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Surviving on fumes in more than one sense, Tim Brown had just enough fuel to reach the finish line first.

Victory lane was another matter altogether.

His winning car had to be pushed there, rolling toward the waiting celebration after barely completing the 125-lap KOMA Unwind Modified Madness Series feature Monday at Ace Speedway.

Rural Hall's Brown climbed out red-faced and exhausted — a stomach virus had sapped his strength and wrecked his sleep — after overcoming Burt Myers in a decisive showdown during the closing stages, then bolting away on a final restart and simultaneously conserving every drop of gas in the tank of his No. 02 car.

“I was cutting my car off under caution and trying to save fuel,” he said. “If I hadn't have done it, we would've run out of gas and wouldn't have won the race, because it was blubbering up the backstretch.”

Other contenders were ensnared by that issue in what became a wild, caution-plagued ordeal of a main event that covered more than two hours on Ace's traditional Labor Day lineup.

Myers' No. 1 ran out of fuel on the last lap, falling from fourth position to ninth — while shaking his car in a vain attempt to remedy the situation — as Brown delivered his third series victory of the season in the touring circuit's sixth event.

Six laps earlier, Jason Myers, Zach Brewer and Mike Norman were forced into the pits with their cars running out of gas. It was a rarity at Ace, a four-tenths mile track on which fuel practically never plays a factor.

The culprit? A rash of 10 caution periods that continually interrupted the green-flag racing and stretched the event longer, with the excessive caution laps ultimately draining some cars dry that weren't packed to the limit with gas prior to the start

Brown, a suspension specialist for Michael Waltrip Racing, said he spent the anxious ending borrowing a page from NASCAR's elite levels, killing his car's power during caution laps and swerving on the speedway's straightaways in an all-out saving effort.

“I work for a (Sprint) Cup team and that's the kind of stuff we do under caution,” he said. “If it wasn't for me saving fuel and cutting it off, we'd have run out.”

Wallburg's Jonathan Brown placed second. He was unable to match Tim Brown on the race's 10th and final double-file restart. Concord's Johnny Sutton finished third, followed by Walnut Cove's Jason Myers, who for fourth place. King's Dan Speeney came in fifth among the 18-car field.

After Tim Brown out-muscled Burt Myers on a restart with six laps remaining — the climax of the marathon race — his No. 02 authoritatively broke free from Jonathan Brown's No. 21 car on the last restart with three laps to go.

“That's why they call him, ‘The Rocket,' I guess,” Jonathan Brown said, referring to Tim Brown's nickname. “That 02, when he got ready to go, he mashed it to the floor and he took off.”

Burt Myers, who won here in June, led on two occasions for a total of 76 laps and seemed poised to secure a sweep of the KOMA Unwind Modifieds' two visits to Ace this season.

He was inside and Brown was outside on the front row on the impactful lap 119 restart, with six laps left. They made side-by-side contact in turn two. Myers' car pushed Brown's car high and wide to maintain first position. Then a half-lap later, Brown returned the contact in turn four, shoving Myers' car aside and grabbing the front spot.

“I was doing everything I could to win,” Brown said, motioning toward the parts of the track where he and Myers locked horns. “He run me up the race track down there for the win, and I run him up the race track down here for the win.

“So to each his own. That's good hard racing. And to me, that's the best two drivers on this circuit going at it for the win.”
Jason Myers, the fastest qualifier with a lap of 14.759 seconds, led the feature's opening 29 laps, a rough period of considerably slow going as the caution-filled theme became rooted early.

Burt Myers took control for the first time during the next 49 laps, as the hot afternoon sun gave way to nightfall. Johnny Sutton then paced laps 80-91 after his crew handled his mandatory pit stop quickly when the lead pack chose to pit.

Scott Hall won the "Modified Light" division. A division for cars with less horsepower than the "tour type" mods.

Jeremy Mayfield, the fallen former Sprint Cup driver, finished 83 laps down in 16th. He retired his car due to an overheating problem.
Burlington's Gary Young Jr., an Ace regular and one of the speedway's top Modifieds competitor, placed 13th. He was 10 laps off the pace.

KOMA Unwind Modifieds (125 laps): Tim Brown, Jonathan Brown, Johnny Sutton, Jason Myers, Dan Speeney, Zach Brewer, Spencer Davis, Bobby Sheffield, Burt Myers, Mike Norman, Scott Hall, Matt Wentz, Gary Young Jr., Brent Wentz, David Calabreese, Jeremy Mayfield, Jimmy Wallace, Danny Propst.

KOMA Unwind Modifieds qualifying: Jason Myers 14.759, Burt Myers 14.816, Tim Brown 14.844, Jonathan Brown 14.902, Bobby Sheffield 15.023, Zach Brewer 15.045, Johnny Sutton 15.100, Jeremy Mayfield 15.114, Spencer Davis 15.217, Dan Speeney 15.242, Scott Hall 15.267, Mike Norman 15.300, Gary Young Jr. 15.434, Danny Propst 15.463, David Calabreese 15.585, Matt Wentz 15.707, Jimmy Wallace 15.819, Brent Wentz 16.291.

  Source: Adam Smith / Times-News
Posted: September 2, 2014

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