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by Rev. Don Rivers

  In life we all take different paths to get to the same place. We travel through life on different agendas, heading in different directions with different things our mind. With so many of us going in different directions why is there only one road to God? Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

  During the Fan Fest in Boardwalk Hall this past weekend I was able to take a close look at the race cars. From a distance you see the body style differences and the different configurations, those are easy to see. When you look closer you start to see the subtle differences. When you talk with the car builder you start to understand the reasoning for why the car was built that way. Many cars all chasing one prize, victory. Which car and driver combination will yield victory.

  There were close to 100 TQ Midgets in attendance and each one was there to win. Now the reality is, there is only one winner. At the end of the race only one will hold the trophy and claim victory. That is the way it is with racing, we all come with expectations, but in the end only one will come home victorious. So why do we all try? We want the chance to taste the sweet flavor of victory.

  One Hundred different cars, some similar but not identical. One Hundred different drivers, no two the same. One hundred different directions all hoping to it leads to Victory Lane. Sounds a lot like life to me, millions of people going in millions of directions all hoping that in the end they will have achieved victory.

  The questions remain; what way is the right way, which road will lead to life, how can I live the best life possible, what do I need to do to secure victory? The answer lies in the definition of victory. What do you think is the best life possible?

  I am reminded of the choices;

 John 10:10; The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy;
I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

  Look back on the previous columns, we decided that the creator of life should know how to live the best life possible. We looked at how that creator, God, wants to interact with us. When we read this Scripture we see there are really only two choices, death and life. Of the two the road to life leads us to the cross, Jesus Christ, and His sacrifice for us.

 Matthew 7:13-14; "Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction,
and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.

  As with racing we think there are many ways to get to the same place, victory. The fact remains there is only one, Jesus Christ. Why is Jesus the only way? Why can't I find my own way to God? Why can't God be who I want Him to be? Why can't I decide which road I want to take?

  We can decide the road we want to take, but the choice isn't a choice of many roads, it is a choice of two. The road that leads to death and destruction is wide and many take it. The road that leads to life, victory, is narrow and few find it.

  One of the most difficult things we will ever decide in life is which road to take. The best part is if we choose the wrong road there is always an opportunity to switch roads and follow the one that leads to victory. God made that provision for us through Jesus Christ. Through Christ we are forgiven, restored and walk in a new direction, the road that leads to life, abundant life, and victory!

  How come only one road? The reason is there is only one savior. There is only one Christ who sacrificed His life for us. There was only one perfect life and that life was offered to God as a payment for our sins. God accepts that perfect sacrifice and only that perfect sacrifice as restitution for our shortcomings. There is only one way.

  We are all the same, we all fall short of the perfection. We try but it is not within us to be perfect. There is a corruption in us that leads us away from perfection and away from God. Try as we might we are powerless against the desires of our mind. The only way to overcome them is to give them up to God and receive His offer of forgiveness. He made that available through Christ.

  In racing only one is victorious, but in life through one all can be victorious. Christ gave His life for ours. As he hung on the cross his blood was poured out for us. When He accomplished that He spoke three simple words; “It Is Finished”

  With that proclamation the door to life was opened to anyone who would receive it. The road to life was revealed by non other that God himself in the form of a man, a perfect man, Jesus Christ. As Jesus himself said;

 John 14:6; Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life.
No one comes to the Father except through me.

  There are many roads to walk in life, many ways to accomplish things. God in His wisdom made us all unique. We all walk different paths but need to have one thing in common, Jesus Christ. He is the one that secures our life in victory. That is the only way to God.

  Many have tried before, many religions exist on the planet we call home. But only one way leads to the cross, only one way leads to a Savior, only one way leads to an empty tomb, the road that Jesus Christ walked for us.

 Romans 10:9; That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord,"
and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.



ON THE ROAD AGAIN - On our way south in anticipation of some great racing action, opportunities to minister and some warmth. We have a great team assembled to spread out across central Florida and cover as many tracks as we can. We are looking forward to seeing you, so if you are down here let us know where you are.

  A GENEROUS LADY - Many of the times we enjoy at the track are because of the people we are with. The Bouley Family raced together, stayed together in the family camper and sacrificed for each other. This week I received a call from George to bring me up to speed on the family happenings.

  It is with great sadness that I report Bev, the matriarch of the Bouley clan has gone home to our Lord. This past week was one that saw George in the hospital for surgery only to have Bev suffer a stroke a few days later. The damage was great and difficult decisions had to be made.

  Bev was a generous lady. She led her family that way. Anything they had was yours. Anything they could do to help was their mantra. She always had a smile and a generous laugh. No matter what the challenge she met it with a smile and laugh. Please keep George, Kim and Scott in your thoughts and prayers as they grieve Bev’s loss.

  VALENTI MODIFIED RACING SERIES HAS A NEW LEADER - Warren Alston will assume the title of Race Director for the series in 2015. After some turmoil in the closing races of 2014 this decision should go a long way to add stability to the series.

  I personally know Warren and the way he handles his responsibilities at the track. I believe he will be a stabilizing influence if he is allowed the authority to lead. I am encouraged by this move and support Warren in this new responsibility. I believe he will do well.

  TRI-TRACK RACING SERIES - I am also told Tom Fox will direct the Tri-Track Modified Series. Tom is another no nonsense Race Director. You may not always agree with him but he tries to be fair and consistent. This is a good move to secure the future of this series.

  MR. ROOTER NEW ENGLAND TRUCK SERIES - MRNETS adds title sponsor and race director. Mr. Rooter has been expanding their presence in the racing community each year. This year they have taken on the title sponsorship of the New England Truck Series.

  Also the MRNETS announced that Scott Tapley will come onboard as Race Director. Scott is another no nonsense director that will add credibility and consistency to the series. Scott has a busy schedule but I am sure he will be able to handle it.

  All in all the northeast racing season is coming together. I am encouraged by these moves and look forward to working alongside helping to serve the racing community.

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Posted: February 11, 2015

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