I spend many miles in prayer, communicating and listening to God. Prayer is not about kneeling down in a church and saying some preset words. Prayer is a conversation with God, any conversation.

  I think we pray more than we think. I think we solicit God’s intervention in our lives more than we are aware. How much do we talk to God? One of our Chaplains shared recently about his prayer life and what he was doing to make it more effective. Join me as we read about his experiences.

  Our church, Hope Chapel, is involved in a 40 day book study titled “ Draw Circle ”; a very simple book to read with many great testimonies. They will for sure get your attention on how prayer truly is working in many lives.

  The focus is all about praying, developing a prayer plan and testimonies, the things God has done as a result of our prayers. This book has made me ask myself, what do people consider praying? Do we pray “I pray I have a good day”, “I pray I finish this race”, “I pray I can get to driver meeting on time this week” “I pray I win some money as you scratch the lottery ticket”?

  We could go on with a list of things couldn’t we? But something is missing. What is missing? Are we praying to God?

  Think if it this way; its like picking up your cell phone just talking into it, not dialing any number, thinking you just talked to someone, thinking they heard you. That would be foolish. You have to make the connection. You have to make the connection with God just as you do on your cell phone. Is there someone on the other end?

  You don’t have to worry where you are or how many bars for a connection. Our prayers can be short, long, anything that may be weighing on our shoulders at any given time.

  We find time to post almost anything and everything on electronic media, but we won’t take the time to talk with God to help us get through things? We pray to help us get out of things so many times, rather than get through things. I certainly witnessed that prayer myself on many occasions. I was like banging on the door “get me out” instead of God “get me through”.

  Remember the cartoon the Flintstones when Fred was locked out, banging on the door yelling “Wilma”! Does your day feel like that sometimes with God? You feel he isn’t hearing your prayers?

  Let’s take a step back for a moment, and reflect on something you have been heavy burdened about. God isn’t ignoring your prayers, he is answering, but you may be looking for an answer to your prayer and not his response.

  You see God doesn’t provide prayers to us that are second best He provides the best. We need to wait for His answer. We wait for the finish of a race? We wait for the papers to come? We sit at a red light and wait for the green? Well, why not wait for God’s answers to our prayers in his time, so it may be the best for us. Don’t try to do something or get aggravated because you think He isn’t hearing you.

  Here is a scripture, a scripture that is very close to my heart in so many ways.

Matthew 7:7 "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

  Don’t think well God isn’t going to listen because you don’t go to church, attend chapel service at the track or don’t accept prayer before the race . Listen, God loves you! This is a perfect way to start you praying right now. Ask God for forgiveness for past things, let him know you’re ready for that relationship.

  I do a lot of praying everyday as I’m driving. I pray about so many things. You don’t have to be standing still, whatever is comfortable for you and your family. What a great way to get your family involved as well. Before you begin eating ask around the table is there something we need to pray about today?

  I’m going to share a short story with you about prayer. This past season at Lee there was someone that is aware that Vinetta and I are the chaplains there. This young boy came over to Vinetta in the Pits and asked if she would pray with his mother in the stands. As they were walking he told Vinetta she has cancer and doesn’t have long to live. As Vinetta approached the woman, the woman in the stands broke down in tears. She has been trying to get her son back to church and didn’t think her son believed any longer. Her son knew the importance of prayer that it would help comfort his mom.

  There are moments like this in our travels that we see God working in many lives. How a prayer brings comfort in someone’s life in just a few moments. Try this, whenever you feel down, frustrated, hurt etc. “Let Go Let God”, then pray about the burden on your heart. At that very moment God is listening. Take a deep breath and let God bless your day!! God Bless

  Thank you Bobby for those words about prayer, my hope is that we would all pray more and worry less.


  471/2 HOURS - I know the movie title is 48 hours, but Howie Hodge and I had a tailwind and shaved a half hour off that time. Literally a quick trip to Eldora for the WoO Sprint Cars and then back to Sharon Speedway for the double and some time with the Weller family. The weather had other plans and Sharon ’s schedule was washed out. With that in mind we thought about our options but most everything in the area was called an account of the wet weather, so we headed home. 1,565 miles later, tucked home snug in my bed.

  Eldora was a great place, we enjoyed their hospitality. We also were impressed at the facility that they have there. Most of the Midwest based teams were closer to home than I was. They had the option of sleeping in their own beds. I was talking with Kraig Kinser about the subject. He shared it didn’t matter too much. With the travel schedule they have he has grown accustomed to sleeping just about anywhere. He did admit though that his own bed was more comfortable than any other one he sleeps in.

  As I said, we received an invitation to visit with the Weller family at their home track, Sharon Speedway. If you recall Jimmy had a bad wreck in October of 2004 at The Dirt Track at Charlotte as an 18 year old, airlifted in critical condition, hope seemed dim. After months of rehab he has recovered fully and returned to the track. He competes in the Camping World Truck Series and part-time in the Nationwide Series after a couple years competing in the K&N. He also drives a Sprint car on Saturday nights at Sharon .

  While we were in Richmond last week we spoke with him, his mom and the physical therapist that led him through the long journey back. This was her first visit to the track with Jimmy. I was disappointed that we could not see Jimmy race at Sharon , but getting home a few hours early wasn’t too bad either. We will have to go out there soon and take in the action.

  VMRS AT SEEKONK - Bobby and Vinnetta were with the VMRS at Seekonk and sent in this report.

  Well third race of the season is in the books and if you blinked you missed the race at Seekonk Speedway. It may possibly go down in the record books for one of the fastest races for the VMRS. 100 Green-flag laps, start to finish in all of 29 minutes. There was no need of a consi race with 23 cars on hand everyone making the feature race. There were just 3 cars that were lapped during the race and only 3 quick yellows.

  One strong car of the day was the #19 of Dave Schneider, he ran a great heat race and stayed strong throughout the feature race. From the start of his drive from Long Island , having to make few stops with truck and hauler issues, his performance made it a worthwhile trip.

  Doing double duty today was Todd Annarummo at his home track. He ran in the Late Model division as well. He looked like the car to beat today in the modified but slipped back late in the race and was unable to get back on the podium.

  Once again making a strong run at Seekonk was the #92 of Anthony Nocella. The last race at Monadnock he ran out of real estate of the front straightaway and hit the wall hard, and called it a night for the #92.

  The top three cars for today’s race was the #99 Richard Savary, the #92 Anthony Nocella and battling hard but unable to get under Nocella due to lapped traffic was #13 Steve Masse.

  There are a few weeks off for the VMRS. The next few races up for Vinetta and I will be at Star Speedway Saturday Night with the PASS TOUR on hand. Then we head over to LEE USA Speedway for the first of the Tri Track Open Modified Race on Sunday. There are already 40 Modified teams registered for Sundays Open race. A few teams from the Southern Tour will be making the trip up North for the first of three races to take place this 2014 season.

  Thank you Bobby for the update!

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