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Despite the fact that an all-star field of Modified stock car drivers from as far south as North Carolina and as far north as upper New England converged on Wall Stadium Speedway over the weekend, Eric Mauriello and Jimmy Blewett, both of Howell, were big winners in Modified stock car championship races during the 41st running of the season ending Turkey Derby.

In Saturday’s Tour Type Modified 150-lap race Mauriello stayed in contention most of the way while Dave Sapienza of Riverhead, N.Y. led the 26 car field in the early going. Danny Bohn of Mooresville, N.C. was finally able to take over the lead with 90 laps complete with Mauriello running close behind. The duo then raced in tight formation until lap 125 when Mauriello was able to slip into the lead.

Les Hinckley of Windsor Locks, Ct. soon slipped into second and chased after the leader before Blewett powered into third with a handful of laps remaining. The trio was tight at the finish line with Matawan’s Anthony Sesely fourth and Doug Coby Milford, Ct. fifth.

“This is a big win for us,” Mauriello said. “I have to thank Dick and Robert Barney, the crew and all of our sponsors. We set up a game plan for the race and stuck to it. It obviously worked!”

In the Downs Ford Modified 100-lapper, also run on Saturday, Matt Hirschman of Northampton, Pa. lead the 26-car field in the early going and fought off several competitors including Zane Zeiner of Bath, Pa. When Hirschman and Zeiner touched in the first turn on lap 89 Hirschman spun with Zeiner taking over the lead with Blewett moving up to second.

Zeiner and Blewett then touched on the backstretch moments later with Zeiner tagging the third turn rail and Blewett taking over the lead. Blewett then raced on to the win over Jonathan Mandato of Toms River with Shanon Mongeau, Hirschman and Michael Gervais, Jr. wrapping up the top five.

“I think that Zane thought he had cleared me on the backstretch so he moved up and clipped me,” Blewett said. “It happens. We are going real fast and the difference is just a matter of inches. As you see a lot of talent comes here for Turkey Derby so I’m proud of the success we’ve had here over the years.

In other Saturday action Rob Ormsbee of Wall grabbed a wire-to-wire victory in the 50-lapper for the Limited Late Model racers over Marc Rogers and two-time track champion Brian Doyle. Matt Janish was the winner of the TQ Midget 25-lapper over Buddy Sloed and Joey Payne. Ricky Ross of Pennsylvania won Saturday’s 50-lapper for Dirt Modified cars.

Turkey Derby started on Friday with four main events on the schedule. Newly crowned Sportsman champ Kevin Davison took tock honors in his 50-lapper Over Holmdel’s Andrew Krause and Kenny Van Wickle of Manasquan. Rob McCormack won the Factory Stock 40-lapper over Union’s Joey Helberg and Joe Mongeau. Richie Davidowitz won the 30-lap Legend Cars race over Kyle Dealaman and Brad Van Houten and Brien Crosby of Wall was tops in the 4 Cylinder Stock feature race.

The 41st Turkey Derby concluded on Sunday with Joe Mongeau taking the Factory Stock win over Friday winner McCormack and Rich Mongeau. Crosby won Sunday’s 4 Cylinder Stock main event over Jay Lane and Ronnie Mullen. Nick Ladyga won Sunday’s Legend Cars feature over Devin O’Connell and Joe Osborne while Cassandra Denis won the Ladies’ Race.

Speedway officials are now busy preparing for the 2015 season with a schedule of events to be announced soon. April practice dates are anticipated with the season opener to follow.

The speedway is located on Route 34 in Wall Township, N.J., just one mile north of Garden State Parkway exit 98 and Interstate 195 exit 35B. The speedway hotline number is 732-681-6400, while CKMotorsports@aol.com is the track’s email address. More information is also available at www.wallspeedwayracing.com.

  TOUR TYPE MODIFIED FEATURE – 150 Laps – 1. ERIC MAURIELLO, HOWELL, 2. Les Hinckley, 3. Jimmy Blewett, 4. Anthony Sesely, 5. Doug Coby, 6. Shaun Carrig, 7. Andrew Krause, 8. Ryan Preece, 9. John Beatty, 10. Danny Bohn, 11. Tim Solomito, 12. Shawna Ingraham, 13. Justin Gumley, 14. Ron Silk, 15. Jamie Tomaino, 16. John Markovic, 17. Woody Pitkat, 18. Jason Treat, 19. Kyle Ellwood, 20. Tim Arre, 21. Dave Sapienza, 22. Matt Hirschman, 23. Anthony Nocella, 24. Andy Jankowiak, 25. Zane Zeiner, 26. Billy Pauch, Jr.

  DOWNS FORD MODIFIED FEATURE – 100 Laps – 1. JIMMY BLEWETT, HOWELL, 2. Jonathan Mandato, 3. Shanon Mongeau, 4. Matt Hirschman, 5. Michael Gervais, 6. Jason Treat, 7. Chas Okerson, 8. Mauriello, 9. Krause, 10. Chris Reynolds, 11. Dennis Perry, 12. Zeiner, 13. Steven Reed, 14. Ken Matlach, 15. Ingraham, 16. Jeremy Mayfield, 17. Derek Hopkinson, 18. Zack Alspach, 19. Earl Paules, 20. Adam LaCicero, 21. Chad Churilla, 22. Jason Hearne, 23. Ron Frees, 24. Richie Cooper, 25. Trevor Alspach, 26. Anthony Sesely

  DIRT MODIFIED FEATURE – 50 Laps – RICKY ROSS, 2. Jack Ely, Jr., 3. Joey Payne, 4. Mark Levy, 5. Andrew Krause, 6. David Gorbatuk, 7. Aleisa Geisler, 8. Bill Briggs, 9. Jay Kosch, 10. Mike Wahl, 11. Scott Hulmes, 12. Rick Yetter, 13. Jim Martin.

  LIMITED LATE MODEL – 50 Laps – 1. ROB ORMSBEE, WALL, 2. Marc Rogers, 3. Brian Dyloe, 4. Corey Osland, 5. Howie Conk, 6. John Vullo, 7. James White, 8. Eric Zeh, 9. Dave Roys, 10. Michelle Moorman, 11. Ray Minieri, 12. Nick Shaw, 13. Brandon Stowell, 14. Mike Musce, 15. Glen Conk, 16. Greg Immerman, 17. Bill Frisbee, 18. Steve Rogers, 19. Ronnie Mullen, 20. Joe Mancuso, 21. John Parker, DQ. Mike Tillett, Gary Noe, Wayne Coury

  SPORTSMAN – 50 Laps – 1. KEVIN DAVISON, HOWELL, 2. Andrew Krause, 3. Kenny Van Wickle, 4. Larry Thompson, 5. Joe King, 6. Robbie Walton, 7. Chris Lane, 8. Marc Nappi, 9. Eric Lane, 10. Jason Caruso, 11. Joe Cocca, 12. Mike Haggenbottom, 13. Dom Fattaruso, 14. Jonathan Laureigh, 15. Matt Langbein, 16. Steve Kopcak, 17. Rob Silver

  FACTORY STOCK FEATURE (FRIDAY) – 40 Laps – 1. ROB MCCORMICK, 2. Joey Helberg, 3. Joe Mongeau, 4. Ronnie Mullen, 5. Neil Rutt, 6. Steve West, 7. Tiffany Olejnik, 8. Terry Cain, 9. Rob Haberstick, 10. Joe Stongvila, 11. Whitey Miller, 12. Marty Van Druten, 13. Tim O’Shea, 14. Scott Maher, 15. Dan Birdsall, 16. Andrew Krause, 17. John Bowers, 18, Jerry Koenig, 19. Dan Birdsall, 20. Josh Matthews, 21. Brian Doyle, 22. Scott Riggleman, 23. AJ Jadacki, 24. Lee Allen, 25. Terry Stiles, 26. Eddie Mistretta, 27. Chris Felber, 28. Matt Guadago

  FACTORY STOCK FEATURE (SUNDAY) 1. JOE MONGEAU, 2. McCormick, 3. Rick Mongeau, 4. Olejnik, 5. Mullen, 6. Rutt, 7. Bowers, 8. Helberg, 9. Allen, 10. Darren Cox, 11. Mike Montano, 12. Tom Chillsczyn, 13. Guadago, 14. Cain, 15. Koenig, 16. Miller, 17. Danny Bruer, 18. Matthews, 19. O’Shea, 20. Dan Springfield, 21. Maher, 22, Mistretta, 23. Riggleman, 24. Brian Brown, 25. West, 26. Van Druten

  LEGEND CARS FEATURE (FRIDAY) – 30 Laps – 1. RICH DAVIDOWITZ, 2. Kyle Dealaman, 3. Brad Van Houten, 4. Robert French, 5. Devin O’Connell, 6. Nick Ladyga, 7. Joe Osborne, 8. Art Pederson, 9. Kevin Nowak, 10. Matt Maring, 11. Greg Harris, 12. Mitchell Dowd, 13. Kyle Dealaman, 14. Lou Keraitis, 15. Josh Indig, 16. Chris Gall, 17. Joe Sendotto, 18. John O’Sullivan, 19. Nick Van Wickle, 20. John Beatty, 21. Justin Strumpf, 22. Casey Robicheau, 23. Austin Langenstein, 24. Eugen Drew, 25. Matt Kurzjewski, 26. Lawbed Johnson

  LEGEND CARS FEATURE (SUNDAY) – 40 Laps – 1. NICK LADYGA, 2. O’Connell, 3. Osborne, 4. Beatty, 5. Brian Spencer, 6. Strumpf, 7. Marring, 8. Nowak, 9. Harris, 10. Dowd, 11. Dealaman, 12. Davidowitz, 13. Ketaitis, 14. Robicheau, 15. Gall, 16. Nick Van Wickle, 17. O’Sullivan, 18. James Van Wickle, 19. Roger Nickerson, 20. Vincent Delaney

  4 CYLINDER STOCK (FRIDAY) 1. BRIEN CROSBY, WALL, 2, Jordan Hadley, 3. Alonzo Morales, 4. Tommy Lamonia, 5. Mitch Bombard, 6. Mike Wahl, 7. Jeff Ackerman, 8. John Carpenter, 9. Ray Herman, 10. Rob Willis, 11. TJ Graves, 12. Ron Lane, 13. Zack Haspel, 14. Ron Becker, 15. Corey Stockert, 16. Darren Burdge, 17. Christain LaCicero, 18. Joe King, 19. Jay Lane

  4 CYLINDER STOCK (SUNDAY) 1. BRIEN CROSBY, WALL, 2. Jay Lane, 3. Mullen, 4. Wahl, 5. Bombard, 6. Ackerman, 7. Becker, 8. Robbie Dunn, 9. Haspel, 10. Mike Lavery, 11. Morales, 12. Jay Conrad, 13. Jessica Dunn, 14. Graves, 15. Burdge, 16. Walt McIntyre, 17. Ron Lane, 18. Willis, 19. Herman, 20. Tom Graves, 21. Walt McIntyre, 22. Todd Dige, 23. Mike Dunn, 24. Rich Massaro

Source: Jeff Gravatt / Wall Stadium Speedway
Posted: December 1, 2014

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