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TS Haulers Ready To Follow-up With
First 2014 Win
Denise DuPont

The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour teams made it to the track early this morning with garages opened at 6:00 AM and qualifying starting two hours later. The weather was cool but perfect for racing. First cars out had a little less grip, so Ron Silk of Norwalk, Ct was fortunate to come out as one of the last cars when the track was warmer and coated with modified rubber. Silk wasted no time claiming the top spot for his first 2014 pole award. “The car was really pretty good,” Silk said after qualifying. “I think that it was some advantage to be one of the last cars on the track. We were out there second to last. The car felt pretty good since we unloaded yesterday. We had come up and tested a few weeks ago here. We will just try to stay out of trouble and stay out front all day and try to put ourselves in a position in the end to win.”

Silk has two wins at the “Magic Mile” of NHMS and he is looking for his third today. The TS Haulers/Calverton Tree Farm team unloaded the #6 modified and was close to perfect right out of hauler. “This is a place that we come to and always run good at,” confessed Silk during Coors Light Pole award ceremonies. “I have won a couple times here and for some reason we always go good. We have a lot of expectations coming into the weekend. The car has been good since it unloaded so we should have a good run later on today. It is hard to win these races, but we will see. I think that we have as good a shot as anybody.”

Silk will be starting on the pole with 2013 NWMT champion Ryan Preece from Berlin, CT. on the outside. Todd Szegedy of Ridgefield, CT will be behind him when the green flag flies ready to push Silk forward. “Those are two guys I really like racing with and I have raced real hard with over the years. It is nice starting around some of the people that you know. I am going to race hard, but it is a long race so I am going to take it easy a little bit in the beginning and hopefully we can kind of line-up and get away a little bit. It is hard to get away from the pack here even when you have three cars lined up here. We will just see what happens.”

Ryan Preece is pleased with starting second and looking forward to racing Silk on the race start. “This is our first one starting on the front row for the season, so I am real happy about that. I thought that we had a really good car but it is just a little tight like Todd said. We were the first cars out on the track so we knew that was going to happen going in. I am real happy starting up front with Ronnie right there. We were drafting real good yesterday and hopefully we hook up again and stay out front. “

Rounding off the top three Todd Szegedy returns to the NWMT series for his second start of 2014, this time to showcase the new LFR chassis of Rob Fuller and Steve Leavitt, Jr. Szegedy piloting the #15 15-40 Connection modified charged forward in qualifying to display the new chassis capability. “Going out early kind of hurt us a bit. The track had a little bit of grip, the car was a little tight in and a little free off. I think that getting back on the throttle is where I lacked speed the most. I think that I picked up off the throttle a car, a car and a half later than I did in practice. It was a get effort. The LFR chassis is awesome. It is unbelievable how good that car drives and how comfortable it is. Anytime you start out front it is a great thing. We will see if we can keep it out there.”

“Just racing in general is great. This is a great opportunity and I am happy to be representing the new LFR chassis and representing 15-40 connection. Anytime that you can get here is a good thing and I am blessed to be able to do it. This year I am racing more and that is a good thing.”

NWMT drivers will now head to their autograph session, The Sunoco 100 is an impound race.

Notes from New Hampshire Motor Speedway:

Your thoughts on the mid-race break for the 100 lap feature race:

Ron Silk

“I always to run the first have hard just to see where my car is going to beat at the end of the second half. There have been times here where I have taken it easy in the first half and then the second half you decide that you are going to really go and you do not have the car that is capable to push it. You are going to have to test it out and see if you have to make changes at the break.”

Todd Szegedy
“I think that we are going to see what the car has in the beginning of the race and make changes for the mid-race. That is what we are going to do. So basically the first 50 laps is basically a test session. The next 50 lap session is where we adapt and try to maintain our position and stay in the front.

Is here anything that you took away from yesterday that you can use today?

Ron Silk
“I was good when Ryan and I were out front, it was when I was behind a pack of cars I was really loose. We definitely are going to make a few minor adjustments for today. It was just a pretty good indicator. In practice you go a couple of laps and then pull it in and make a change. It was pretty nice to get at least a 20 lap run with the cars to see how they are going to hold up.”

What are your thoughts on the LFR Chassis

Todd Szegedy
“It responds extremely well to adjustments and it is very comfortable inside the interior. There is plenty of foot and arm room. “

Source: Denise DuPont / TheChromeHorn.com
Posted: July 12, 2014

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